8005322944 | 800-532-2944

they keep calling i don't answer if no name or message


5816838039 | 581-683-8039

This number is constantly calling, don't answer I am almost sure its a scam.


8007466101 | 800-746-6101



8663513812 | 866-351-3812

For some odd reason, it's just really creepy music playing, and it is creepy as hell. Like, I can't make heads or tails of this?


8669905271 | 866-990-5271

Yes this number is a scam. Threatened criminal charges on a unpaid debt that did not belong to me. Asked to put money on a card. When I asked for written document in mail they said could not because of covid. We all know we been getting regular mail so I knew it was a scam.


8682353334 | 868-235-3334

Calls doesn't say anything repeatedly


8668140319 | 866-814-0319

This number called at 10:30 pm. I didn't answer and my phone tagged it as spam. So I am going to block it


8098148839 | 809-814-8839

Número de extorcionador, que se hace pasar por un dueño de una agencia de citas.. Amenaza pidiendo dinero


8559381454 | 855-938-1454

I recently got a text message to my number about changing my password for "stash". I NEVER made NO account on that website nor did I now about it


4253737118 | 425-373-7118

Gift card scam text only acting as accountant


5093179733 | 509-317-9733

Claimed my Social Security account was suspended due to fraudulent activity. I did not call back.


2504605456 | 250-460-5456

I received a call from this number Friday 2:54pm that quit before I got to the phone. When I called back about 10 minutes later I got an error message saying that this number was not in service. Someone is definitely spoofing this number. This is a type of scam call phishing for information be careful don't give them any information no matter how how official they sound or if they try to threaten you. If you think it is legit ask them to provide proof.


8777129975 | 877-712-9975

Some body from walmart is giving our personal informacion to these guys.


8559320589 | 855-932-0589

Claims to be a debt collector but they can not tell you what company you owe money to


8887102511 | 888-710-2511



4809239757 | 480-923-9757

Robo call; we’ve been trying to reach you concerning your cars extended warranty….


8763510932 | 876-351-0932

Called and keep calling claiming to be from pch


2693104161 | 269-310-4161

SCAM. They claim that they are from Amazon and that there was a purchase for an iPad for $500 or whatever and to press 1 to cancel it or 2 to accept the charge.


5165307675 | 516-530-7675

Claim to extend car warranty! Scam


8582470442 | 858-247-0442

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2015050017 | 201-505-0017

Stated that they were FBI from the Federal Reserve System stating illegal activity on my account. Computer generated voice. Hung up


8774124708 | 877-412-4708

Robo Call. Read the comments left here, and IF they are a valid collection company, they are still NOT allowed to leave a Robo Call. By the Law they must ONLY use a person to contact you, or they are in VIOLATION of TSR Rules. For more information, look on the FTC government’s website. Hope this helps you.


2044103316 | 204-410-3316

I received the text from that number, I figure out who was these fuckers. This time, I won't fell for it.


4384031156 | 438-403-1156

scam from "service canada" about our social insurance number. dont get caught


8772902475 | 877-290-2475

I also have a fraud charge on my debit account by this number I also have no idea who they are


6048346370 | 604-834-6370

6048346370 scam number for cra


8552723924 | 855-272-3924

Got a call from 210-817-2995 Ashley Moore left a message stating that I had a case pending with the county where I reside and for me to call 855-272-3924. I did call and the person I was speaking wouldn't provide me his name. He asked for my date of birth and I said you should know it by now since you guys have been blowing up my phone since the begging of November. He said he needs to verify if it's really me and that way his supervisor can unlock my case so he can see it to tell me why they were calling me. Long story short he started to talk over me with telling me how did he know if it was me and I also said how did I know he wasn't trying to scam me. I called the county courthouse to find out and he told me that it sounds like a scam because the county wouldn't call you to locate you for anything. If you get a call from those 2 number fair warning it's a scam.


8663544109 | 866-354-4109

Constant calls would not say much but ask for one household member./ if it's same number 2 calls in 1 day.


8175929203 | 817-592-9203

This stupid number calls me everyday. They dont say anything or leave a message they just continue to keep calling me


6144127310 | 614-412-7310

Debt collectior


4378867508 | 437-886-7508

Called me at 12:57 A.M. isn’t this against the law for telemarketing, collection agencies,& any other unsolicited phone calls?! They don’t have the right to call me in the middle of the night. They’re lucky it didn’t wake my toddler. Has anyone else had this experience with this caller?


8669695385 | 866-969-5385

Calls & trys to charge for supposedly bill


8666891414 | 866-689-1414



8332778968 | 833-277-8968

scam call, report them until they stop.


7809006339 | 780-900-6339

Calls repeatedly never leaves a message. Called back and nothing


9027967461 | 902-796-7461



4322030582 | 432-203-0582

Portfolio Recovery Spammers


8556812600 | 855-681-2600

Scam selling english bulldogs


4187302100 | 418-730-2100

Je reçois plein d'appels depuis une semaine de numéros de ma région mais quand je répond, personne au bout du fil ou on me dit que c'est le Gouvernement du Canada qui me prévue t que mon N'AS à été utilisé de façon frauduleuse. Message en anglais


6064256135 | 606-425-6135