8774827709, +18774827709

Who ever called my mom told her she had to pay 8000.00 within 5 days or go to jail. Is this legal


8666232076, +18666232076

wakefield debt collector


9703299908, +19703299908

recorded message claiming to lower health care costs.


8669457374, +18669457374

Called and tried to tell me I had a loan on a bank account that I closed years ago. I never had the loan and they told me that they were going to freeze everything I have through my SSN.


3023142839, +13023142839

All I got before the call cut out was something about rental services... weird.


8887240478, +18887240478



7809539961, +17809539961

Sexually explicit harrassment


4033127039, +14033127039

spam call on tv service


9082442128, +19082442128

This number sent a random text & trying to get me to text back. Definitely seemed like a scam.


2079945558, +12079945558

Text message received that had crazy spellings of words. Reporting number as scam.


2899904140, +12899904140

Scamming people in the name of revenue Canada


8662864517, +18662864517

Scam. Don't answer. block them


2676091598, +12676091598

Auto warranty scam


8765950096, +18765950096

Scam-said he is John Henry from UPS and said they have a pkg for me and if I would be home I said yes then he followed up asking if i remember doing some sort of publishing and i said no and he hung up.


5872050795, +15872050795

1-587-205-0795 scam as harassing phone callers scrambling and spoofing multiple phone numbers ! Some were linked to a community up in the Northwest Territories? Behchok'o? So beware ... going to report this due to multiple times in a day and night .


5017224145, +15017224145

Debt Collector. Had my name and address, but not my debt. Scam!


6575290557, +16575290557



7275040389, +17275040389



6055694620, +16055694620

scam. Left voice message said we (no company name) have tried to reach you numerous times by mail and phone about your medicare benefits. Press 1 to speak to a rep or 9 to be removed from call list.


3365790546, +13365790546

They call everyday from different variations of the 336-579- phone numbers.


8776715411, +18776715411

I don’t know who is this this is a SCAM and they also called my boyfriend a smart ass. SCAMMERS


6304127041, +16304127041

called my brother looking for me. I haven't lived in the same state as my brother in 15 years. fucking scammers


5092130719, +15092130719

called "about our property" in Washington... we live in Alaska and don't own any property in Washington.. wish I'd caught the address though... would have been nice to go to google maps and see where we don't live... lol... she was polite and hung up after I informed her we didn't have property there... for now anyway...


2506768683, +12506768683

Car warranty fraud wanting to re new warranty totally automated even answered questions


6036868274, +16036868274

unemployment scammers phishing for personal details.


4109219886, +14109219886

Scam call, Scam call


4076642697, +14076642697

They kept wanting me to verify my address, but wouldn’t tell me why. He finally hung up on me with no explanation.


6163338608, +16163338608

Called it back. An automated system answered. It said the company is Appellis (maybe? That’s what it sounded like. Not sure on spelling). I wish I had more info. They’ve been calling me non stop for months


8662813106, +18662813106

Suspect this is a scammer.


7323070299, +17323070299

spam texted


8007721516, +18007721516

Domestic Terrorists Crash Ambulance Dispatch Server in San Diego. The Server contained client medical records and 4 digit realtor key safe codes for front door entry into clients homes. Each client had a realtor key safe affixed to the front door. Joyce Knight AKA Francine Joyce Mauser and Tiffany Albright committed an act of terrorism as defined by federal law. Between 2005 to 2008 Joyce Knight instructed patrons at her place of business (Livewell San Diego/ Clairemont Friendship Center, 4425 Bannock Ave., San Diego, CA 92117) to stalk people and to vandalize their cars. Joyce Knight was directed to perform the illegal acts by corrupt members of law enforcement. In 2006 and 2007, Using a keystroke logger on the computer network, Joyce Knight intercepted passwords for the Senior Emergency Alert System (SEAS) program and deleted the servers data, causing it to cease function. Tiffany Albright aided and abetted the illegal actions of Joyce Knight and other participants in the conspiracy to commit terrorism against elderly program members. The SEAS server was a FIRST RESPONDER server used in the dispatch of ambulance services from AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE (AMR) located at 8808 Balboa Ave., San Diego. The server break-in constituted a violation of federal HIPAA laws as the server contained medical data pertaining to each client, social security numbers and Billing information. A group of people engaged in the server break-in, constituting a conspiracy as defined by federal law. The punishment for each activity is 5 years and 10 years in federal prison plus additional for the terrorism act. Joyce knight was let go from the center the following year. Employees stated that she had been taking money from the daily donations box that was meant to pay for congregate meals each day in the meal line, but was never disciplined by the center director, Cathy Hopper.


8009223620, +18009223620

18009223620... stated they were verizon and needed my account info. Was not Verizon


4034109239, +14034109239

+14034109239 CBD collections. Won't stop calling.


3167124582, +13167124582

Block this number. If you are getting calls from it, they are trying to scam you out of money. Anyone who has been harassed by annoying telephone calls with ridiculous scenarios that always lead up to either access to a credit or debit card or require you to furnish your identity information. DO NOT TELL THEM ANYTHING!!! You would be amazed at how very little information they require in order to gain access to more sensitive information that can lead to your identity being compromised. Just hang up and block the number if you can. I'm so tired of getting stupid calls from these types of scammers!!! I can't seem to evade this kinds of annoying harassment, no matter how many time I change my number or put myself on the do not call lists, these types a**holes always find me again eventually. I have pretty much accepted the fact that I will have to deal with these types of calls until I depart from this life and I know I cant be the only one. But we shouldn't have to!! We should be able to own a phone without having it be a source of this type of harassment and nuisance!!! There has to be some way to free ourselves from this.... right? Or at least a way to prevent future contact from them... So if anyone can tell me how to put an end to this type of contact, I'd sincerely appreciate it!!! If I am somehow instigating this or doing something that is "asking for it", so to speak, I wish I could figure out what it is that I am doing or filling out online so that I could stop and these calls would stop permanently. If anyone can fill me in, I'd much appreciate help correcting whatever I'm doing to put myself on their radar.


9544208909, +19544208909

Computer virus scammer. Trying to get into my computer. I laughed and hung up


8572829900, +18572829900

I had a call from this number saying I have a appointment it didn't say for what


5012999565, +15012999565

Auto warranty scammers


3524969669, +13524969669

Marketing solicitor somehow aware of my recent insurance purchase. Insisted I hear him out despite informing him already covered. Called back right after I hung up. Tries conversation tactics to extract personal information. Probably gained my phone number from online insurance marketplace form.


3462149756, +13462149756

They keep call my phone and don’t say who their with and they don’t lease a message either.


8176639128, +18176639128

Scam! Called didn't leave a message so I called back & he was the rudest person ever! He asked me what business I had with them that I'd even call, I said you called me 1st - he said, well now you're calling us. I asked what company he was with & he refused to answer my question, instead he got as hateful as could be.