9133362219, +19133362219

3362219 - "Mr. Tough Guy" sounding dude called Pop. He tried hard to get Pop to say the word "yes". I have read about the scam where you say that word and they just play back the recording in response to whatever question they want to ask later and you just agreed to a huge charge on your credit card or whatever. I was telling Pop to not say the word. The guy got more and more grumpy about it then Pop hung up on him.


8665755390, +18665755390

This was an alert from the Grays Harbor Emergency Alert System. A notification they were testing the emergency alarm sirens tomorrow.


8003415728, +18003415728

This number (800) 341-5728 is a SCAM. They left a message on my alternate phone saying my bill was overdue and would be cut off. (I am perfectly up to date). When I called the phony 800 number (not the same as on my Invoice), I got a live person claiming he worked for Duke Energy. Then I called the number on my invoice and there was no issue with my account.


8002947376, +18002947376

8002947376 is an unsafe number located in India


2482294383, +12482294383

Person texted me, asking if they could call me later. Then when I asked who they were, they said I called them and wanted for know my name.


2264330211, +12264330211

fake justice dept call - Scam


8882006264, +18882006264

Got a called from this number 888-200-6264 saying if I don't settle anything of what I owe from a loan they will serve me papers and they are sending to the court. This is really a SCAM. I ask for her information, and a phone number where I can call back and was hesitating to give it to me.


3603239054, +13603239054

social security disability scam robo call


8665682571, +18665682571

They called my sister and I called back asked them to stop calling my family member’s. They wanted me to give the last four of my social and told them no. I asked if this was a collection call and they said that they just handled situations between two parties. They said they don’t make outgoing calls and that they don’t call family. I don’t him to cut the crap, I’ve worked for a collection agency and that is what we would tell the people and he just hanged up.


9512694446, +19512694446

Told me I had a bank account opened at Wells Fargo and I owed 2800 dollars in over draft fees. I have banked with one bank 21 yrs not this bank at all


4754891150, +14754891150

Chime noise than male voice " Grandpa " The dirtbags have called before saying they were in accident and needed $ 8,000 . I have no grandchildren !


2264029524, +12264029524

Claimed justice department is suing my SIN


4029650581, +14029650581

Craigslist ticket scammer


4437320224, +14437320224

Me. Molesta


3307567940, +13307567940

Hi, I’m a long time reader. I’m writing to you because I’d love to contribute a guest post to your website. I’ve been brainstorming some topics and I think your readers would get a ton of value from them. I’ll make sure the piece is filled with information that can’t be found anywhere else. In exchange, all i expect is a backlink from within the main body of the article. Do let me know if you like this proposal and if I can begin sending you some topic ideas. Sincerely, Ashlie Lopez


9048012246, +19048012246

calls repeatedly and if you answer they hang up


9292227035, +19292227035

This guy makes fake profiles on match, calls himself Mark Phillips, and asks for personal data to send money. TOTAL SCAM, REALLY DANGEROUS.


7186193134, +17186193134

This call was to inform me I have 9000.00 coming to me from the us government. All I had to do was go to a store and use money gram or have it routed to my account . I knew it was a scam right away. I hung up !! but if my husband was here he would of played this scam out.


7015436625, +17015436625

Called and said my health insurance was canceled and needs credit card to reactivate my insurance


6196587037, +16196587037



8009220407, +18009220407

Transcription of computer-generated voice. "This is the Verification Department at Verizon Wireless. Your account is suspended by verification. Press 1 to activate your account. Press 2 to speak with a customer service representative."


4234709157, +14234709157



4436921641, +14436921641

this number is calling about your social security being used for fraudulent purposes with a robotic voice do not listen to them and end your call sometimes they try tracking your information in a minute and get all your bank details your personal information by blackmailing you report to the Authorities if issues happen please.


8474775106, +18474775106

Some robocall about a car I sold two years ago. Evidently it has some recall. They keep calling with some BS "Hi, this is James Smith and we have been trying to reach you about a recall on blah blah blah". I have talked to the dealer, I have talked to the manufacturer and explained I traded the car in two years ago. Evidently this moron thinks he can get some commission. Hey moron, you'll get your commission when you find whoever owns the car now, quit calling me.


6204156066, +16204156066

Vikash Raj


9713396743, +19713396743

Debt collection liars phishing for info


2263176719, +12263176719

automated call, threatening.


8774220692, +18774220692

This number called me and damn near everyone i know trying to locate me. I called back and some lady told me they were a network of attorney's in Galveston County and i have a case brought against me. asked what it was, and she wanted my SSN and DOB. I refused to give it to her, and she finally got frustrated and hung up on me. First of all, I don't live in or even go near Galveston County. I have absolutely NO TIES to Galveston County. if a case were brought against me, i'd receive something in the mail. Courts dont call you and ask you for your info. SCAM!


8668746015, +18668746015

Did they accuse you of owing a bunch of money and to settle for less and if you didnt that youd face serious charges


6173831061, +16173831061

Didn't answer but called back against my better judgement. Got recording where they conveniently never disclose the company name but say "our company" and things like that. They claimed to be a charity and will call me back. Blocked.


8775571094, +18775571094

Trojan Worm Virus notice, but is actually a scam.


9544000947, +19544000947

I answered using my work title and work name since I do often use my phone for work. Interesting, they hug up on me. I am guessing that they don't want to talk to someone involved with the law.... Scam? Fraud? Either way they are gone


8328271402, +18328271402



8622940030, +18622940030

I want go U.s.a


8076990103, +18076990103

This number is from Diabetes Canada. However, they do seem to have a problem with their phone system. As mentioned by others there never seems to be anyone on the other end, just dead air.


8772504124, +18772504124

This is suppose to be for a job of envelope stuffing. The number has been disconnected and they are taking money out of my account


8779916433, +18779916433

Scam number


9098954044, +19098954044

7808599334 Fifif Juuk We


8106991432, +18106991432

G. Harris post sagona. Dhimarkheda katni


7177917501, +17177917501

This number called saying they were with the federal government and that I had warrants out for me and all kinds of craziness. I panicked and gave them my social before realizing it was a scam! Dont fall for this