8763093377, +18763093377

Mujhe nori manjur hi aap Anna mobil nambar bhejie


7029347097, +17029347097

7029347097 whose phone number? this number showed up on my e-banking details, together with an email address mayers. drew80 at gmail. com. Not mine! watch out for it


8775312311, +18775312311

My wife and members of her family had calls from this number. Told her to be home between 10 and 2pm. Sounded threatening. If they had a legitimate case the police would have served her. No one came during those hours. They are trying to create fear and intimidate. DO NOT call them back. Then they will know they have your number.


4388001896, +14388001896

Had to cancel order, legit?


8006637202, +18006637202

This phone number could be a scam caller. The ID said British Columbia but it was an 800 number without any reference to why they were calling; just a pushy sounding message where they reiterated and annunciated the word "see", they said : "if you don't SEE" the number, possibly based on a look up of this household's last name, which could be racial harassment. They made it sound like there was an urgent need to call back the number and but without saying what it was regarding, even or who the message was for.


8006673720, +18006673720

Chinese voice recording. Seemed like scam. I let it speak. Repeated the same thing 3 times then disconnected itself


8043918540, +18043918540

scam selling security systems. Same voice as person selling hearing aides.


8432680154, +18432680154

Number +843-268-0154 called me 11 time today - never leaving a message. The call appeared as originating from Lake City, SC. I classify this number as a scammer or robo-call, so it has been blocked on my I phone.


5812050300, +15812050300

Fucking "Québec fier" à marde, sacrez-nous patience


7786084500, +17786084500

Over 50 calls in less than 3 weeks. No person on the line when answered. Voicemail blank. Blocked number on phone. Calls still coming... only to fill mailbox. No explanation as to the purpose for the call. Carrier not setup tho block individual numbers from leaving messages. Very frustrating.


7806282638, +17806282638

The following phone numbers are being used by BITCOIN Scammers: 1 (780) 628-2638, 1 (204) 410-2873 and 1 (613) 604-7456. They are persistent bastards who take no - "NO" - as an answer and insist you pay them the outrageous high amounts of money toward their useless scheme. Don't do it. Just yell at them that you not interested. Hang up you phone then take the phone off the hook for 35 minutes. They won't bother you again until the next day or two. if you see these numbers on your phone in the future - don't answer them! They are BITCOIN scammers!


7707150033, +17707150033

Hi, Its me


7275098419, +17275098419

Hi, I was just dropping in a quick line to know, if I could send some great article ideas your way for a guest post at your website ? If you like my suggested ideas, I can then provide you high-quality FREE CONTENT/ARTICLE. In return, I would expect just a favor of a backlink from within the main body of the article. Do let me know if I can interest you with some great topic ideas? Best Regards, William Roy


8502669717, +18502669717

This is a source for those "your google business account" calls


6782490513, +16782490513

Called twice today saying my social security number is compromised, the actual social security offices will send stuff through the mail. Its fake.


2269098106, +12269098106

Call claiming my SIN number will be suspended due to activity in Nunavut


8764940801, +18764940801

This number called me yesterday informing me that I had won over $900,000.00 AND a Mercedes. He gave me his name and badge number and a claim number. Then he said I needed to go to the Post Office and get a "claimers receipt". A Postal money order would need to be purchased for the "claimers receipt". All of this needed to be done right now while I was on the phone with him. Asked him where he was calling from as he called me in the evening after the Post Office had closed - I couldn't visit the PO until tomorrow. The call ended.


8553220193, +18553220193

Received a call from this number no answer on the other end. Dead silence


4793271233, +14793271233

Spam VOIP that won't stop calling


7803208973, +17803208973

Automated call - fraud call - with voice activated machine advising fraud charges against my social insurance number Call blocked


8554716440, +18554716440

Called on 10/10/2019 at 6:25 PM. No CID. No message left. Call from India is a toll frree number. I don't know anyone in India, nor do I want to know these scammers.


7173219922, +17173219922

scam spam robo


2542611283, +12542611283

Robocall pushing health insurance that's almost definitely a scam


2012204597, +12012204597

I didn’t answer. They left a voicemail, social security scam.


8663708514, +18663708514

Although I answered when this number rang in it left a message and claimed to be from my Mortgage Company. It has to be a SCAM of some sort. A real business would begin speaking when answered.


8669836274, +18669836274

they said they were ConEdison and going to shut off our electric. We do not use ConEdison.


7784015211, +17784015211



6042960231, +16042960231



7855133025, +17855133025

Received call and no one said anything.


8599950659, +18599950659

I received calls from this number a few times... I never answer the calls from unknown numbers these days, so I let it go to voice mail. Every time they leave a message with my full name with some accent... either Hispanic accent or something similar... or maybe just a robot calling... it's creepy, why do they have my name and number??? I would like to know where my name leaked from, and I would like to know the way to stop it, if possible...


8012106697, +18012106697



6477979441, +16477979441

don't know who are these scammer


9562532952, +19562532952

Beware. This number belongs to an enematrope.


6137076259, +16137076259

SCAm Caller: Automated caller stating there is a case against the SIN Number and asking to call back the number as it is a help line.


2509846113, +12509846113



4383165523, +14383165523

Lola and I received the same type of message, my name also being pronounced wrong.


8003140523, +18003140523

This number is being used for fraud calls claiming all benefits associated with a person's social security number will be cancelled.


8883516244, +18883516244

This is supposedly the 'legal dept' number for a debt collection company that identifies as APG, APG Mediation, Advance Portfolio Group, or possibly Alliant Capital Management. All calls have been answered by "Jennifer" and voicemails all have the same woman's personal messages, including calls to the Call Center and the Legal Department with a different number and extention. On my first call to the call center number (877-906-5510), "Jennifer" tried to transfer me to their Legal Department and hung up. During the second call, she successfully transferred me to a voicemail with her own voice's personal message and again identifying herself as "Jennifer" after giving me this number (888-351-6244 x310) in case I was lost in transfer again. Multiple calls to the company were then left to go to voicemails, all with the voice of "Jennifer". "Jennifer" told another associate the company is APG is based in Amhurst, NY. BBB lists the business's location as 3840 E Robinson Rd, Ste 322, Amherst, NY 14228-2001 (585) 298-9208 with several complaints.


8195687957, +18195687957

Been receiving calls from this number, as well as an other one, from the moment I switched cell companies. Complete silence when I answered and never leave messages... I have blocked both numbers which appear to be in the same area code. They both still appear on my log almost every day. For reference, the second number is 8195687832


6165181470, +16165181470

I get a phone call guy says I will be receiving a text from Verizon needs me to confirm the password Once I give him the password he immediately hangs up. So I call verizon he was trying to hack my my my Verizon account. Pos