5204333708, +15204333708

Scammer on ebrandon


2017628485, +12017628485

Douche texted me this. No idea what he's talking about. Hi, My name is Mike Martinez, I'm contacting you regarding your property at 22640 Shawnee Rd in Indian Hills CO. Are you interested in selling?


3102450173, +13102450173

IRS SCAM. Got a call claiming they were the IRS and asking for $9K in back taxes. Said they sent certified mail twice, never received


9098576342, +19098576342

Scam call!! Do not answer!!


3177168258, +13177168258

Did not leave voice mail.


6472172497, +16472172497

Telemarketer for DUCT CLEANING.


6194040786, +16194040786

They called me saying I had student loan debit. I don’t have any debit it’s s scam


7868579394, +17868579394

Scam. Asked me to call back to collect my grant money.


8018716954, +18018716954

8018716954 is a automated caller that randomly selects numbers to give away "complimentary" prizes


5038808228, +15038808228

The person dialing from thi number makes constant calls one right after another, and leaves no message.


7543126461, +17543126461

It is a Directv robocall. If you get to a person, they ask you if you want more details, and if you ask about putting your number on the do not call list, they hang up on you immediately. I contacted HQ.


2103610213, +12103610213

They call and ask for the IT manager. When I ask who is calling they will not tell me they just ask for the IT manager. I asked them to put us on their "Do Not Call" list. They tell me "NO" or they repeat "WHY?" over and over again.


8773641803, +18773641803

Not a legit company


8452031861, +18452031861

The phone number calls, leaves no message; then will call at other times. If someone legitimately needs to speak with someone they will leave a voicemail otherwise there is no need to call back if someone does not answer.


6134168373, +16134168373

Pre-recorded message from "CRA". Wanting a return call with a lawyer and threatening legal action.


7867850639, +17867850639

Called 4 times in a row but I didn't answer. I called back .It was a loan company. The person answering had a heavily accented voice and said it was a cash advance company and asked if I was looking for a loan. Spam call.


9256600137, +19256600137

Scammer. Don't answer if they call you


8774525120, +18774525120

This is a dangerous spam.


4703000462, +14703000462

(470) 300-0462, (470) 300-0461, (470) 300-0454, (470) 300-0451, (470) 300-0450, (470) 300-0450 These are the numbers we have been receiving call from


9173310041, +19173310041

Didn't answer phone when they caked twice, back to back. Caked back, got Verizon recording staying number was disconnected.


6502723197, +16502723197

Calls at least once a day for the last four days. When I answer and remain silent, the other end waits three seconds and hangs up.


9713860425, +19713860425

Its a creditor. They called my work too.


6139271799, +16139271799

Scam, threatening to arrest you.


8082785626, +18082785626

It's a robo-call for "firefighters and emergency responders coalition "? They call every day asking for a small monetary donation.


5025518367, +15025518367



4302280501, +14302280501

Continuously called everyday for a month. Never left a message. Blocked number.


9144130213, +19144130213

Unless,it’s a hologram computer room 202 where it used to be the sterling club library I love to smoke pot you know marijuana!


2403246293, +12403246293

Says he is Brian Davis, Spy Hook LLC, wanting to access my computer since program support will go down within 24-hours. I declined any additional service.


8557601707, +18557601707

Just like Jan.


4069451461, +14069451461

cold call credit card sales -


8092049006, +18092049006

Just a missed call


8776300174, +18776300174

Keep calling about a bill, that I don't have, a Payday loan, leaving messages on my machine, saying their coming to serve me papers n I need a lawyer, called the company, they say I owe n the company don't have my name, scam.


2155109156, +12155109156

Some woman named Carla Benjamin keeps calling, begging to get her face covered in jizz and pissed on. She moans on the phone about how she wants to get her butt filled in like a boston cream pie. My kids heard this. It was very upsetting.


2132128323, +12132128323

This person keeps calling me and not saying anything.


3047715477, +13047715477

This phone caller called me and connected me directly to a credit card "scammer". The scammer said that since I pay my bills in time, they were going to lower the interest rate. Wow! That sounded great at the time. Then they wanted my credit card number and my social security number. Red flag! They wanted to "be sure I wasn't using a stolen credit card". I told them,"You just called me on my own phone number associated with the credit card. Why would I steal my own card? You don't need my social security number when you have my personal phone number." Another call came in, so I took my other important phone call. They called me several times in a row, so I blocked them.


9158813842, +19158813842

Someone called and didn't say anything


2562989113, +12562989113

I got a text message from this number. It was a sudden text, too. It said, "Good day to you Bridget Delaney. My name is Scott texting you as regards to your shopping assignment where you earn 300 weekly. Your first assignment has been scheduled for next week. Kindly confirm your readiness and availability." So, I asked, "Um, what assignment is this?" I got the answer, "You will receive your assignment packet via Usps. This will include detailed instruction on how to carry out your assignment." I then asked, "What company is this?" No other text messages came after that.


8094228742, +18094228742

Automated call about extending my car warranty. Seems like some kind of scam


2397787409, +12397787409

This number called me and tried saying that I knew him and started making sexual comments to me. When I asked who he was, he said that I should already know.


8145315110, +18145315110

814-531-5110 IRS Scam