2532156170, +12532156170

Number 253 215 6170 is a scam try to information when I asked about his , he hang up...


8555054906, +18555054906

Most likely a scam, was called from another number telling me to call this number. They claimed it was a law firm but it is one of those scams few tries to get you to pay money


8667160258, +18667160258

currently posing as pacific gas and electric, forcing the unsuspecting to pay non existant bills


3253077344, +13253077344

Total Scam. Automated call saying the IRS is suing me. I call back the number, it is a guy on a cell phone or a bad wireless landline. Had an accent.... probably Latin. He had to walk to a better location to get the phone to connect properly. Wanted me to verify information. I said no, tell me what it is pertaining. He eventually hung up on me. I called back and he said, hello. Yep. Hello.... not IRS or anything.... I told him I was calling back. He hung up on me again. Scam, scam, scam.


2405160326, +12405160326

Sarah calls it is all LIES and someone needs to report them/2/2/18 11:30 AM


8507641038, +18507641038

they called on an old flip phone that is not registered for any service. Asked them not to call back because all they wanted was to get me to take out a new mortgage1


8138752263, +18138752263

Call from a different #.. same intro.... senior services. They have been reported to FCC. They have called me 6 times now. The # they are using now is once again “ no longer in service”


2153077575, +12153077575

scam calls


2251089016, +12251089016

I'm from México and maybe 3-4 days per week number like this call me and then hang out


5172100307, +15172100307

spam i'm sure of it


8120566696, +18120566696



2262198166, +12262198166

This Fucking joke and you want money


2107124557, +12107124557

This phone caller persists on annoying with crap


9282123502, +19282123502

Daily calls. Never a message. When answers jerk says we are on a recorded line then ask if I can hear him . Then he hangs up. A real jerkoff


8563160280, +18563160280

i received phon calls from this # no answer so many time


4806269323, +14806269323

recorded call that said push 9 to talk to a rep about lower interest rate on credit card to 6%. Pressed 9 and told rep to please place my number on the do not call list. The rep yelled, "Fuck Yeah!!" and hung up.


2568416158, +12568416158

Found on phone


7044135198, +17044135198

debasmita das


7408175284, +17408175284

a chat bot from Tinder


4845536774, +14845536774

abusive foul language call


8884712197, +18884712197

can i know whos number is this .


6139279807, +16139279807

Google "Fibernetics Corporation" who own the number, check out the reviews, definitely a scam


8622673667, +18622673667

Recorded call stating i had excellent payment history on my credit cards (I have no credit cards) and am approved for some BS. Spoke to a rep who promptly hung up on me when i asked for my number to be removed.


6823600217, +16823600217

Constantly calls and hangs up. When I call back, they answer and ask if this is Kevan. When I don't give my name, they get rude and then hang up on me.


2104607043, +12104607043

CBE group debt collection. Medical


7752145820, +17752145820

Scammer call. Number is disconnected per operator but when it call says they are a high debt relief company for people who owe huge money in credit card debt. asked why they call on a disconnected number instead of a real number. Couldn't get a clean answer.


4075192060, +14075192060

SPAM - DO NOT ANSWER - REPORT TO DO NOT CALL REGISTRY -TELEMARKETER ABOUT "RECENT INQUIRIES I MADE ABOUT PURCHASING A HOME" (which is total nonsense) - may call back on other 407-519-2xxx or 407-519-3xxx - cannot get them to stop calling.


9034055464, +19034055464

Called three times in a row without leaving any messages. Instant block. Better safe than sorry!


8138425317, +18138425317

Unwanted caller; when I call it back it says the number is not in service


4039039223, +14039039223

This number just added itself to my facebook account. Hacked my fb


8557126292, +18557126292

This number has called me twice a day for multiple days, no message. I called the number and a recording said "Thank you for calling us back, let me get you to an account manager." Must be a bill collector.


8083781110, +18083781110

Keep getting this "suspected spam" calls daily.......................Once a female left a msg saying that she's calling in regards to SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Benefits, which I have NEVER inquired about. Number has been blocked


8775960253, +18775960253

This numher called me about a year ago asking for info about a family member. I called my relative and they had no idea.they were trying to scam me. I got a call today and i called them out for the liars they are. Fucking losers.


7135324735, +17135324735

They are Sky Financial. Business loan company with an F rating from the BBB. This a scam, feel free to Google Sky Financial.


5512630341, +15512630341

Survey to answer questions to win a trip. It's spamming


9859003038, +19859003038

This number called me and was completely rude and hung up.


4388379117, +14388379117

strange request for a name, if not wrong number


8068787479, +18068787479

These people keep calling. I'm gonna report them to the police and press harassment charges on them if they done leave me the hell Alone.


8665209349, +18665209349

Says they are from the IRS and that there is a warrent for arrest


3253059474, +13253059474

They called and said they were irs and that i will see what my punishment is later after I called 7 times after being hung up on