4435930278, +14435930278

This phone number called me and hung up before I could answer the phone. I called back and it said that it was the daily promo giveaway through a radio station. I was asked three trivia questions and if I got them right I won a trip to the Bahamas. This is obviously a scam, do not fall for it.


6469798612, +16469798612

Navy officer stalker


8662020956, +18662020956

Congrats, you've already spoofed enough Tmobile subscribers to get yourself banned. It was already marked when your tried to call me. Not answering dude, get a life!


6206055448, +16206055448

This is recorded call. The caller is a bank and credit card spam call. They will continue to call and call, no matter what the hour.


6139702625, +16139702625

Le message texte recu me fait croire que le gouv. du canada m'envois un virement INTERAC et pour complèter la transaction je dois cliquer sur un lien internet. Ca me semble très louche!!!


8885647923, +18885647923

Fake microsoft call.


3125994320, +13125994320

hi i am a hacker so watch out


6032435392, +16032435392

scam caller, blocked


7787693961, +17787693961

17787693961 I got a call from this number in the evening, telling me to contact the caller or my solicitor. This is a scan automated call. Please be aware. Sorry, I am a sick person lives alone in my home and it disturbs me to get scam calls. Can someone stop this please. Thank you.


8434209116, +18434209116

These people scam you. Sold us a washer and dryer with a 30 day warranty. Washer broke and they blocked our number! Total scam! Being reported to the police


9522228013, +19522228013

This number also asked who I was voting for.


7673159716, +17673159716

I had the same experience multiple times as mentioned by Ashish. Starting few digits are same but last couple of digits are different so even if you block one number, you continue getting calls from other dominican nos.


8883167391, +18883167391

I was using my computer and I received a message that my computer had been locked because of a Zeus virus. They also told me that they were contractors for Microsoft and would remove the virus from the computer. It was also the the guy with an Indian accent. He tried to scam me. Did not work!


5203715391, +15203715391

I got a call from this number claiming to be a pharmaceutical company, offering a discount on a topical pain reliever. They asked about my medical history. Sounded like phishing to me.


5713699170, +15713699170

5713699171 trying to scam me with free cruise


4036047495, +14036047495

scammers, as if it was Dejardins, with a link to a phishing site


5704095014, +15704095014

When I answered,he said his name was Joe and they said they were from social security/ disability


7032146653, +17032146653

Said they were with some Petroleum affiliated group. Wanted to ask about the need for tax reform but prefaced it by their bias as to why it was so badly needed. Why take a poll if you clearly are biased one way or another? It’s annoying.


2075589618, +12075589618

This tell # is a recorded phone call it is recording your answers I asked if this is a machine seven or eight time and it responded we must stay to the script I SMELL SCAM !!!!!! never say Yes or agree to anything ,,,


9096553332, +19096553332

Rang twice, hung up with no message. BLOCKED!!


2026610321, +12026610321

They said I won 9000 dollar grant. Then hung up when I ask more questions.


7056279396, +17056279396

Got a call from this number asking for duct cleaning services and if any of my friends needs cleaned. Once I stated I just had them cleaned called hung up without saying anything further.


7085680734, +17085680734

Began calling @ 6:25 a.m. Central on Sunday 12/10/17 and continued with calls and texts until 06:44 a.m. on Sunday. Stated my daughter's UK Investing manager gave him my number. My daughter stated she doesn't have a UK investment manager. Scammer called back 1:29 pm on Sunday 12/10/17 and followed up with texts stating that my granddaughter, whom he referred to by first name gave him my number. My granddaughter stated that she hasn't given out my number either. Scammer was mad that I wouldn't let him 'land me before I put him to rest.' ACCORDING TO THE ILLINOIS STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE THIS IS A SCAMMER! BEWARE


6364315396, +16364315396

I got a text message from them asking if I had credit card debt of $10000 +. They can save me thousands of dollars. Call for info or text NO. I sent NO in a text.


6179479472, +16179479472

Called, left no message. Apparent telemarketer.


3307775137, +13307775137

someone called me


4014279599, +14014279599

I received 15 calls in one hour from this number


8349726565, +18349726565



8322208095, +18322208095



6122559570, +16122559570

Calls, never leaves a voicemail and when you pick up, it hangs up right away. Calls at least once a day. Super annoying.


2061555457, +12061555457

I received a call from this number 10 times. I typically don't answer numbers I don't recognize,but I just answered and they were scamming me. BIG TIME. They said that I had won 8,708 dollars in a U.S. Federal Grant. They immediately wanted my credit card information and along with a corresponding bank. DO NOT ANSWER THIS NUMBER. BLOCK THEM.


8329413793, +18329413793

It's a scam..I reported it to the police


8557799028, +18557799028

Says they are Apple and I need to contact them immediately.


9142605240, +19142605240

Never leave message, call every day. I haven't answered because i don't know anyone with this number. I don't answer unknown calls.


5148369267, +15148369267



9785148297, +19785148297

9785148297 Scammers, don't answer


8774576342, +18774576342

They keep calling my father that I haven't seen since 5, I don't even use his information for anything but this number stating they are Finer Resolution of Absolute only 2 African American ppl no one different calls my phone harassing for money that I owe. I cannot find any information on the internet.


8155963626, +18155963626

Alkesh MAvi


8774610879, +18774610879

They have called us a dozen times over the last month. The message they leave claims they are updating a fraternity alumni directory. None of us at this number have ever been in a fraternity.


6097243570, +16097243570

This person. Claimed he is a agent from the Facebook lottery name john anhony or Anthony. Contact me through text messages saying I won money but in order to get this I have to pay first to get it. So over time he had trust for me till I said no I'm not going to send money. He has used profanity with his texts and I know he is not working alone. I reported to Facebook about this. Nothing happened of course so. Unless I pay for something that's not true is what they all want. He has became very angry and defensive. I don't care. SCAM !!!!!!!!