8007721516, +18007721516

Robocall, Social Security scam.


4375375896, +14375375896

I called back but its not in service. looks scam!


7783378763, +17783378763



9048491191, +19048491191

Calls but no answer.... Maybe waiting for someone to answer "yes" to then charge phone bill. Not sure but 100% feeling it's a scammer calling..


3165167716, +13165167716

Spam caller spoofing with bogus numbers. I wish this would end.


7205721643, +17205721643

Some kind of warranty place, seems like a scam to me.


6474986799, +16474986799

Said he was from Bell and offered a discount. He had my old address and i said if you were with Bell you would have the correct information. He hung up.


8652828055, +18652828055

Hey, thanks for the well wishes. Broken nose and concussion but safe now :)


8067521029, +18067521029

Who is she texting


9403088905, +19403088905

Offering sex by phone


6147028698, +16147028698

They called. Half a ring and that was it, no voicemail. I didn't call back. Not planning to either


5512325412, +15512325412

Illegal Slum Scam


8669079524, +18669079524

Claimed from Wellcare, asked for my DOB. Noped right out of there.


8888100241, +18888100241

do not answer these calls. these are a horrible scam


2192120174, +12192120174

This number has been scamming people. Demanding reward money for found pets and threatens to not return them without a reward.


7323418939, +17323418939

CID=PNC BANKFINANC FAKE- Received unsolicited call. Criminals looking for gullible victims. Old scam to get personal information and Credit Card info.


5015164457, +15015164457

Spam number, left a voicemail about extended warranty on my vehicle.


8882545107, +18882545107

I made the mistake of answering and ad on Facebook about a genetic test to detect cancer that I could order. Since that time, I have been plagued by never ending phone calls from 1-888-254-5107. I receive calls from this number as much as 20 times in a single day. Caller states that she is Allison from Medicare Solutions. I thought this company would get the hint that I was not interested when I did not return any of their phone calls. After thinking about it I realized if ther e were a simple genetic test for cancer my own doctor would order it for me, and since this company called so often, it was probably a scam to get the new medicare numbers from unsuspecting people like me. The caller states to either call back on the toll-free number or I can call her back on this local number. She never leaves what that local l number is on her message, but I researched it and that number is 207-295-1385. I have received 5 calls in a row from this company in a 6 minute time frame. I am afraid to call this company to have them put me on their do not call list because I am concerned that they would trick me into signing up for a test I would never receive and get my newly guarded medicare information. I think this is a very dangerous scheme and a highly fraudulent company. I want these calls to stop immediately. I am leaving such a detailed comment in hopes to help other people not fall victim to this this trap. I am also suspicious that they cannot send the "test kit" and must send someone to "administer it." I am very fearful of this company and they are definitely disturbing my peace. Please do anything you can to stop these harassing calls. The frequency of these calls from this company is so bad that I am thinking of changing my phone number which I have had for almost 30 years!


8106571404, +18106571404

Nagging and relentless calls, one after the other, selling auto warranty for used cars.


8883195307, +18883195307

This is a collection agency that is using a robo dialer..... Constantly dialing random numbers....


6043498389, +16043498389

left message stating myname is Lucy, from MTO call me back. I dont live in BC


8552172991, +18552172991

This is a spammer or telemarketing company . They are a hoax


8887560521, +18887560521

Microsoft expired license scam


6083992710, +16083992710

Beligerant woman trying to make you answer private questions with a yes answer. Very persistent and I think they were trying to sell hearing aids. Also offering trip to Bahamas. This was phishing at its worst


8324974014, +18324974014

scam about social security


4029357733, +14029357733

Person with this phone number stole my debit card info and made a purchase on EBAY with it.


6692683167, +16692683167

Scam call


5199916158, +15199916158

Duct cleaning service


4847460264, +14847460264

4847460264 who is this they are harassing me


8329000443, +18329000443

Betrug Belästigung betrugsmasche


5878031357, +15878031357



9023478801, +19023478801



2403236765, +12403236765

Sent me a text saying they received an HST payment by email transfer.... which I don't have HST in my province. (Canada)


9044101453, +19044101453

1-904-410-1453 is the main contact number they use to contact you telling you there is a complaint in your name and they give a reference number and a phone number to call to learn more about the complaint. When you call the other number and give them the reference number it's to a false collection agency claiming to want to settle a complaint that's about to turn into a judgement against you. Beware and make sure all the information they give you is 100% correct, so much as one or more is in accurate start logging everything said including names and numbers, Because these are scam calls they are hoping you will fall for and go ahead and pay them to settle things before a judgement is placed on you..


6162406899, +16162406899



8662458338, +18662458338

Call from 660-379-0334 wants me to call this 866-245-8338 number to discuss my student loans. Even gave me a reference number and sounded super sweet. I never had a student loan. Paid college in cash. Nice try. LOL.


8764214319, +18764214319

876.421.4319 - I received a call from someone named David that said I won PCH. When I explained that per the internet PCH doesn't call people he tried to explain that the call before coming out. I told him that I didn't want to give out any information b/c scams are real. He provided me the phone number 877.288.5850 Ext 55 for a Mr. David Miller. I dialed this number from my work phone and it comes back sounding like a fax machine.


8592140773, +18592140773

Receive calls from this number everyday sometimes more than once. never leaves a message. SPAM?


2106000527, +12106000527

Got a call from 210-600-0527 informing me there was a “legal enforcement action” against my social security number for “fraudulent activities.” The caller was either Indian or Pakistani based on the accent and didn’t identify himself or his organization. Wanted my SSN which tipped this as a scam since that’s something they should already have.


5174813034, +15174813034

I think this is a scam!!! Just received a call from this number and it was a recorded message from a lady named Rebecca about a family member saying something about their Social Security documents and needing a signature. Then saying lack of response will result in a missed court date and strongly urging to press 1 to speak with a representative or call 443-342-9137 and reference a case number. When the recording read off the case number it, Rebecca's voice went away and a super digitized recording came on and rambled off the case number but it was difficult to hear. I didnt press anything or call the other number (after all the call was not for me anyways) - I just hung up.