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+1 667-201-5561
International format, sometimes is written as +1-667-201-5561 or just +16672015561
(667) 201-5561
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 667-201-5561 or just 6672015561

You received a call from 16672015561 or 6672015561? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

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  • 6672016266 | 2020-02-13 07:51:51

    Received VM from this number stating it was from the Department of Social Security Administration asking to cal them back or legal proceedings will be taken against me.

  • 6678037955 | 2019-09-30 09:28:16

    They sent me a random ass text with a half naked girl. Half of the message was full of random letters that weren't of English origin. Beware.. They scamming out here.

  • 6674005033 | 2018-11-28 08:25:40

    6674005033 or a phone number starting with 667...keeps calling several times a day saying they're from the US grant department when you call them out on it asking for their I'd number they start cursing at you. Block the numbers they get so annoying. Some phone (thank God mine is this way) allows you to block numbers starting with a certain sequence so I just put in the 667 area code and now they're auto rejected.

  • 6674003970 | 2019-06-08 05:09:40

    Every day spam/ scam they try to get your ssn harassment

  • 6674445754 | 2020-01-15 07:02:23

    “To me on my department division number that is 667 444 5754 I repeat 667 44 5754 now if I don't hear a call from you we will have to issue and arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested so get back to me as soon as possible thank you

  • 6674586123 | 2019-08-15 07:39:39

    I got a call from 6674586123 and a choppy recording stated that my Social Security Number had been compromised and I could press 1 to speak with someone or call the number back.

  • 6673059108 | 2018-01-24 13:36:07


  • 6678037128 | 2019-01-01 18:51:30

    Received a text message and an image attachment from "Jenii" that featured a very attractive young woman in lingerie. Obviously some sort of scam, as the company the phone number belongs (Bandwidthdotcom) seems to provide the backend hardware for lots of robo-calls and other telephone-related scams (it sells APIs for phone numbers, basically letting computers make automated phone calls and text messages, the scum).

  • 6674005068 | 2019-06-18 22:39:39

    scam purporting to be from a collection agency, demanding credit card information over the phone.

  • 6679306038 | 2019-06-11 03:47:56

    Unknown caller called twice in 20 minutes but did not leave a message

  • 6678037953 | 2019-12-20 12:26:45

    Long text that seemed to imply I know the person and that they will be in town over the holidays, I don't. Never responded. So not sure what the angle is, but considering how many people are reporting this, its problably a scam or phish of some sort.

  • 6674584725 | 2019-10-31 12:34:42

    667-458-4740 Calling every 10 minustes all day, won't leave a message.

  • 6673520611 | 2019-12-30 08:48:10

    Me mandaron un msj saludándome como si me conocieran, respondí pero no contestaron, como estoy lejos de mi familia pensé son ellos, intenté llamar sin embargo jamás contestaron.... Lo cual me hace un poco de ruido... Ojalá no les pase.

  • 6674587252 | 2020-01-31 12:54:33

    Scam about fraudulent activities. Do Not Call Back. It's a cell phone number!!!

  • 6474751619 | 2019-08-09 10:14:56

    +16474751619 is calling daily. I agree with other negative posts. Don't waste your time answering.

  • 4843652161 | 19 minutes ago

    Called me 4 times but this last time they left a message saying her name is Danielle from RB Capital calling in regards to information they sent me. The message didn't mention my name nor have I done business with that company so I didn't call back since it's likely fraudulent.

  • 2138008911 | 19 minutes ago

    chinese: selling corona virus: reported to FTC< FBI!

  • 8883884282 | 1 hour ago

    They left messages also it’s a SCAM to get your information Don’t Call Back They have Never made house attempts to leave such documents so why call & try to deliver a document with a set time FRAUD

  • 6182488285 | 2 hours ago

    Who calling i dont know who you are didnt leave. A message

  • 8663544109 | 2 hours ago

    No message I believe it’s a fake I believe it’s a scam

  • 7056706462 | 2 hours ago

    Said cra and called back ot personal cell

  • 5026508261 | 2 hours ago

    2 calls within an hour stating to call the number back (even when I answered the call- all automated wanting a call back to same number). Something about social security office and criminal activity linked to me. Call back before legal process begins. Sounds scammy

  • 8507398694 | 3 hours ago

    They won’t stop calling me! They way they continue to talk even when you’re talking suggests that’s it’s simply a Robocaller. They’re claiming that they have “several job openings in the area” and that I “asked for them to call”. Which is insane, and untrue .. so sick of them calling

  • 3852555897 | 4 hours ago

    A recording letting me know that I am being rewarded for making my credit card payments on time. just one problem... I don't have any credit cards. SCAM!

  • 9167028979 | 5 hours ago

    I don't answer calls from #'s I don't know, this call went to voicemail. They left a message from a robocaller stating to call another # I don't know (218-475-7932), I did not call that unknown # back either.

  • 6265874843 | 6 hours ago


  • 2056240186 | 6 hours ago

    On a positive note, if you call the number back and tell them to stop calling you, they claim they will. I will see!

  • 9525620875 | 7 hours ago

    Called me three times back to back. Called back and receive Verizon message that call cannot be completed as dialed as party is busy and to call back later.

  • 7584821490 | 7 hours ago

    Email id

  • 9083407098 | 7 hours ago

    Eleonora Tosato tried to kill me! She’s using Stefano Tosato. Beware. She played a part in her moms death and tried to kill her daughter multiple times. Eleonora Self belongs in a prison cell.

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