3055878439, +13055878439

305.587.8439 She the most beautiful lady i so in my live good the best person i saw in my entire life


2082409841, +12082409841

I finally blocked this number! They kept calling asking about stuff I’ve never heard off claiming I had debt. Don’t answer this number!


2027275298, +12027275298

They call me but I didn't answer but when I call back it days you have reach a non working government number. It's a scam. This is the number +12027275298


5188880185, +15188880185

This number left me a message saying to call them for a lower credit card rate. When I asked to be taken off the list the rep said "I won't do that." When I asked the name of the company he said, "I'm not telling you." I said, "I will block your number and report you," and he said, "Good luck."


8329205378, +18329205378

called 3 times and never left a message. might be a job finder agent


2122093400, +12122093400



6093056997, +16093056997



8507650934, +18507650934

So sweet


9142335279, +19142335279

This number has called me 5 times within a 30 min period at 7am in the morning. This is a IRS scam. Do not answer and block the number ASAP


5203405481, +15203405481

I’m pretty sure this number is spam, my reason being this number was assigned to me yesterday (I chose it on a texting app) and I had given absolutely no one the number. They left a voicemail & it was silent the entire duration.


2137908465, +12137908465

Another unwanted call from this invalid (spoofed) L.A. area number arrived today, just 2 weeks since the last unwanted call on Nov 21. When the answering machine picked up, there was dead silence. Robocallers (unlawful telemarketers) who continuously troll the phone lines do this all the time while desperately seeking gullible schmucks to victimize. Criminals who hide behind spoofed numbers are why you should LET YOUR ANSWERING MACHINE TAKE THEIR PATHETIC CALLS.


8003493011, +18003493011

Robo call saying suspicious activity with my windows key being used on 2 or more computers and I will be locked out unless I call some 800#.


8668713398, +18668713398

They call and tell you they are going to file a case against you and represent law enforcemwnt, which they are really 3rd party collections and they bother and bother but when you ask to speak to supervisor they tell you no and hang up, will not provide any other info SCAMMERS NOT SAFE.. I tried to call back and get info and they blocked me.. what a sorry company.


6134168357, +16134168357

My parents received a call from this number asking if they wanted a personal loan. Obviously not a call you want.


2102456908, +12102456908

This number has called a number of times today, using other numbers in the (210) 245-6900 sequence, including: -6910, -6908, -6907, -6906, -6905, -6093, -6091, and -6989. I would block all numbers in the (210) 245-6900 sequence if it were practical to do so, as I'm sure these SPAMartists have more numbers to bother me with in this exchange. At least I'm hip to them and also have a SPAMblocker app, but the app only blocks numbers already reported to them from me & others. These must be newly issued numbers that just started calling today.


5143354333, +15143354333

WEBFAX include Virus jscript vbscript


2068600458, +12068600458

Don't know anyone from this area code----called my cell #/Scammer-


5415191632, +15415191632

This is my phone number but I wanted everyone to know that I'm not the one calling you. Someone has changed their callback number to my number so when the person doesn't pick up, they call back and it reaches me. I do not know how to change that and I get many angry calls from people demanding to know why I called them and refusing to believe that it wasn't me. If you were called by this number I apologize for the inconvenience but it has nothing to do with me.


5032888771, +15032888771

They called, rang once, didn't give me a chance to pick up.


5156866174, +15156866174

2 calls this morning, didn't answer either, but was left a voicemail with a robotic women saying I owe back taxes or some bull s h i t, and they coming after me if I don't call back with a lawyer. What a joke


8882083884, +18882083884

Tech scammer trying to get you to give them access to your PC!


6095139592, +16095139592



8553120299, +18553120299

Scammer trying to act like a court Clerk


2163507251, +12163507251

(216-350-7251) Invalid number. Caller left no message. Called back and it is not a working number.


8564337182, +18564337182

Safe called,


4159399597, +14159399597

did not leave a message


5856179672, +15856179672

Sirius XM radio


2403977477, +12403977477

They have called me at least 10 times “hey this is Sarah” then I hang up haha, it’s annoying


9023340623, +19023340623

+19023340623 told they call me from TD bank, asked TD bank if they have a phone number like that and they said it is a scam!


2062847971, +12062847971

Called and didn't leave a message and try to call back the number is disconnected or no longer in service


8724844611, +18724844611

Saddam Ali


6781487413, +16781487413

Receive calls from #, no voicemail left. Keep getting calls.


8778257273, +18778257273

This company bills credit cards with a non reachable phone number and no address . Using a different name on credit dard htan on the advertising.


2059650346, +12059650346

Got a call. Didn't answer. They didn't leave a message.


7179699271, +17179699271

Repeat calls back to back. No voicemail left


2699127985, +12699127985

It is a scam call


8683581613, +18683581613

this number is a scam using Scotia bank


8885181129, +18885181129

called and said I was aware of the money I would be receiving.. I just laughed and hung up


8882015261, +18882015261

They said they are from Health Insurance company!!! told me I am signing up with a new plan!and got my credit card info??? Now I am doubting if they were scams.


3439870384, +13439870384

Got a text from this number saying dear fido membre yes membre not member saying they sent me an e transfer for 75$ I'm assuming this is a scam considering the website looks similar to the e transfer page but is clearly not because I didn't get the green lock icon in my browser so it's not secure . So do not put your info into this