6179930175, +16179930175

called yesterday and today-did not answer WG BH never fund raises on phone husband answered yesterday-told them no Scammers


7062400838, +17062400838

7062400838 cheat ask you your OTP


9795622019, +19795622019

Verry strong


9725888758, +19725888758

The man sounded like he was from another country, Ukraine, etc. Said he was calling regarding my Sprint internet service. I don't have Sprint Internet. Then he started asking about the baby in the background. At that point I said he has a wrong number and hung up.


7602909948, +17602909948

Called me continously 4x in a row and then left a garbled vm.


9199168397, +19199168397

Got this as a number that sent a security code.....


5146137772, +15146137772

Do not give out any personal information to these people.


5125985711, +15125985711

This # text me asking for votes for their candidate addressing me by first name. I dont know them. "Hi J**** this is Debra volunteering w/ Beto for Texas! While Ted Cruz's network of mega-donors and PACs are funneling cash into his campaign to support their interests, Beto is running for Senate and doesn't take any money from PACs. Can we count on your vote?" When asked how they got my # their response "We're reaching out to a publicly available list of voters in Texas." UNBELIEVABLE! personal cell#used for politcal solicitation, costs them a vote


4043349788, +14043349788



2267750826, +12267750826

Got a call from this number. It was a a pre-recording saying I had a CRA lawsuit against me and that I must call back. Do not call back.


4329350235, +14329350235



6159777592, +16159777592

received a call from 6159777592 stating from credit card services calling to lower my rates. As soon as I said I know this is a scam they hung up and they spoke indian.


3615936344, +13615936344

This company has purchased old debt, past 7 years old and tries strong arm tactics and threats to recover debt that has been written off and/or charged off as part of a settlement. Beware of these companies that do this sort of thing. They purchase debt for pennies on the dollar and then make threats to try to recover the old debt. Medical debt is a different animal in the finance world and it cannot ding your credit and once it's settled or charged off all collection efforts should stop by law. They also cannot contact you via your employer (i.e. calling you at work or calling your employer and telling them of your debt.)


7062142089, +17062142089

Keep calling from different numbers This is considered phone harassment n invasion of my privacy. Employment opportunity. Seriously. 3-9-18 @ 9:23am 706-214-2089 Funny how i have my phone records being mailed to me.


7088520877, +17088520877

This is what the message said: "Your actual income tax which is higher than what it was supposed to be for the same arrest warrant is released on your name. To resolve this case please call us back immediately on our number 708-852-0877. I repeat 708-852-0877." SOMEONE, please take care of these scammers...


8662195005, +18662195005

Person calling said I was about to lose my Microsoft windows license. i did not call, Iooked up number and found the above review.


8577700536, +18577700536

I just received a text from this number with the message "Here is your free survey gift link " with the link.. I'm afraid to click the link just in case it's something that will lock up my phone. I've searched several sites,but each one tells me it's a different city in Massachusetts, and another site says it's from India..probably best to play it safe.


8555806378, +18555806378

Scammers. Company is called AIDNEST. They pretend to be part of the US Department of Education, and they steal social security numbers and credit card numbers. They are part of a company called Avec Staffing out of Cali Columbia. This is a scam. Notify IC3.gov if contacted by these individuals. Student loan scam!!!


6504840147, +16504840147

Maybe marketing call. Nobody on line.


2045986214, +12045986214

They Said “you are gonna die” and hung up


8882545798, +18882545798

The number acted like apple he said he was named Allen and asked for my last name I said it then he said my first name. He then put me on hold, came back and said that a third party was trying to steal my information at this point I found this website and hung up.


3156422651, +13156422651

Heard a beep.., then "thank you, good bye"


8102020095, +18102020095

keep getting hang up calls from this number


6163334237, +16163334237

Complete Recovery - says it is a cable equipment recovery company?? As I don't have cable, not sure why they would be calling. Be wary


3155038147, +13155038147

Has to be a scam! Robot lady left a voicemail saying that I've won $7,250.00. Read another comment left by someone else saying that it's a dept collector for student loans. Send me the check! Lol


5125985454, +15125985454

I just received the same call! I will be served a summons at my home or work Monday March 12th! SCAM!!!


8455810109, +18455810109

No response/automated call


2036360273, +12036360273

Constant calls using different numbers and hanging up when you answer.this has been going on for years .totally disgusted with the phone company who allows this to happen to numerous people.


8555528085, +18555528085

phone-yeeeeee as all get out


4023478662, +14023478662

More junk thats annoying. ..marketers


7063494822, +17063494822

Hlw this number lcation wrong Pleas checked Ok


6125091537, +16125091537

Alleged she was from Allstate. But actually female was in a call center (telemarketer boiler room) trying to pitch for Allstate Motor Club. Advised her I was not interested. One minute later I received another robo call from a known Allstate Motor Club spoofed number. Because they call at 8:47 at night and have refused to take me off of the call list I will NEVER use their services- not even if they were free.


7602490185, +17602490185

The caller ID listed it as V30718581202262. Whenever I answer a call with a caller ID that begins with V followed by a bunch of numbers It always turns out to be a mistake. I blocked the call.


9417049309, +19417049309

Caller ID says Luis Palacios, but there is no one by that name in this area code. Calls multiple times, never leaves a message. Does not accept return calls.


6134823937, +16134823937

FAX phone call, multiple times


7609029298, +17609029298

760- 902-9298 is a bank card scam! Exercise caution!


8173237568, +18173237568

my dad


8662998348, +18662998348

Military paralegal scam


8003364344, +18003364344

Jerrica keeps calling from 800-336-4344 stating that the Verizon contract had expired and requesting an urgent call back from the owner of the company. Called Frontier and they don't have "contracts". When I confirmed the number and her name, and repeated she was from Frontier, she said she was from "Suncare Communications". No Suncare Communications found on the internet.


2566667532, +12566667532

This # calls everyday and when you answer they either just hold the phone and don’t say anything or they hang up as soon as you answer. Best thing to do is call them back and tell them you’re on a do not call list But they still try to act like they know who you are and all.. I was VERY RUDE and got my point across to them. Have received NO CALLS since!!