8002201109, +18002201109

ребенку 2 года геделикс <a href=></a>


7869107094, +17869107094

Since I didn't recognize the number, I answered but stayed quiet for a few seconds. A lot of background noise. When I said hello, a man with a husky voice asked about a company that I work for. I asked who that was and he hung up on me saying "wrong number buddy". Scammer!


2154654277, +12154654277



8556019111, +18556019111

same as above don't trust


8882108870, +18882108870

They stole 400 from us yesterday, trying to say it was a loan company?!??????!!!!!! Do not go through them!


8667281034, +18667281034

This number is a scam


2486217007, +12486217007



7787447157, +17787447157

Exact same thing I just received. Clearly a scam


8028270167, +18028270167

Caller had google send me a google voice verification code in a text. Next caller attempted to scam me into sharing that text message with caller in attempt to get control of my device. Caller originally obtained my number thru a craigslist ad I had posted.


5303315392, +15303315392



9792432303, +19792432303

"Kate" volunteering for "Beto" O'Rourke's senate campaign. She is text spamming random numbers to solicit votes for an evil man with a crocodile smile and a silver tongue.


9085160557, +19085160557

Trying to sell drugs


9518131929, +19518131929



3203560488, +13203560488

This number has a guy who harasses families


8292332269, +18292332269

Pankaj yadav


6096685479, +16096685479

She called me and when I returned the missed call she claimed she never did but wanted my name. I know this is a scam- there is a series of 609-668-xxxx numbers that keep calling and its always the same. They never leave messages, they often hang up when I answer and when I try to call back I get no answers. The city description is always Mt. Holly, NJ


3234516949, +13234516949

Some guy victor that would not explain the nature of his call just kept asking for my boss repeatedly, eventually just hung up the phone.


6025190715, +16025190715



2482154157, +12482154157

Looking to give us a Free Homeowner's Insurance Quote.


2709998844, +12709998844

robot voice wants credit card info i didnt answer


8889913397, +18889913397

They said My hisband owe a loan through cash net usa which is permanently closed down I looked it up the guy Michael Roberts. Called from serval numbers


8663576259, +18663576259

because they're trying to call everybody in there causing problems with everyone and there are spam so don't ever answer the phone calls just block them


2409700624, +12409700624

My mom killed my brother and I don’t know who my baby’s father is.


7784047558, +17784047558

repeated calls, recording - google listing requests/fake


2068895845, +12068895845

This stupid company bill collector keeps calling my number asking for Delaney so and so. I have told them multiple times they have the wrong number, so tired of these calls i owned this number almost 3 years


8554149532, +18554149532

This number was left on my voicemail along with a case number. The caller's name was barely recognizable but the message stated, " if you dont call us back we will be forced to file litigation against you and place a civil judgement on your credit report. The name of the company is Allen Dawson and Associates. They claim to be a law firm fighting for old hospital bills. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!! I'm calling the Federal Trades Commission and reporting these imposters. There seems to be like 5 different people involved in this scam ....BEWARE! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR PERSONAL


8773472127, +18773472127

he said tmobile. probably yes, but i dont use t mobile and he said wrong name. + he sounds indian


7056190298, +17056190298

Wat up?


6105889478, +16105889478

bullshit number - SCAMMER


3309793186, +13309793186

robot credit card spam scam


8173156519, +18173156519

caller rang thru a No Solicitation blocker, let the phone ring 3 times, then hung up. Suspicious scammer.


6476971259, +16476971259

unsafe caller


9049902064, +19049902064

904 .990.2064.. The lady calling from number, say she,scan loan large sums of money, handle your financial problems...Mrs Deborah Roberson...who,works for..Snead financial service.....trying to,get your dob, ss# to ,do illegal acts, constant calls tx msg........alert....fbi...gbi. Treasury division....if correct I think, ,,,I talked her in past, she did a fake, American express card on me......had to call American express, fraud dept, cancel card, report her.......


6394447619, +16394447619



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8098916565, +18098916565

call History


6397467350, +16397467350

Number lookup


8889181628, +18889181628

four calls in 30 minutes.. always rings once.


8887439202, +18887439202

Scam. Received a voicemail saying Meg from Med Smart, call back regarding your prescription. I have never heard of Med Smart and only use our local pharmacy for prescriptions. Called back, talked to "David" said they were an international company and provided pharmacy services other than my insurance. He asked for my name and I refused. When I asked him how he got my number, how the number came from a place in my state 3 hours away from where I live, he said I was being confrontational and he had already explained why I received a call. I told him he didn't explain anything except that Med Smart was an international company providing pharmacy services. He would not say how they got my number, but continued to request my information. I ended the call. Googled the number and see that it is a Scam.


6822041025, +16822041025

Getting ghost calls from this number everyday. I blocked the number but they're still able to get through to my voicemail. Nothing but dead air.