8553781120, +18553781120

This number was left on voicemail 855 378-1120 also has another number and the person name is Heather Smith extension 206 who is a scammer the other number associated with this number is 8554161227 beware of scammer who tried to steal identity


6124709791, +16124709791

Called my son today and tired to cam him and say give them $500 t active a grant if $9,700. Gave me and him a huge attitude. Told him I didn't care if the FBI was recording this call like he said. I told him I was reporting them and to not call back. Well guess what they tried calling back. Don't trust them hang up right away.


4036192229, +14036192229

Catfish and con artist don't trust.


8482471026, +18482471026

Blocked the number because they won't quit calling.


4242885320, +14242885320

Non stop bothersome scam travel calls................ Claim I have stayed at one of there properties and they have an offer for me I don't travel and haven't stayed with them nor ever provided my phone number to a business this is my family only phone line.


5207095605, +15207095605

been getting all kinds of calls from 709 #s it's always either a mexican woman and man duo or a middle eastern guy


6467400462, +16467400462

Called and left message telling me the IRS is suing me ....


6514358020, +16514358020

Keeps calling me up to 5x in a row and alters itself to get around when I block it.


2626294628, +12626294628

Called 3 times today. No voicemail. Called them back but said phone is disconnected


8587485769, +18587485769



8044802833, +18044802833

Shows as a fixed line, but answers as Google Voice when called. The info on this webpage is whacked


4704239660, +14704239660

War dialed every single phone at my company saying they can save money on our life insurance.


9085779160, +19085779160



3203166468, +13203166468



8772279868, +18772279868

Scam company


9456060664, +19456060664



6395408069, +16395408069



7026800967, +17026800967

I have received the same call. It's "Charles Caster from the Weinberg Mediation group." Complete ROBO call. Like other people I have been receiving calls from this group for about a month now from different numbers. I have yet to receive anything in writing from them.


8664087437, +18664087437

They keep calling every day and never leave a message. Very annoying


8644281508, +18644281508

United Health care calls supposedly about their "lower rates". When you say no thanks, they get real snappy!


6137014541, +16137014541

Absolutely Hilarious!! The message says if you do not call back they will start to arrest you:) Dont call back!


2533878484, +12533878484

tax fraud scam call


6477938158, +16477938158

it's a scam - when you answer you get an automated message telling you they are calling from the CRA tax crime unit and that should I not return the call they wish me luck as the issue escalates. I called the number back and they asked for my name and then my social insurance number. Before giving them my social insurance number I asked how do I know they are an official government agency they told me 'actually you can't know' and then hung up on me. SCAMMER!!!!


5127937072, +15127937072

Caller had the wrong name, told her it was a wrong number call, she said no, just a wrong name, I should be able to help her anyway. Then asked for donations for leukemia patients.


8887847504, +18887847504

they are scammers i havent shared any card or banking of mine however they had it... i ordered new cards still they were able to take out money of my account there after i had taken Tech Services through one of my known resource though i aid them $7400 for complete security program and now everything is safe. Thanks to Josh... Please be aware of these scammers


6139279162, +16139279162

Scam - said they started a criminal case against me


6786066655, +16786066655

scammer.... IRS payments.


8772104645, +18772104645

i dont buy shit online, dont want any fag texts or fag calls. stop calling my phone or i will spend some time tracking you and wack your whole fag company. i tried being nice, now you are turning it deadly. stop fucking with me


6034258528, +16034258528

This #video called my cell at 1:30am & 11:30am. I did not answer but I did voice call them back & no one answered. This person or these people are ignorant & should have all their numbers (there are MANY) associated with this supposed business, reported & blocked. Useless P.O.S.


8669857615, +18669857615

Their system dialed my number and hung up after I answered. I called back to see wtf and it was a guy rambling on about my 'program' and my 'file' of which I have NEITHER! Then he went on to tell me about all this monetary compensation I was about to get but had ZERO details and a bunch of keywords in an effort to throw me off. TOTAL SCAM!!!


5125539895, +15125539895

Junk call.


7037635434, +17037635434

claims to be sirius xm. had name and car details


4168577370, +14168577370

They keep calling you and when you call back it says the number has not been assigned some type of scam. BEWARE


8294311367, +18294311367

Student of friend


8328731095, +18328731095

I am now going to come over once midnight strikes to kill this person in cold blood! I especially lynch like in Georgia! Once midnight strikes this person dies a violent death! I'll drive by shoot this person once midnight strikes! That person too now will be assassinated just like Martin Luther King, that that person falls down to the ground! I'll rampage that person too once falling into midnight!


8669550982, +18669550982

Acurian Health Clinical Trial information. Wanting me to enroll in a medical trial unrequested cold call wanting personal info


8609244716, +18609244716

they gave me a number to call back or I will have problems with the police


6193230858, +16193230858

Call multiple times and from similar numbers.never says anything or never leaves messages annoying annoying and annoying


5877901354, +15877901354

Be cafefull # 15877901354 try to scam. Asking for money they are from canada jail


9549559933, +19549559933

some foreign guy called me from this number about some company I was supposedly going to do something with, I have no idea what any of it was and likely a scam