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+1 725-200-5538
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(725) 200-5538
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 725-200-5538 or just 7252005538

You received a call from 17252005538 or 7252005538? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!


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  • #83683 | 2019-02-11 03:14:43

    Sachin pal

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  • 7259400134 | 2017-10-07 08:03:24

    call that appears to be from this number claiming to be from tech support on behalf of microsoft. phishing attempt.

  • 7254012141 | 2019-01-23 20:59:25


  • 7252011653 | 2017-08-15 06:13:12

    Claimed to be IRS but when I called them back and women answers she said IRS, but when I asked her to prove not to be a scan she hung up twice

  • 7252010047 | 2017-09-19 11:37:26

    Claims to be Google Ad Placement - automated caller

  • 7252669120 | 2017-11-16 11:16:44

    I received from this number telling me I'm eligible for student loan forgiveness. It's likely a scam as I have no student loans, haven't even applied for a student loan, and when I tried to talk to a service member, began asking questions, they immediately hung up on me. Don't trust this number, super shady.

  • 7252669141 | 2017-11-20 12:24:30

    SCAM ALERT! This is a robocall from a Travel SCAM! Recording says you have won a vacation package and leaves a number (725-266-9141 this time) and "account number" for you to call back and get suckered out of money.

  • 7254441442 | 2017-11-11 11:35:12

    It's a Tindr bot.

  • 7256960324 | 2020-06-26 12:44:26

    this is a debt collection company spamming you to pay up. companies like these need to shut down, the economy is struggling and these companies are literally grave robbing you.

  • 7256960357 | 2020-03-03 13:46:16

    Randomly texted my wife’s phone asking if it was still my number by my full name but it has never been my number

  • 7256960307 | 2020-02-18 12:55:37

    Call and when I answer you hear noise in the background but hang up. Now they are texting me so I blocked the number. Scam!!!!!

  • 7256960395 | 2020-03-09 09:05:34

    Received a text with my married name from over 25 years ago saying it is imperative that they speak with me before the end of today can I call them.

  • 7256960385 | 2020-03-23 13:03:05

    I have received many calls from people stating they are being called by this number. I own a business since 2007 under the name S P Process Service. Apparently this company goes by the name of S P Processing and people will google the name & I show up. I ASSURE YOU,I'M NOT CALLING ANYONE & I'M TRYING TO END THIS. THANK YOU

  • 7256960314 | 2020-06-19 07:57:37

    Company keeps texting for someone else, when I told the to stop calling, they said “no, we’ll keep calling.”

  • 7256960323 | 2020-04-09 09:45:25

    (725)696-0399: Got a text: "Hey is this" my mother's name. My phone number has never been my mother's number. She got the same text. She replied yes, before I was able to warn her.

  • 7252668969 | 2020-06-02 09:56:27

    +17252668969 is a so called National disability something. They want people who needed to or are trying to get social security benefits

  • 4342159312 | 28 minutes ago

    Txt about debit card transaction verification someone will call to get more info ,,,,, yeah, like my PIN SCAM !!!!!!

  • 4162491921 | 1 hour ago

    Fake call, asking more money in returns of arresting

  • 5614469838 | 2 hours ago

    Social Security scam call

  • 5614469132 | 2 hours ago

    Social Security scam call

  • 5614466313 | 3 hours ago

    It was saying that my social security number was comprised

  • 8185145596 | 9 hours ago


  • 7049585783 | 14 hours ago

    मुझे इस नंबर से मैसेज आया था कि मैंने दो लाख भी ज्यादा जीते है इनका व्हाट्सएप नंबर भी है

  • 8885254920 | 20 hours ago

    Pop up on my computer. Says that I have been infected with a virus, and to call the number, supposedly a Microsoft Support number. Called the number and received a girl who said she was support. Asked what support, she said they support all brands and manufacturers. Don't waste your time. Shut down the computer, wait a couple of minutes and bring it back up. If that web page you were viewing is still showing, close it and all will be well. SCAM SCAM SCAM

  • 8553268134 | 20 hours ago

    SCAM SUSPICION - A lady just called me from this number, (1-855-326-8134) - 3:09 PM, Central Time. Sunday, 7/12/20. She said she was "Peggy Polluck, calling on behalf of Peggy Nurseries" !?!? She wouldn't slow down for properly identifying herself. I kept asking her to repeat, she tried repeating a bit, then got a very rude tone of voice, and kept speaking too fast, told her, trying to write down what she's saying as far as who she is, and who she's calling on behalf of, asking her to repeat and slow down. THEN she started saying, "THIS CALL WILL BE RECORDED FOR ....." (what ever she was saying that it would be recorded from). I immediately interrupted her telling her this: "I don't know you. I'm not agreeing to anything - why are you calling my phone! I'm not agreeing to any recorded calls from an unknown person, who won't even be patient to properly identify themselves" - She hung up before I could finish saying all of that, her tone of voice was very rude, while she protruded on saying about this call will be recorded. It sounded indeed like she was calling from a cell phone, because of the bit of static-type background noise I was hearing. So I texted her with the following, and then I hot "block" on my phone, for her number: "I am not agreeing to any recorded calls from an unknown person, who won't even be patient to properly identify yourself. Not to mention your tone of voice was very rude. Take my phone number off of your calling list, do not ever call this number again, and let your scamming organization know the same. You are being blocked and reported." NOW! WHERE CAN I QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY, WITHOUT A LOT OF STEPS, "CALL" TO REPORT THIS ASSHOLE, WHERE I CAN GET TO AND SPEAK TO A LIVE PERSON, FAST. AND HOW? PLEASE AND THANK YOU.

  • 6002685871 | 1 day ago


  • 6134082874 | 1 day ago

    Kijiii scammer. Do not trust

  • 2509995192 | 1 day ago

    Called twice (so far). Nothing but dead air...

  • 2045904659 | 2 days ago

    Call not safe. Automated male voice let a message saying that I would be arrested if I don't call back. The caller said that he's from Service Canada.

  • 7783895956 | 2 days ago


  • 5048497591 | 3 days ago

    This call is a scam caller. Automated message claims that this is the last request for payment for past due balance on Entergy bill. I knew it was a scam b/c I had recently paid my bill in full before the due date. I called Entergy to inquire and inform them. They stated that they do not make outgoing calls to customers for bill payments and/or unless customer requests a call back. Please be aware do not make any payments or press any prompted numbers. Just hang up immediately.

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