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  • #24923 | 2021-04-29 12:35:23

    866-910-5989 / 1-833-758-1311 These people Are scammers they tell you one thing to get you to sign up for insurance and then when you get the information, it is nothing like they have told you over the phone. When they finally send out the welcome Site after you paid your payment, then they want to argue with you that you agreed and they rip you off. I am filing a complaint with the Michigan Bureau of Insurance, Consumer Protection and the Michigan Attorney General's office. They are nothing short of Thieves! DO NOT EVER BUY FROM THESE FOOLS!! tHEY ARE RUDE AND BELITTELING

  • #27122 | 2021-04-29 13:12:02

    18669106173 This is a scam insurance company. If you are vulnerable and looking for health insurance through this crisis of a life be very careful who you come in contact with and who is offering you insurance. They robbed me after I asked them to cancel the policy because no doctor around my area takes the "insurance" plan then the first $410 dollars they took from me to get started on the plan was supposed to cover me til the 30th of April. When I called them to use it for the last day they told me I couldnt use my prescription coverage because my policy ended tomorrow and because my bank is requesting a refund of the money they stole from me without permission. Just be careful out here in this cruel world.