3605358525, +13605358525

360 535 8525 David Miller of the Social Security Services asking for SSN info.


8882105587, +18882105587

I've been receiving calls from this number all day today. Try to say it is a law firm. Denied. I the name doesn't even match. Guy got rude af when I called him out. Best to block the number.


4313037889, +14313037889

Says my social security number has been blocked due to fraud. Wants you to call to inquire. Scam


6132124477, +16132124477

Scammers claiming to be my employer wanting to speak to me. The HR department of my employer would call or email me directly. Who knows what the scam is, they leave another number to return the call to 1-844-528-0423


3236892878, +13236892878

3236892988 is a scam on Craigslist. Don’t call/send text unless you want spam.


8006469395, +18006469395

Fake "Apple Support" scam, recording says my iCloud account (which I don't have) has suspicious activity, press 1 to talk with Apple Support. Foreign sounding accent when answered.


8006016589, +18006016589

Said they r usaa. Scam


8669140552, +18669140552

DEFINITELY A SCAM. There are several people at this number claiming to be from different water and power companies. They say your bill is past due and that your water and power will be turned off that day unless you go to a CVS, Albertsons or anywhere with a Western Union to send them cash. They asked me for $505. So far they have claimed to be "Dayton Power and Light" and "Jersey Central Power and Light." They are criminals trying to get your money. Big shame on them.


8003447542, +18003447542

I recieved a call claiming to be from Service Canada stating they had a suppression order on my accounts


9002734239, +19002734239

Can't trace this number


7622257534, +17622257534

Received a call from here


2524194194, +12524194194

phishing employment scammer


4127238970, +14127238970



6473327179, +16473327179

Said my sin card was suspended one time Telus the next and then RBC bank its scam man get a real job


6136064195, +16136064195

Scam claiming legal actions unless you press 1 !


8184544054, +18184544054

They left no msg so am assuming a robocaller.


7192496459, +17192496459

+17192496459 trying to sell home owners insurance Bad connection man speaking broken English with Indian accent


2028089401, +12028089401

Call from a lady who says the "govt" had a grant of $9k for us for paying our bills and taxes on time. Gave 2 choices of direct deposit to our bank account or sent through western union or walmart. They gave another number to call back and provide a grant activation ID# to. When I asked whos name it would be made to, she hung up. Sounded like Vietnamese accent.


5623421017, +15623421017

Scam. Call routed to VM. Message said a name then she hung up after that. Call lasted 2 seconds


3066869454, +13066869454

annoying heavy breathing caller


8557337247, +18557337247

Claims to be a process server


8763120869, +18763120869

Called today,I couldn't understand what he wanted but I hung up anyways,he called again and again,I just didn't answered anymore. To me it was just common sense that there is no one I know in Jamaica who could possibly have anything I need lol. I have relatives in Trinidad,I know all my relatives I need to know from the Caribbean area.


8870363174, +18870363174

No phone work


3618835290, +13618835290

mentioned power outage Pacific Gas and Electric-- or speak to billing. hung up no out in my area


9184201590, +19184201590

9184201419 and 9184201590 are "UAA". Block and report these scammers.


4037694944, +14037694944

Chinese caller speaking a recorded Chinese message. This call with a recorded message in Chinese has been happening often for a few months now. The first calls came from different area codes. When I was able to do a reverse lookup on the initial toll-free 888 number it was for a business in Ontario. I called and left a voice mail. They called back the next day said they were not making the calls and did not know who was using their number. Shortly after, the calls started coming from Alberta numbers. I'm thinking of talking to police about this as I have no idea what their recorded message is saying and they just keep calling from what shows as different, untraceable Alberta phone numbers and they won't stop.


6009299546, +16009299546

Trying to send some porn sits through whtsapp number 6009299546..


3365944677, +13365944677

missed call


4244437002, +14244437002

Text contact thanking me for an order with a link to let them know my thoughts and a chance to win $250.


8004695374, +18004695374

scam they call saying they are Services Canada and there is an arrest warrant


9165128615, +19165128615

Hangs up leaves no msg


2505105803, +12505105803

This is a FAKE SCAM claiming to be Service Canada and talk of imprisonment, sin number etc... The voice is automated. I did not press one to continue the call as there is no way Service Canada would ever have such a threatening call.


2036648099, +12036648099

Yes I got asking for $399 for services


2503283742, +12503283742

Calls threatening with arrest over social insurance number fraud. Computer generated voice on voice mail.


8772128577, +18772128577

It's interesting that they stated that I was charged $245 on my visa card and if I did not make this transaction to call them back. Then they stated that this was I-tunes. I don't subscribe to I-tunes, so this is all bogus.


7789964151, +17789964151

This number just called me 5 times now and a registered voice message telling me that it is from Service Canada and that my social insurance # was blocked for criminal activities, then alarming me to dial "1" for further information...!?! : it's brazenly a scam!!!


8004863194, +18004863194



7632477834, +17632477834

“Extended warrantee since we have not gotten a response we are giving you a final courtesy call before we close out your file press two to be removed and put on our do not call list press one to speak with someone about possibly extending or reinstating your car is warrantee again press one to speak with the warrantee specialist or call _⁠_⁠_ 800 number at 844-989-1708 US PT 39 RPG…”


4315881107, +14315881107

really cool dude


4242008624, +14242008624

Called for a second time in two weeks. First time I hung up. Second time I spoke to someone who hung up on me. This is what happened: phone rings. I answer. Recorded female voice "the records we have indicate that your vehicle warranty is about to expire. This is our last attempt to contact you. Press 1 to speak with an associate to help." (This is a lie. I do not have a warranty on either vehicle I own. They are paid off and insured by me.) I pressed one and the shitty quality of a classical song played. Then four high pitched beeps. A man answered. (Not trying to assume but he sounded slightly Indian.) As soon as he answered he said "can I please get the year, make, and model of your car." Irritated, I responded "No. Take me off your Call-List. I do not appreciate unsolicited calls." Immidiately he hung up on me. Do not give these people your information!!