4093565238, +14093565238

Claim to be cashnet. Have account with them, they are a scam this caller. do not fall for it. they claim to call police and will act like them. hung up when i asked for deputy ID.


3059879092, +13059879092

Automated recording said to press 9 for more information on how to make sure I was not in credit trouble because their records indicated that I was going to be in credit trouble soon. There was no option to be taken off the call list. I pressed 9 and asked the young man who answered, to put me on their 'do not call' list, he laughed said, 'No', laughed again and hung up.


3103214823, +13103214823

I believe they got my number from Craigslist and called me. I've received several calls like this but only one from this number.


3152208686, +13152208686

Left no message, probably annoying robo-caller.


8662239498, +18662239498

Same thing .. it is a scam saying your windows licence expired and to call them back before your computer stops working.


2025034835, +12025034835

received a call about an arrest warrant issued against me. when I tried to call the number the message says the subscriber is not accepting calls at this time. sounds like a SCAM!!!


8885043125, +18885043125

This is a scam number


8177529818, +18177529818

Call every day. Supposedly fm Azle, TX. Don’t leave a message. Blocked! Fm Fort Worth


5088120133, +15088120133

They did the exact same thing to me. They said they have 3 serious allegations and to get back to them so we can discuss this case. The voicemail was an automatic voice message though.


8094628920, +18094628920



8722048691, +18722048691

Block it harassing caller forever


3023189259, +13023189259

Very threatening call to get me to sign up for ??? computer security???


4147976173, +14147976173

Scamm big scamm of high dollar amt


2405800666, +12405800666

Calls and calls.... leaves no message


5873158001, +15873158001

Trying to buy items on Kijiji by offering more money to ship. They will not answer the phone


9162491527, +19162491527

Caller said he was from the National Disabilty office and I had a claim. I have not applied for disability -Casper hung up.


5017628420, +15017628420

I received this message from him "Hey Baby,I am john how are you doing today. I have a lot to spoil you with as a sugar daddy  and  i am not here to talk much. Text me on my number so we talk about your allowance and possibilities of how we can meet each other 5017628420" Seems like a scam to me. So be careful.


8778610749, +18778610749

Scam call! Report them


6292058707, +16292058707

This number called and it's a marketing auto call stating I can get lower Apr on my credit cards (I do not have credit cards). Then it says to press 1 to speak with someone to get this offer or press 9 to stop receiving these offers. I press 9 and some guy comes on. I ask him how/why they are calling me when I'm on the DO NOT CALL list and he just says "ok" and then breathes on the phone for a min. I then tell him that was a question and I want and answer not just him saying ok...he then breathes for another few mins on the phone then disconnects.


8557933877, +18557933877

that number is a scam c aller


7246673011, +17246673011

Keeps calling and hang up when I answer. very annoying.


7088580754, +17088580754

Scammer claims he's in Florida but he's not... He sits on Craigslist over to send you a check for an item with "more money than asking price" and then the check bounces.


8663982721, +18663982721

Trying to collect something you didn't ask for.


8778615025, +18778615025

This phone number goes to a place called "paramount legal litigation". They give you a case number and they find your relatives to inform your relatives that there is a serious looming legal matter. When you call they say your debt is well over what you actually owe. Nobody at this number wants to tell you where they are located, the rep that talked to me identified himself as Mr. Johnson (so original). They are being shady debt collectors that claim to have a case pending in (insert your county) district court and that you have a legal right to call them back at this number. If you dont call back they will continue calling relatives and people around you until you do. I hope somebody has information that can help get these losers shut down.


4343229127, +14343229127

Scam caller pretending to be from the NRA. None of the “offers” they try to scam you with can be verified by the NRA on their website or by mail. It is only available by giving the caller your credit card info during that phone call.


8776726923, +18776726923

Calling me on the job , calling giving threats.


5412620144, +15412620144

If this number calls you hang up its a scam!


2025966498, +12025966498

I called the 2025966498 # after the 18001113031 # called about a 9800$ grant from the gov't. I said "don't call my phone with your stupid ass scam. Take my number out your fucking system". The person replied "you called me idk what you talk about stupid mudderfuhcer". You can't scam a scammer stupid Indians.


2073917142, +12073917142

This is a group of thieves calling from various 207-391-71## numbers. They give their name, say they are on a recorded line, and ask if you can hear them. If you say "yes", they have your voice print recorded with the word yes. Then they will place charges on your cell phone bill that you will end up having to pay. When you try to dispute it, they have your recorded "yes" as if you agreed to the charges.


8554995629, +18554995629

Scam email ALERT Hotmail Accounts have been Hacked. You need to call now 1855 499 5629 We have detected Unusual Activity with your computer. Your private information is at risk. Geo location: Eastern Russia


7004309899, +17004309899

Asim abhi kaha pe hai


4158580383, +14158580383

This number try to scam you fraudulent checks


3179416142, +13179416142

Fake landlord rental scam, uses for sale listing to create fake craigslist rental


8002981292, +18002981292

Spinnaker Resorts Time Share marketing company that will not take no for an answer.


5512574087, +15512574087

This is a scammer that was kicked off, there's been several reports of this person trying to scam people. Most of them says that the scammer contact them on and give them this number to reach him/her by text. Hopefully you will read this before giving out your information.


7374000268, +17374000268

Continue calls. Stated to her I am not interested in anything, but the calls continue.


6394968587, +16394968587



6195588596, +16195588596

Got this text last night @ midnight..........Hello! Long time no.see...This is Scarlett and thats my new number. Peter and.I broke up last night! I really need someone to talk to.. I don't know anyone out of state or named Scarlett!


6193245908, +16193245908

Whose number is this


7024381690, +17024381690