4062964425, +14062964425

spam, extended warranty robocall


8764757274, +18764757274

Said they were publishers clearing house and then hung up.


8778182590, +18778182590



8889258465, +18889258465

I found 87.12 taken out of my bank that they stole with no authorization stii cant figure out how they got my info


9177229842, +19177229842

This number text me and said they gonna kill me


4436654220, +14436654220

Claimed to be from BGE and wanted to send a rebate check. SCAM


4237547466, +14237547466

+14237547466 This number keeps calling my son an he is a gay prankster that harass boys age 10 an under! He say he is a YouTube prankster!


8764616976, +18764616976

told me his name was Robert Robinson and was calling from UPS and that they had a certified check to deliver and that I had won 2.2 million and a Mercedes Benz. Asked me how I felt about it and I told him I felt like this was a scam and I'm hanging up


6173137447, +16173137447

Craigslist scammers. Trouble with grammar is always a giveaway


8589236514, +18589236514



6044584627, +16044584627

Garbage waste of time. Run around you get 0 info. This site sucks.


4038224022, +14038224022

4038224022 Canada post customs scam. Recording in English and possibly chinese.


6042357118, +16042357118

They know my name. They pass me to a “senior representative” about my account. When this person comes on they want to know all my personal information. They claim to be with telus but I do not have an account with telus. I obviously don’t tell them anything but they keep calling back with a different number


4243398991, +14243398991



8668338674, +18668338674

Scam alert! They almost got me, a real person called from 1-866-833-8674 saying that they were Amazon and that they wanted check on some purchases that I was trying make and to stop the purchase if it wasnt me. They even sent me a text message with 6 digit pin while I was on phone, I read it back to them and he read to me my last 4 digits of my credit card that was on file, which was correct. So he then asked me for my 3 digit security cod on back of card, I said I will call back later. Immediately called Amazon and they said it's a scam. Just some FYI.


4849001047, +14849001047

Why they call me on a EU/German Number haha. It's possible a stupid scam.


8888178073, +18888178073

I received a call from this number about Chase Fraud operations but they tried to steal my money. I want to track down who they are.


8687434888, +18687434888

This man called threatening me at work.


4694241965, +14694241965

left voice mail saying my ss number and benefits would be frozen if I didn't call back lol what a scam what a moron


4243175760, +14243175760

Spectrum Customer Retention


7173666271, +17173666271

They call everyday! No voicemail.


6106869645, +16106869645

Calls constantly, never leaves voice mail.


4186235540, +14186235540

Ask for you by name... and then a woman says "bonjour, voici le bureau d'astrologie..."


2547209168, +12547209168

11 calls from this number today. No messages are left.


5804618899, +15804618899

Gave my daughter chlamydia... Got her pregnant and disappeared... So ladies if you're one of the hundred girls sleeping with this guy make sure you take him to the health department will take care of it for him for free


4162155420, +14162155420

They left a voicemail that sounded like it was in Chinese and a robotic voice that said they were the Canada Post and that there was express mail needed to be picked up...


5148635859, +15148635859

He stole merchadise from the hotel


6478121614, +16478121614

Got 9 calls from this number ('Redcross') since Mar. 12/2020. Left no messages, which the Canadian Red Cross will always do. Likely a scammer.


8552571752, +18552571752

received txt message from another number calming to be form BankOfAmerica and that my account is locked and to call that number to unlock. When called it's an automated service asking for your 16 digit card number. Of course before calling I checked through my bank app on the phone and nothing was locked. Be aware do not call.


2024109924, +12024109924

I have received about 8 calls from this number. Last night I answered the 7PM call and I said to this SOB If you do not stop calling this number God will


8035906447, +18035906447

Called and said we signed up for something, and on recorded line! Hung up when I said I didn’t sign up for anything. SCAM


4254260323, +14254260323

Nice number and clean number no scam


8764059970, +18764059970

this man said he was with Publishers Clearing House and that I was a winner. Told me to write everything down and verified my name. Then wanted me to repeat it back which I did not. I think he was trying to get me to answer yes and no questions and record my voice. creepy.


8435088574, +18435088574

Sent text, claiming to be interested in property for sale, acted as if we had spoken. I told "wrong #" but continued to ask if I knew of property for sale ODD ESPECIALLY during this quarantine time over covid 19


2042829599, +12042829599

This number called my mum about something about her credit when you owe money idk what it’s called, but didn’t say who they were calling for so that made us suspicious and so we blocked the number. She gets a lot scammers calling her so we just block the number if they don’t mention who they’re calling for or something like that.


4046386228, +14046386228



9016410031, +19016410031

Calls and hangs up. Leave no message. Calls seven to eight times a day.


2402974350, +12402974350

These fucking pieces of shit call about debt relief got me crying on the phone about real shit struggles says they can consolidate and when i stop giving info at SSN it becomes obvious they are scam. Prey on people in the weakest moments of their life. And im a grown ass man trying to support could use a break and i get that? Anyone can give me a location of that number or a way to find location i will go show that fuckin animal what happens when you dial the wrong number to a guy with nothing to lose and a desire to unleash the beast all over this guy. Message me or respond if you can find him and i will make sure he doesnt do anything but drink food thru a straw for the rest of his life.


8443623886, +18443623886



8775166111, +18775166111

this is a scam they have taken money out of my account so watch out