2048011111 | 204-801-1111

sigh i wished i did not answer the phone. AIL INSURANCE.


4703656182 | 470-365-6182

The sent me a text message with the first part of my home address and some scam link. They doing some next level shit right there I wish I could see them in person and bash en til they fill a cup with there blood and make them drink it they need to be punished for all the shit they do to people!


7605248692 | 760-524-8692

Daniel from what I think the transcription said anyway was “a Daniel from Penn First Life calling to go over details about the job”. But this number came up as a New Jersey number but is registered something different Bc I the number he left was a California number. Hard to trust any phone calls these days.


8887403860 | 888-740-3860



4383159432 | 438-315-9432

I got call from this nunber She knew my son’s name. And asked my first name and nation. So said, who are you? She said, I’ll call you again. Don’t get this call.


9192585850 | 919-258-5850

Called at 2 am, but was automated


8884123530 | 888-412-3530

This is a spam call wanting you to sign up claiming it will save on auto repair cost.


4159334780 | 415-933-4780

Have noticed this number first showed up as "scam likely" then they keep calling back with caller ID as 415-933-4780. Already knew this was a scam, and am on the DO NOT CALL registry! These scam phux called again at 7:05am PST this morning and again just few minutes ago, leaving voicemail message saying Federal Government Office of Social Security Administration has been trying to reach you, it is important you talk to us by pressing 1 now." Since when does anyone from SSA call anybody let alone get someone live to talk too! AS IF.... Seriously?


9054023532 | 905-402-3532



6282571304 | 628-257-1304

My cat is missing and this number text and said they found her. I don't even live in california


8777860131 | 877-786-0131

Sanjay mondal


6572751593 | 657-275-1593

I matched up with her on Plenty of Fish. She texted me after 3 weeks and I had forgot about it. She sent me her picture and I was suspicious. I asked her about her scam and she said that it wasn't her and her phone was stolen. Messages deleted and number blocked. I suggest that you do as well.


8764339812 | 876-433-9812

This is a scam number! They stated I won a PCH lottery. I believe this number is linked to a man named Orlando Lo Lee in Kingston, Jamaica.


8008100592 | 800-810-0592

Received a call from 361-593-6438 on my landline. They were looking for someone who never lived here, about a personal matter. I know someone by that name, not sure if the same person, but I wouldn't provide them with my acquaintance's phone number. They identify themselves as Transworld Systems with call back number 800-810-0592. Collection agency spoofing numbers... When my acquaintance called 800-810-0592 they would not give her any information unless she provided them her Social Security number. Of course she hung up.


9047238894 | 904-723-8894

Fucking scammers


5878831014 | 587-883-1014

Sirus radio. They call everyday, 2 calls within 1 min of each other. If answer no one is there and disconnects. If you call it back it gives you a recorded number you can call to be added to their do not call list


8185274997 | 818-527-4997

Scam e-mail for "Geek Squad" protection


7747170021 | 774-717-0021

Received call on my cellphone, didn't answer, no vcm msg left, called them back with my outbound cid blocked (*67), automated greeting indicates call came from the NRA (National Rifle Association).


5173155821 | 517-315-5821

Tried FaceTimeing me all night with a bunch of other numbers.


8777894836 | 877-789-4836



8779589563 | 877-958-9563

Scam through ADT Signal Chat Ted Watson


7274511366 | 727-451-1366

Posed as a call from Amazon, scam.


5046128420 | 504-612-8420

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8554398411 | 855-439-8411

Scam number don’t call


3068051507 | 306-805-1507

Conservative party of Canada


8885250739 | 888-525-0739

Claims renewal of Norton Advsnved Secutity for $200+ and leaves 888-524-0739 for callback for refund. Does not specify how I have been charged, just the amount. Address was a Gmail address


7008304421 | 700-830-4421



4183802247 | 418-380-2247

L'utilisateur de se numéro est un arnaqueur faite attention les autorités devrais faire un effort de le supprimer +1 418-380-2247


4165257440 | 416-525-7440

Islamophobic slurs


7056225653 | 705-622-5653



7789016331 | 778-901-6331

Got a text that says "Hey how are you?". Guessing this is a scam / spam number (Google Messages also suspects so).


8002201109 | 800-220-1109

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7038447062 | 703-844-7062

Multiple calls, different last 4 numbers. No message.


7036704320 | 703-670-4320

Called - no message


4039990341 | 403-999-0341

scam caller asking about HVAC systems, hung up when I said I don't own a house.


4182663819 | 418-266-3819

ARNAQUE: Cabinet de voyance qui vous harcele. SCAM: clairvoyance cabinet reported as much as possible using also (418) 266-3818.


8669460081 | 866-946-0081

Yes I have gotten several calls a day from this phone number 18669460081 claiming to be my mortgage company saying I"m behind three or four payments and they are going to start legal action if I don"t comply! you can"t understand the mans name! we need to stop themk! i already did my reasearch with the company I do business with and they said they have no # or person by that name!


4038879414 | 403-887-9414

4038879414 Called, said hello (was automated) nothing after that. have called before and same thing, very annoying


4159439297 | 415-943-9297

I have turned this number to the FTC. actual caller, did not express company or his name, started by stating that I had to take immediate action and that he had a reference number for me to write down, I refused any other duscussion which at that point he remarked that it was recorded that I refuse.


4189538212 | 418-953-8212