8885504307 | 888-550-4307



7873043258 | 787-304-3258

(787) 304-3258 Se hace pasar una fémina que está departe de un buffet de abogados , solicita dirección y últimos de seguro social . Fraude y scam!!!


8559581800 | 855-958-1800

8559581800 is a scam. I called back asked how could he help me. I asked what was he representing and he hung up.


8883015225 | 888-301-5225

8883015225 called me, asking for me by name, wanting to know when I was going to be home so they could serve me. I told this woman I had no idea what she was talking about so she transferred me to some ghetto hoe who then asked me for my date of birth and other personal information. I told this fool to same as I told the first one. They called me, I didn't call them! I have no idea what this is in regards to and I am not giving her my information. I told her she can mail me any pertinent documentation. She proceeded to make threats and said they were going to file a lien against my property. LOL! I have one disputed debt on my credit report on which the statute of limitations has run out! If this is what this call is in regards to, they are SOL! This individual proceeded to get indignant with me, when I wouldn't cooperate and criticized her crappy job. Her feelings apparently got hurt, and she hung up on me.


5874891490 | 587-489-1490

I think this number is for a collection agency but i cant be sure All I know is they are bloody ridiculous and I am sick to death of their calls I get so many calls a day to my phone from unknown numbers all over Canada and I always look them up before calling back There is no information attached to it so Im not sure. Legitimate business and collections need to start putting their names on caller IDs that way if its a collection issue that you are dealing with then you know its ok to answer, but like most canadians these days I don’t answer calls that are on my caller ID my phone wont even ring for unknown numbers because of the constant scams etc It’s ridiculous


6473754338 | 647-375-4338

Scammer and took my deposit and never sent anything - fake toolbx number


7602997162 | 760-299-7162

Robocall stating that an Amazon gift card for $400 was charged to my account.


6476806756 | 647-680-6756

Spam fake


8667694136 | 866-769-4136

Si fraude


8887239201 | 888-723-9201

Complete scammers! You can call the county and find out information from them directly, if you feel you’ve a court case against you. Don’t give any info away!


8779353230 | 877-935-3230

Hi, How are you doing? I am reaching to contribute a high-quality guest post article to your website. It is a simple 3 step process: 1. I will suggest you 3 topic ideas that will resonate with your audience's interest. 2. You will choose one topic out of those 3. I will then send you a high- quality, plagiarism-free article on that chosen topic. In return for the high-quality article, I would just need you to give me one do-follow backlink within the article. Please let me know if we shall start with the first step? Best, Crist Roy


4048255353 | 404-825-5353



8093732860 | 809-373-2860

Solo llamada perdida


8765769842 | 876-576-9842

Scam call.


8557953711 | 855-795-3711

Scam, Wells Fargo


7244331996 | 724-433-1996

Automated voice message, seems like a scam.


7622245040 | 762-224-5040

Spam caller looking for someone not at this number but keep calling back regardless, and I have owned this number for 20 years. Scammer


6477926138 | 647-792-6138

never leave message


7007385064 | 700-738-5064



9542104884 | 954-210-4884

Potential bitcoin scammer on telegram.


4377778546 | 437-777-8546

4377778546 pretends its a prize you have to claim don't answer text or calls ~~


2267889862 | 226-788-9862

Bell Canada Employee


8297810858 | 829-781-0858

Si recibí llamanda dando dos números de loterías y luego te llaman diciéndote de todo , imagínate llaman 50 personas con 2 numeritos y con alguien la pegan . Ponen a todo el mundo a jugar 2 números y listo


8009594005 | 800-959-4005

Vehicle Warranty Scam


2252694021 | 225-269-4021

Robocall from "Auto Warranty Services." Scam.


4154129476 | 415-412-9476



8885852855 | 888-585-2855

Getting calls saying there is a claim against me, scam


8555762039 | 855-576-2039

Claiming to be DirectTV. No one there, just a recording saying to call them back.


2045373029 | 204-537-3029

Don't know who this was+44 02045373029


6143693747 | 614-369-3747

Esta persona están tratando de acerté fraude con una supuesta deuda


5312017855 | 531-201-7855

Its cbe group, a debt collection company. The numbers they call from have the same first 6 numbers but the last 4 vary.


8764680947 | 876-468-0947

Incoming call from 876-468-0947 April 8 2021 got a call - publishers clearing house sweepstakes . Apparently I won 5 million and a new Mercedes. I told her I was reporting her to teh police and she call be a B***h . They ask if you are a canadian citizen , over age 65, somehow had my postal code . In any case if you get a call from this number tell them to F***k off . The woman does have a Jamaican accent and I see teh number registers as coming from Jamaica


7742051969 | 774-205-1969

Карго доставка сборных грузов из Китая состоит из нескольких этапов. Это доставка товара от фабрики до нашего склада, упаковка товара и погрузка в контейнер. Отправку сборных грузов из Китая мы производим несколько раз в неделю, все процессы с таможенным оформлением мы берём на себя.


4075481607 | 407-548-1607



4072357443 | 407-235-7443



6572965179 | 657-296-5179

keeps texting me telling me it is detecting virus's on cell phone


9165071390 | 916-507-1390

Received an SMS with an appointment reminder for an appointment that I'm not aware of having made. Doesn't identify who the sender is. Seems like it's a scam?


3332711947 | 333-271-1947

text scammer


7874979649 | 787-497-9649

Liberty cable San Juan


8557736530 | 855-773-6530

They are calling everybody even people not even related to me saying they are looking for me a legal action against me and Ellis County