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+1 602-584-5660
International format, sometimes is written as +1-602-584-5660 or just +16025845660
(602) 584-5660
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 602-584-5660 or just 6025845660

You received a call from 16025845660 or 6025845660? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!


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  • 6025845297 | 2019-11-04 15:06:48

    Scam phone number: 6025845297 I was surprised there are no complaint for this telephone number. I received this call, the exact same woman, some speaking the third time. She said she is calling from medi care and wanted to ask me something, and when I said I did not use medi care or purchase medi care, and I do not use medi care insurance then she changed to rude attitude and hang up on my phone. Al most every time. Today, I have sometimes to try find out who she is and who represent for, so I dial *69 this usually brings you to the last unknown call that called you. So, I got the phone number and tried to confront her and ask her to stop. And all i found is just answer and self service telephone talking. But they do have ask if you wanted to list as no not disturb list or something, but there English is very limited. After I option out I still felt insecure and threaten. BUT I THINK THIS WOMAN HAS DEEP DEPRESS AND WANTED TO HAVE SOMEONE TO EASE HER PAIN OR SORROW OR SOMETHING. I DO BELIEVE SHE KEPT ON CALLING UNKNOWN THROUGH OTHER'S PEOPLE PERSONAL TELEPHONE NUMBER IS INAPPROPRIATE, IF SHE KEEP ON CALLING, I 100% BELIEVE SHE IS INSANE OR A VERY LOW EFFICIENT TELEMARKETER And I think this call is another form of scam like the Social Security Office fake call, but this time is introduce as medi care. I am terrified, I will classified people who did this is terrorist in USA.. (this kind of call usually talk with you the longest like a hour ask your information and when you find out, they will say bad thing and hang up the phone). As of today, I immigrated to USA enter into the twenty years, this is the third time received call from 6025845297 and second time from Social Security Office. I tell you it is a very unpleasant experiences.

  • 6024699313 | 2019-02-25 19:33:32

    I received death threats from this number saying they were part of a mob that hits people and murder people so be careful if you are in contact with this number

  • 6027828466 | 2017-09-26 09:32:56

    Scammers trying to hustle fake charity

  • 6027575571 | 2017-12-06 08:12:55


  • 6025190715 | 2018-09-13 10:02:04


  • 6025368287 | 2019-09-07 04:24:41


  • 6027370250 | 2017-11-17 12:04:36

    this is a phony website!

  • 6024255686 | 2018-02-26 15:36:05

    I received a call from this number, no message. When I called back a second later, I received a recording saying i was after their business hours. If that's the case, why were they calling me after their business hours? Smells like a robocall scam.

  • 6027828471 | 2017-09-28 03:40:58

    Called me at 6:28 in am left no message. Did not answer. Won't answer calls if you're not my peeps.

  • 6025654980 | 2020-08-05 07:12:51

    Called and woke me up at 7am

  • 6026148304 | 2017-12-22 10:10:30

    Called on a Friday morning at 9:56a.m. Did not leave a message.

  • 6026473810 | 2018-02-23 14:04:32

    Received Unwanted Scam Call from (602)-647-3810 Verizon Wireless Mobile Number on Tues. 2/20/18 @ 3:02pm & didn't leave a message on my Unlisted Phone. Do NOT Answer Harassing Scam Calls - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.

  • 6025739181 | 2018-03-13 06:03:04

    this s a scammer

  • 6026475241 | 2018-03-25 13:06:52

    Received Unwanted Scam Call from (602)-647-5241 Verizon Wireless Mobile Number on Palm Sunday 3/25/18 @ 12:11pm & didn't leave a message on my Unlisted Phone. Do NOT Answer Harassing Scam Calls - Reported to DONOTCALL.GOV & FCC.GOV.

  • 6028596872 | 2019-03-02 15:28:59

    Unknown caller left long, but incomprehensible voice message

  • 5878406538 | 7 hours ago

    Prank calling

  • 8005163161 | 1 day ago

    Scam calling me about an enforcement action on my SSN, I didn't bother to listen

  • 4036710357 | 1 day ago

    Called, said nothing, hung up

  • 9187349090 | 1 day ago

    Threatened to have us killed by a Mexican cartel

  • 9173744256 | 1 day ago

    Scammer claiming to be package delivery company.

  • 8325236188 | 1 day ago

    This is a terrible number. They have called from three different numbers this morning saying they were going to charge my account (they don't say what account ) $399 for computer services renewal. They want you to talk to an agent and enter this or not. I just hung up both times. THIS IS A SCAM! A TERRIBLE SCAM.

  • 4384691729 | 1 day ago

    Scotiabank collections

  • 5512492405 | 1 day ago

    Please, don't answer this call

  • 5149770150 | 2 days ago

    called me twice at 4:30 am. Thanks for waking me up. Didnt bother answering because theres definitely no way im answering a 4:30 am call from a random number. From what i read in those comments, im glad i didnt answer. But who would try scamming at 4:30 am?????

  • 2038938848 | 2 days ago

    This guy called me from this number begging me to have homosexual relations with him in exchange for money... beware

  • 6305214777 | 2 days ago


  • 8506313784 | 2 days ago

    scammed multiple people to sell puppies (border collies)

  • 8552403953 | 2 days ago

    855-240-3953 SCAM They have called me two days in a row, now. They had my DOB and last four of my SSN. They told me I had entered into a contract that was legally binding. I told them I never entered into such contract with said business and that I was not cooperating with them, then hung up. They called my parents house, where I have not lived for over 15 years. They have since called me again, I hung up on them, and they immediately called back. I asked her name, she said Megan White.

  • 8003304396 | 2 days ago


  • 6572376591 | 2 days ago

    Got a text saying I have a package to pick up. Scam

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