8559756883, +18559756883

Random people form India call and give Fake English names - can barely understand them - horrible English.


4318313114, +14318313114

I just got this call and didn’t answer. I called back and it didn’t ring and a guy asked “are you still selling your trailer”?”. I have recently listed my trailer for sale within a campground. I figured Mr Springfield Manitoba wasn’t interested in a seasonal trailer at the park in ontario. I just hung up.


7275391212, +17275391212

recording about 'my credit card'. Garbage.


4175221285, +14175221285

This number is scammers. The company name associated with this number CTA Blue Green.


8886126028, +18886126028

This is a scam caller. Stating SS Number and benefits has been halted. If you want to be able to have access to your benefits you must speak to the office of SS Benefits. DO NOT TALK WITH THEM. IT IS A SCAM!


6269994188, +16269994188

Saying allegation by court try to locate me. With case number. Wonder why they gave me 855 free number to call


2043720689, +12043720689

Spam robocaller claiming to be from WestJet offering a free flight. Press to speak to someone to offer confidential information and receive your free 'prize'


9894229536, +19894229536

Called this morning, didn't answer either, but was left a voicemail with a robotic women saying I (or someone I know) owe some money or something and gave a a number to call - apparently I (or someone I know) have an arrest warrent? Never been to Mich, never owned property there - don't even have relatives there that I know of. This is definately a SCAM in my book . . .


8889967290, +18889967290

Scammers claiming my social security card is suspended. They call nonstop for days on end. Block this number as soon as you get a call.


8002711167, +18002711167

8002711167 is a slam and they hack computers thinking you have a virus and they will keep calling you from different numbers. When questioning them and I tell them I will contact Microsoft they have a problem. Issues with my computer and I have a direct number to Microsoft


8005773361, +18005773361



2703159323, +12703159323



9735237650, +19735237650

Please find the attachment


6206157738, +16206157738



8884192387, +18884192387

Caller said she was from Alliance. She had my full name.


4024010194, +14024010194

keeps calling me and using fowl language. some loser in Omaha.


3149261716, +13149261716

Caller wants to verify if the address he has is correct and if you will be home for roof estimate


8573438385, +18573438385

debt collectors who are very rude!


8884077378, +18884077378

I blocked this number...a female automated voice telling me my social security number will be forever blocked due to suspicious activity. I waited until the end in case there was an opt out feature. There wasn't. I blocked, but looks like they have alot of phone numbers.


8552057202, +18552057202

Do not answer any question from this number 18552057202,18552011512? Call FBI office in your city and report immediately.


9183406504, +19183406504

918 340 6504, 918 340 6501 are all local Oklahoma numbers that are being spoofed. Do not fall for this scam. When they call you or you call them back, they ask for the last 4 digits of your social security number. They are spoofing local numbers to make the call seem legit. The 1844 600 8228 is the main number they call you from.


8002569213, +18002569213

Social Security scare scam


5096694646, +15096694646

Hang up caller let's it ring until you answer then Hangs Up without saying anything!


5733552118, +15733552118

Received 3 calls from this number on my work phone, never left voicemails.


8885444765, +18885444765

Not sure who this number belongs to but they keep calling and not leaving a message. You don't leave a message, I don't need to talk to you!


7054138192, +17054138192



5196270836, +15196270836

This number keeps calling me and I dknt know it 5196270836 I am getting very annoyed


6477157367, +16477157367

They have been trying to call me multiple times over the past several weeks.


8882149240, +18882149240

Fréquents appels de provenance des États=Unis de l'Amérique, j'ai réussi à parler avec quelqu'un en englais et français, si vous dites oui ou yes cela pourrait être une acceptation de votre part à quelque chose dont je n'ai pas eu heureusement à découvrir. I am receiving calls from this number located in the United-State of America, i called back they could talk in french and in English, do not reply by yes, you may get an agreement from whatever offer, luckyly i didn't get there.


5592029222, +15592029222

Gordon the Hearing Administrator calling on a recorded line, Also has been the Medicare discount card, & the Health department.


8554065452, +18554065452

I just received a Private Number call which had similar details to Jennifer's (thank you) comment. He used my actual name (mispronounced but that's normal) but did freak me out for a split second with the 855-406-5452 return number and a CVxxxxx case number. Threatened to come by my 'home address' and then work. Good luck with that one, #[email protected]#face.


5593302243, +15593302243

Received a call from this number. Female voice said she was Evett calling from the credit department on a recorded line. When I said hello, she abruptly hung up. Seemed due to the delay in speaking to be a recording.


8669370020, +18669370020



7084870571, +17084870571

could not answer when phone rang, so called number back . rang 1 time, then music came on and nothing else. then we hung up.


8556080862, +18556080862

Called saying someone was using my social security near the south of Texas and wanted me to press 1 to speak to someone about the fraudulent usage. I just hung up.


5077040886, +15077040886

507-704-0886. This number called me but they would not state their company name. bad business. You can't call someone and they say yes this is ________ and then you say is your ssn this. I will not confirm my ssn with someone that I don't know who I am speaking with. This number seems to be a fraud.


6172778838, +16172778838

Probably a computer looking for signs of life.


7754312728, +17754312728

From Tate & Kirlin Associates. Constant bothering and calling my work phone. Now they are texting my phones.


6182494840, +16182494840



2622054876, +12622054876

I keep getting a call from this number, says they are calling from Medicare on a recorded line and then hangs up.