2257259781, +12257259781

This person is running a Craigslist Housing Scam, DO NOT SEND MONEY


7783954819, +17783954819

When I answered the call from this number, an automated announcement came on saying, ":Hello, this is Telus/ Chinese language department..." (Telus isn't my provider). At this point, I hung up, blocked the number and phoned right back, but the system had advised me that 'the number cannot be reached as dialed'. I phoned 611 and asked what exactly it meant, and was told that the number is not in service! I told the operator that I just received a call from that number, and was told that it is possible for a hacker to find available (unused) numbers and 'hijack' them for a robocall uses. I was also advised that under the circumstances, there is nothing they could do. I work at night and sleep during the day, and have to leave the phone on for work-dispatching purposes, so calls like this are very annoying!


3175650572, +13175650572

Answered call, no one replied. Called number back and it just kept ringing. Never went to a voicemail. Pry a scammer


8007644252, +18007644252



2093181595, +12093181595

Call from auto warranty but no clear way to talk to anyone. Usually asks to remove from call list but today I spoke with a representative. Totally fake. He couldn't tell me my name, so how u calling me?


8888347406, +18888347406

CORRECTION TO COMMENT # #04965 9/21 Probably between 2 – 3:30pm… I spoke to Getty Lee with the Social Security Department at 800 772-1213. I wanted to cancel my part-B insurance. He told me to call the State Medicaid Department. 9/22 I called the State Medicaid Department at 888 834-7406. A cheerful agent answered and said they were giving away a $100 rebate today only. The agent said her name was Elaine and began telling me about 2 programs: Savings Advantage and Value Publications. I interrupted and asked what they had to do with Medicaid. She said the Medicaid number had changed and she would give me the new ph# after I signed up for the $100 rebate. She began telling me about the plans. I asked if they pertained to Medicaid. “No”. The plans supposedly had to do with shopping coupons for $24/mo. I told her I was not interested; would she please just give me the new ph#. She went right back into her canned speech about the Savings Advantage Plan. After requesting the new ph# several times, I finally hung up on her. Upon reviewing this conversation I now strongly suspect that the SOCIAL SECURITY agent I spoke with was most likely in on a scam and probably gave me a false name and then referred me to the ‘SCAM’ ph#. Something else that is frightening is that I gave this agent my SS#.


4028818775, +14028818775

This number keeps calling my UNLISTED, UNPUBLISHED, home phone number that is also on the National DO NOT CALL Registry. DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER!!! They have my name and claim they read my Facebook messages, PROBLEM IS...I have NEVER, and AM NOT on Facebook. THIS IS A SCAM!


8666592606, +18666592606

Scammers. Block and move on. Pretended to be my city clerk's office, threatening litigation over an old debt. Tried to gaslight me over it.


2503568205, +12503568205

+1(240)-356-8205 is of a scamster who poses that she is a part of an investment agency and goes by the name of Mina Singapore. She WhatsApp's me and mentions that I have uploaded my details on various sites seeking investments and she's got my details from these sites. Unfortunately, this scammer did not know that I don't upload such things and hence asked for proofs. There wasn't any answer but the next day I once again receive a message saying hi . I have blocked this fraudster and reported the number to WhatsApp. Please block her number


4046606430, +14046606430

Fraud call about social security number being used... hang up and report call


4075841697, +14075841697

real estate scam text


7783016858, +17783016858

Missed call, letf no message


8556768777, +18556768777

Indian speaking, wanted $129 to add firewall to fix my compromised yahoo account


3125172414, +13125172414

Posed as a Visa card saying someone purchased items from Amazon, and was checking whether it was me.


4696198012, +14696198012

Scam for social security


8888758762, +18888758762

They tried...


5028782975, +15028782975

Harassing calls constantly


7025925115, +17025925115

robot call, said 2nd attempt tp reach and had canceled my social security number and were reportin me to magistrates and courts.... does anyone actually fall for this?


8883184570, +18883184570

This is the same scam threating you to have you or your attorney call back today. It’s the last attempt to reach you before the start action against you. These people have called most of my family and freaked them out. Makes me so mad! These kind of calls need to stop!!


3236892878, +13236892878

thank you ! I saw an ad from them on craigslist and was wondering who it was. How did you find out?


2056514996, +12056514996

Keep getting hang up calls from 205-651-7107 I blocked now has duplicated to different last 4 digit as -4475/4996/4991/4781/4758


5878406538, +15878406538

Prank calling


8005163161, +18005163161

Scam calling me about an enforcement action on my SSN, I didn't bother to listen


4036710357, +14036710357

Called, said nothing, hung up


9187349090, +19187349090

Threatened to have us killed by a Mexican cartel


9173744256, +19173744256

Scammer claiming to be package delivery company.


8325236188, +18325236188

This is a terrible number. They have called from three different numbers this morning saying they were going to charge my account (they don't say what account ) $399 for computer services renewal. They want you to talk to an agent and enter this or not. I just hung up both times. THIS IS A SCAM! A TERRIBLE SCAM.


4384691729, +14384691729

Scotiabank collections


5512492405, +15512492405

Please, don't answer this call


5149770150, +15149770150

called me twice at 4:30 am. Thanks for waking me up. Didnt bother answering because theres definitely no way im answering a 4:30 am call from a random number. From what i read in those comments, im glad i didnt answer. But who would try scamming at 4:30 am?????


2038938848, +12038938848

This guy called me from this number begging me to have homosexual relations with him in exchange for money... beware


6305214777, +16305214777



8506313784, +18506313784

scammed multiple people to sell puppies (border collies)


8552403953, +18552403953

855-240-3953 SCAM They have called me two days in a row, now. They had my DOB and last four of my SSN. They told me I had entered into a contract that was legally binding. I told them I never entered into such contract with said business and that I was not cooperating with them, then hung up. They called my parents house, where I have not lived for over 15 years. They have since called me again, I hung up on them, and they immediately called back. I asked her name, she said Megan White.


8003304396, +18003304396



6572376591, +16572376591

Got a text saying I have a package to pick up. Scam


8765489402, +18765489402

Call from Kingston JM, mans with thick accent says he is calling about prize from Publishing Clearing House. I say, "noway I dont believe you." He goes into a speech about the world now and then talks so fast I cant understand him. Wants me to call a number to see what I won. I tell him "Do not call this number again" and I hung up. Please people do not believe this stuff. You have'nt won anything. It is a scam!!


5149895832, +15149895832

B.S. number, do not answer, it is a scam!!!


7815279746, +17815279746

keep getting repeated calls every other day,empty voice messages


6003891405, +16003891405