8886061092, +18886061092

I am on the Do NOT Call List. They keep calling after I tell them not to. LOOK up the name of the owner & business name. Repair your credit.


2024025149, +12024025149



2027244734, +12027244734

ssn scam. something about my number was compromised.


8094286058, +18094286058

Estafa telefónica-


8003682473, +18003682473

Freedom Plus scam.


8005491548, +18005491548

they say you committed Social security fraud its a scam


8552174313, +18552174313

Got a call this a.m. from 855-217-4313 saying they were the county legal department with an outstanding case on a relative of mine and wanted to get in touch with him. I am sure this is a bogus/scam call. Please be aware!


8006299357, +18006299357

They said they are from Apple and call back. Scam, probably


9569036617, +19569036617



8175979341, +18175979341

Abusive liar that intentionally preys on women who are vulnerable in order to manipulate them to get what he wants then destroys everything good they are. The most dishonest, deceitful, fraudulent, monster of a human being ever born. John Hall is advocating for Satan and if you don't run he'll drag you straight to hell with him.


8175979451, +18175979451

He's a low down dirty snake in the grass liar who is incapable of being honest or faithful to anyone. He's phony and fake and women are nothing to him but dirt for him to walk on. John Hall is undoubtedly the worst most cruel person I have ever known, if you trust him you will regret it the rest of your life.


7808788973, +17808788973

Convicted women abuser


7178378195, +17178378195

Sent a txt message saying she was going to be in the area and wanted to meet up. Sent a message back saying wrong number... then sent a few messages about meeting up and two pics also. Then sent a link to a cam website to "see" her on cam.


9842057818, +19842057818

Got a random text from someone named “Ashley” saying my Black Friday ordered couldn’t be canceled because it was already processed for delivery then put a link to click on at the end of the message, but I didn’t order anything for Black Friday. Doesn’t tell you what you ordered or what company you ordered from and I refuse to click the link.


5854179289, +15854179289

has called 4 times in the last hour. Will not leave voicemail or send text as requested.


2497002741, +12497002741

Please do not waste your time or support this girl who goes by ruby Natalia and who knows how many other names and posts. Ballerina Jeanie on cuddle up. Also Nataliaxo. These are not her real names. First initial is M of her real name. Last letter in N of her real name. This is an escort in Durham. 249 700 2741 or 226 640 8560 or 416 456 5874


8557931898, +18557931898

Said I had to call regarding an ATT order, and wanted more information when I called....


8667150737, +18667150737

Got a call from this number with a robo saying my ss # was being used fraudulently at the southern tx boarder and hit 1 to speak with an officer. Hit 1 and the guy who answered had a thick India accent that I couldn't understand at all so asked if he spoke fluent English of course he hung up right away. Less than an hour before this another # called 5124215468 (tx area code) which was exactly the same. Definitely a scam if SSA called you it would be a live person when answering not an automated voice to start the call. This scam is very common but nowadays they have the ability to have uncountable different numbers show up so it's hard to find information on it. Common sense will always tell you something is a mist especially this scam.


4184250390, +14184250390

pense pas a ca


7655757409, +17655757409

Posted an ad here in washington state giving away golden retriever pups, scam. I'm playing along to get more info. Dogs have gone from Washington State to Saskatchewan Canada as missionaries for orphans... hahahaha So far, $350 to have the two dogs flown back to the states. This name was reported Aug 2018 for the exact same scam


2898017908, +12898017908

Nuisance Caller - no msg left - DO NOT ANSWER


5144895838, +15144895838

RoboCall from "FIDO Chinese", and then starts talking in Chinese.


8003974555, +18003974555

This number has called mean repeatedly I hope someone can put a stop to this trying to get your social security number!! Please stop this !!


7109250255, +17109250255

Received a text message saying “Congratulations (wrong name) Your recent receipt code from Walmart was randomly chosen to win a $1000 Walmart gift card “ I searched the # it was sent from and learned that area code 710 is a restricted code only to be used by the US government to be used during a national emergency. It currently only has 1 line associated with it and IT’S NOT THIS ONE


8504468451, +18504468451

Said her name was casey, called numerous times about medicare I asked to be removed and she hung up called her back she hungup and blocked #


3193189039, +13193189039

"open enrollment" scam


6182281009, +16182281009

Unsecured credit debt, can be paid off in 24-36 months. Didn't identify themselves.


8663746842, +18663746842

Scam call, calls numerous times daily under different numbers. Claims to be Social Security


7036365220, +17036365220

Recvd a call from This number saying I owe fir a loan but wouldn't give me any info scam


7056641189, +17056641189

Calls several times a day, if they go to voice mail, can hear kind of "office chatter" in the background, but they never identify themselves or leave any kind of message. Annoying!!


8662451368, +18662451368

I received a voice mail from an unknown number stating that they were social security administration and that there was a suspension notice agains my social security number by the Federal crime and investigation Department. This is the number they left as their office number. I called once and asked to be put on their do not call list. The Indian woman I spoke with said "F*ck you!" and hung up on me. I called back because that was very unprofessional and I spoke with an Indian male who told me his name was Officer Thomas Lee and that their office was located in Maryland. I asked him to be put on the do not call list. He told me I had a sweet sounding voice and that he wanted to get to know me better. I told him this was unprofessional and that I wanted to speak to his manager. He continued to tell me I was sweet and sexy and made some inappropriate comments towards me. When I told him I was recording the conversation to send to my sheriffs department he got aggressive and I hung up.


4165037283, +14165037283

Robo scam caller from "Service Canada" stating legal action being taken against my SIN


4842467153, +14842467153

Called me twice, left no message


5558880955, +15558880955

This number called w strong foreign accent talking about a topical pain ointment approved by my Dr..I told them it sounded bizarre and seemed a scam to me and they promptly hung up.


9095058155, +19095058155

SCAM !!! Received a text message from this number (909)505-8155 addressing my husband. (This was to MY cell #-not his) saying: Hi Joe it’s Dianne (Btw, I ABHOR lack of proper punctuation; there should have been a comma after Joe!!) wanted to reach out about 123456789 E Main Ave (fictitious address I used in place of our actual rental property address) Then in a second text following this text: Would you consider an offer for the property?


5415219326, +15415219326

Missed call


9053870961, +19053870961

We receive several calls daily from 905 387 0961. I've blocked the number on my phone. If I do not recognize a telephone number calling or no message is left, I will research the number and if there are negative comments I will block the number until they stop calling.


8006642830, +18006642830

Received blue scammer card in our mailbox with #(800) 664-2830 saying "they had $100.00 in savings and I needed to call to claim the member benefit"; with NO Representation of whom they were at all. I Reported to USPS Mail Carrier Supervisor, and forwarded a copy on to them for their USPS/Government Investigation/Further Action. Along with doing Police Report with their Fraud Department and Calling the Federal Trade Commission to report it as Fraud. It is a Federal Offense to use your mailbox for scams, say/impersonate themselves as a Federal Agency and/or commit fraud with Not sending it through the mail/USPS (just put/stick it anywhere in/on/or around your mailbox).


8008559820, +18008559820

They call and leave no message but if you call it gives an intercept message that the number is not in service. Beware of any call from this number.


6193759750, +16193759750

I would like to report this call the message said if I still at this address press 5 someone will be calling you with a personal message.