9549559933, +19549559933

some foreign guy called me from this number about some company I was supposedly going to do something with, I have no idea what any of it was and likely a scam


2251089128, +12251089128

Es muy molesto estar recibiendo llamadas de este número solo hacen perder el tiempo, llaman sin razón y dicen cosas sin sentido,


2818745109, +12818745109

I am now going to come over once midnight strikes to kill this person in cold blood! I especially lynch like in Georgia! Once midnight strikes this person dies a violent death! I'll drive by shoot this person once midnight strikes!


5675220159, +15675220159

Number calls my phone everyday. If I answer they hang up immediately, if I don't they leave an empty 2 second voicemail every time.


8142069453, +18142069453

I answered, asked what they wanted, as I work nights and they woke me. The man on the other end of the line, who knew my name, said, "well, you didn't need to answer and no one told you to keep your phone on. " ams promptly hung up. I attempted to call the asshat back, and the call couldn't go through, as it was a non- working number.


6144127819, +16144127819

This is a marketing call


9516765143, +19516765143



7809054597, +17809054597

I am being charged for this service and want it to stop. How do I do that?


3176820172, +13176820172

317 682 0172 called stating he is attorney John Matthews and can help get your “grandson” out of jail. Initial call comes from a private number, a young man or woman places call to elderly person being scammed crying grand pa, please help me by calling John Matthews. He can help get me out of jail then says sherriff is making me hang up, please help! John Matthews calls after you don’t call him back claiming he can help. Matthews was never able to provide grandchild’s name! When he was caught, I told him I was reporting his number to the Indiana and Alabama police. He said F the local police and hung up. Don’t be scammed!


7573810883, +17573810883

Recording that says take a survey to win some trip .


7193173717, +17193173717

No message, a hang up


2062583268, +12062583268

is one of those unknown numbers that keeps calling.


3156889981, +13156889981

Final Attempt to reach you, please contact our federal agents to turn yourself in. Please call our federal agents at 315-688-9981


6179537332, +16179537332

This number calls multiple times a day every day telling me I quilify for.a.grant im 12... Clearly a scam caller


8885110259, +18885110259

these people are scam artist they claim to be moneypak customer service and they steal your money believe me it happened to me yesterday I called them back when my money didn't appear and they blocked me. I should have known money pak don't have a customer service representative I didn't know that til after words . Y'all be careful.


2109661138, +12109661138

+12109661138 Is a scam. He called to talk to my husband (when I answered he asked if I was him) and he was from "US Mortgage". And he said it was to discuss our mortgage for our house. We don't own a house. When I asked how he got my number he hung up. I called back and got voicemail. All available people were busy. So it gave an option for press 1 for do not call list for press 2 to leave a message. Then it hung up before giving you the option to press 2. SCAM. Please don't fall for this!


2153986870, +12153986870

Calls numerous times daily but will not leave message


9787540152, +19787540152

My cell rang with this as the incoming number. When I answered and said hello there was no response.


3344158454, +13344158454

334-415-8454 is NOT a land line as stated in THIS reverse look up. this page is wrong. ALSO......the FREE CELL PHONE TRACKER ----DOES NOT WORK on this page.


8137305804, +18137305804

This company and the individuals they employ are unprofessional disgusting rude and honestly believe that well seasoned professionals fall for their pushy demanding and often try to be scary tactics This boarders on harassment Janelle called and Sarah called both are phone tough guys really really tough on the phone Why don't they give their company name why don't they give their address Even if they were legit, no legitimate business would do business with these sorts What is really funny is that they think they know who the owners are but they don't They assume that whomever is answering the phone for whatever business they have targeted is not the owner or the owners wife or an executive in upper level management you know the ones that way in heavy on the decisions on companies they do business with


6139271683, +16139271683

Fake CRA tax scam. Automated message says there's a case against me which is total BS. These lowlifes belong in jail for repeated anal raping.


3153259753, +13153259753

Amni research calling survery line.


8778765676, +18778765676



6139271680, +16139271680

Fake CRA tax scam. Automated message says there's a case against me which is total BS. These lowlifes belong in jail for repeated anal raping.


8163075567, +18163075567

Called phone listed on DO NOT CALL LIST for over 1 year, did not answer..caller gave up more proof that pond scumm can survive out of the pond!


8552047430, +18552047430

Susan Outlaw Maria Sanchez Rebecca Crosby Rebecca crawley Kathy Johnson Rebecca Johnson Rebecca Morgan is Elexis Rivera She is a payday loan Collector in Jacksonville Florida that goes by national processing Corp Crosby billing but she uses other businesses so she doesn’t get complaints such as stateside billing Corp call the Federal Trade Commission or the Department financial regulation in Florida and the Florida Attorney General’s office and report her good luck her business number 904-396-3137


2067367179, +12067367179

I received a call from this number last week. Total scam line, fake IRS call trying to get social security numbers and bank account info, please block this number


2015826006, +12015826006

No, they just tried to help cancer patient...


8883996048, +18883996048

same thing happened to me like Gemini I just got a call from a restricted number and the lady said I had to call 18883996048 so I did his name was DANIEL he said I owed a bank 2200.00 for bad checks in 2006 .well I work at a bank and if that was the case I wouldn't be a premier banker because I would of been in collections or check system which neither has happened and I never had usa bank I googled the name and it doesn't exist he said I have 24 hours to settle this or I'll be sued in civil court and pay court fees .Thank you for the comments above and I hope this also helps beware of his scamming .


9183105334, +19183105334

Old Facebook account


9108490734, +19108490734

This number is a scam


8083761785, +18083761785

Said I won a 200 dollar gift card I just had to do a survey, obvious scam.


8679920248, +18679920248

Same with me. They leave a voicemail saying i'll be arrested if I ignore them


8555180425, +18555180425

Left no voice message


8555288879, +18555288879

Called and said the call was for our son and he is a driver for a company in Washington state. Tina Anderson said she had a complaint against my son and he needed to call 1-855-528-8879 with a doc number within 24 hours or a background check would be iniatite against him due to the complaint that she never stated what it was , who complained, and where the complaint was sent from. Number is blocked, unknown and we will not be responding...... He has had ZERO deliveries from this company


8558242057, +18558242057

I got a call from 8558242057 for a Centurylink $10mon DSL offer. I said I wanted to look into it. couldn't find anything (except this etc). I called back. it was a call center Rep said "welcome to century link". The could not email any information about program. Rep later identified site as EMPEREON. A call center/marketing company. Hmmm I emailed empereon 10min ago,


9093100546, +19093100546

Number is a Scam


5073201384, +15073201384

continuous calls from this number. when i answered, no one there. blocked the number, but cannot say why they called or who they are. it is a local call for me


3526123558, +13526123558

no message left


4145335432, +14145335432

Said they were Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook and I won 500,000dollars!!! Of course you have to talk to one of the agents lol. I'm smart, and know when you win you don't pay!!! Tracked the number and here I am LoL. As I told you on the phone son Karma don't pick on poor old people!