Comments about 5068041729

  • #88908 | 2020-11-02 23:35:08

    This is a scam job hunting number. Please be aware and do not waste time on this fraud job interview thing.

  • #55765 | 2020-12-14 06:22:45

    Scam from a "Samantha Gillies-Higgs" offering to do a job interview. Only tries to set up times that have already passed so that you think you have to call to fix it.

  • #76057 | 2022-10-06 10:07:37

    I just got an email from Samantha Gillies-Higgs offering me a remote job, explaining that I have my interview with JIAHAO WU, he's going to talk to me on Telegram and do a text chat interview because he had trouble hearing well so that's why they do the interview by text. And by the way the name of the company is TVRejuvenation Clinic. They also sent me a text message with this number +1 707 523 3220