6183021460, +16183021460

Solo llamaron para decir k tenían mensajes d mi número y m preguntaron k d donde era k supuestamente eran de nombre d dios y yo no conosco a nadie d ahi


8665437887, +18665437887

Left message to contact me about my student loans....I have no student loans. Caller left a message that sounded real. But I dont have any loans.


9402264767, +19402264767

Not sure if if was a scam or what but said they were with Social Security and wanted my name and social security mumber over the phone. Um no never Give your S.S number over the phone when you're not SURE who's on the other end of the line.


3253700240, +13253700240

Crotch-stain here called me asking why I called him (even though I hadn't touched my phone the entire day). He continued calling multiple times in a 2 minute span until he just texted saying I was a snowflake. Did try to call out of curiosity but didn't get anything.


6477783904, +16477783904

Constant calling, not leaving VM. Believe to be collections.


8006899713, +18006899713

A fake robo call voicemail " The notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in the next 24 working hours and once it get expired after that you will be taken under custody by the local police as there are four serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking any legal action against you. The number to reach us is 800-689-9713. I repeat 800-689-9713. Thank you. "


3613624960, +13613624960

phone run left no messages


2126121047, +12126121047

Scam. Not a real phone number


8005774298, +18005774298

Auto recording from Canada revenue agency. This is a scam. Foreign guy with a fake white name. Just hang up


8036078241, +18036078241

Called 8 times in the past week never leaves a message, cannot call anymore, also reported to feds. Please catch these nuisence prefetors, PROSECUTE TO THE FULLEST


5625480220, +15625480220

i have blocked this number on my cell phone repeatedly but calls keep coming in twice a day every 1-3 months. Who are they?


5157585201, +15157585201



5149895127, +15149895127

Tried getting personal info like SIN and my name despite me telling her the person she was calling was not me. Pushy obnoxious aggressive and rude then started telling me to calm down. I have alerted the police.


8886675945, +18886675945

I got a call from +1 888 667 5945 and he asked to speak to me and he said Hi Mohammed How are you and the line disconnected.


8884474706, +18884474706

Same as the other comments. Automated voice telling me my apple acct has been compromised


6477252081, +16477252081

This is a scam call about a fake tax fraud case being filed against you. Don't fall for it.


8767715856, +18767715856

Keeps calling and asking for personal info - SCAM - will not quit calling


8084270645, +18084270645

Health insurance scammers .. both number listed above


3365051155, +13365051155

(336) 505-1155 called me on a Sat and Monday morning. They left a recorded message saying "Test answering machine message to be left."


9738264963, +19738264963

This number is Scam


7252005538, +17252005538

Sachin pal


9843552667, +19843552667

I was looking for home rentals in the Wilmington area. This person hi jacked a previous home rental page and re posted with this number. They only texted, said they were out of town as a nurse and could not show house. They wanted me to send them the lease agreement(which was misspelled and had grammar errors) and the first month's rent with deposit. They said they could meet me with keys on first day of move in. Total Scam. Never pay someone especially for a house if they can't show it to you or meet you.


6045318367, +16045318367

this number 6045318367 called more than 10 times and seems like they recording your voice.


8764616718, +18764616718

Obnoxious, rude, annoying phone call


8882840999, +18882840999

Sophisticated-looking 'trojan alert' pop-up screen urging me to call 'Microsoft' at 888-284-0999


5023339108, +15023339108

Selling car insurance


7035170302, +17035170302

Vashali sec 5


9283994862, +19283994862

+1 928-399-4862 is SCAM


3235182563, +13235182563

Stole money from my mother. Identity thief. scammer. won't stop calling


9564036984, +19564036984

keeps calling no message sick of it


9765610395, +19765610395



2407188489, +12407188489

They have messaged me with threatening texts saying that they want me to pay their bills if I don't they will post pictures online for the world to see I'd like to find out who this person is so I can get them locked up for good.


2164003638, +12164003638

Scammers, cheaters


6415900714, +16415900714

This is a scam


2628445768, +12628445768

This is a scam trying to get your information for credit!!!!!!!!!


8763517400, +18763517400

Scam caller. Left a message saying I've won millions and a lifetime annuity of 7k per week lol


8053265598, +18053265598

I think this is a scam. They know my name and I have an unlisted number. They say they are from Microsoft and there is a problem with my computer, that it has thousands of errors. They tell me to open my computer registry and change things! I think this is a way to hack my computer or insert a bot or a worm or something like that.


4109194590, +14109194590

Anyone get call from this # 410 919-4590, saying something about calling from social security office?


7074268409, +17074268409

The call was a recorded message saying the speaker was answering the question I asked about health insurance. I never asked that question.


9029038399, +19029038399

Call at 7 am EST this morning > No message !!: