4434912611 | 443-491-2611

The caller said they were from the Social Security Administration and they had found suspicious activity with my SS number. Then they said to press 1 if I wanted to know more, but I instead hung up.


5872166555 | 587-216-6555

Caller left vm he was responding to my ad. I have no ad running.


9737867234 | 973-786-7234

Scam. Some cop wanted me to contact them because it was last call to save my security number. So stupid. Just checked number online and belongs to some guy in New Jersey. Do not get into this scam. Police is not going to call you about Social Security problems. Social Security will send you bunch of mail to clear this problem. And if you get call from Social Security it will be from from valid number.


5626180335 | 562-618-0335

FRAUDE, llaman haciendose pasar por BBVA bancomer


6479181717 | 647-918-1717

when i find the guy who calls me i'll chop off his head and eat it on the street


6139007072 | 613-900-7072



8764627618 | 876-462-7618

Told me he wanted to take his sick and smack my face with it that apparently my husband wasn’t pleasing me enough


5306480111 | 530-648-0111

It's some using Bram connolly pictures, it's a fraud.


4158698485 | 415-869-8485

Sounds like scam, threaten legal action if call was not returned


2045105727 | 204-510-5727

2045105727 another SIN number scam number


9198617825 | 919-861-7825

Robot call scammer social security


3216777075 | 321-677-7075

This number called me and when I said hello they asked "who am I talking to?" I told them they called me and should know who they are talking to. They sounded middle eastern india descent


7408901665 | 740-890-1665

Scammer at 740-890-1665


8668087474 | 866-808-7474

This number is giving you a free life alert, at a cost of fifty dollars a month. They don't listen and keep on trying to sell. They don't want to answer your questions, they just try to scam you. Elderly beware, just hang up.


2495354098 | 249-535-4098

This number called but says disconnected when I try to call back


8299804749 | 829-980-4749

Hola quiero savel quien es este meestafo 829 212 1995 lestire mi número es 829 673 2640


8669900264 | 866-990-0264

Fsys s oh shit that was the best time


5626317233 | 562-631-7233

This is a scam...


7172769145 | 717-276-9145



7205530148 | 720-553-0148

Robo call regarding Credit cards.


8763666050 | 876-366-6050

Got a call from 876-366-6050 said he was from publisher house and I won 2.5 million dollars. He ask if it was ok to deliver the money. I said that the Bible said at 1 Timothy 6:10 says the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and if you are a christian you should not scam people out of their money. He said he was a Christian I said well if you are and if you are telling the truth I will know it if you knock on my door. But he said needed to know my credit card number. I said I will give it to him when he comes with the check. He said do I know where he is from . I said probably India (He had a thick accent} Silence I said its sad to scam people' why don't you get a nice honest job and be a good person. He hung up.


4158698472 | 415-869-8472

Caller who didn't identify himself said that a warrant for my arrest would be delivered between 3-5 pm today unless I called this number. Obviously a scam.


6009856133 | 600-985-6133

Please current located show me


7873885201 | 787-388-5201

Llamaron diciendo que era del periódico el día y preguntaron si estaba recibiendo el servicio.


8883728560 | 888-372-8560

They called saying they have been trying to reach me and have important legal documents that need to be delieved to me on Feb 24 everytime they call its a different number seems to be a different man every time but same line they are giving me. Legal documents and a case # The first time I actually tried talking to them until he started getting loud with me and yelling at me when I would pay a medical bill over the phone for 2k ummm.. I know whats on my credit report and that isn't one. He said will you can put your "truck" up for sale. im sure that is public but I don't brag about my truck on Social media so wasn't that but idk where he got that info from. Just FYI they look for anything to make them seem more secure


2533319299 | 253-331-9299

253-331-9299 number used trying to commit fraud on my accounts with bank.


8003801353 | 800-380-1353

Automated message about "compliance filing" to "complete your order". Must be a scam.


2252384128 | 225-238-4128

claimed to be from the federal reserve= scam


4045610197 | 404-561-0197

Some parasitic fraud just called me from this number about my satellite tv account which i don't have then hung up when he realized i wasn't falling for it


9064354270 | 906-435-4270



6042395543 | 604-239-5543

constant calls from this number but i have not answered it so dont know what they want. if anyone else knows please comment so we knmow more about it. thanks


8768445809 | 876-844-5809

8768445809 scammed me $40000 for a faulty phone and not answering my calls and I report it and police can't do nothing without his address. He's living somewhere in 5 east Portmore


9194468845 | 919-446-8845

Craigslist scam apartment rental


6192895858 | 619-289-5858

Keeps video calling me on Duo and pretends I called him. I think it's a perv trying to catch people in bad situations on video call.


4105805777 | 410-580-5777

Логистическая компания "Азия-Трейдинг" оказывает услуги международных контейнерных перевозок из стран Юго-Восточной Азии.


8764349538 | 876-434-9538

Scam. From Kingston, Jamaica. The guy said he was a part of the Lotto Max Corp. and there was a pool of phone #’s selected & I had won 2nd, worth 2.5 million & a Mercedes Benz. When I said, “Something doesn’t sound right, I’m not interested.” He immediately hung up. Lol


2027544875 | 202-754-4875

Called saying it was Amazon calling to report someone had bought a IPhone X, $800 charge on my account, to report this to press1 or 2 if not.


8696637275 | 869-663-7275

+1 869-663-7275 constant calls


6124813890 | 612-481-3890

This phone number has been used for identity theft be careful


6513403652 | 651-340-3652

This phone is a scam he acts like he's going to sell you insurance and try to take your information out of you or use your old phone number to change your identity or to recover your identity and rip you off