2044103316 | 204-410-3316

I received the text from that number, I figure out who was these fuckers. This time, I won't fell for it.


4384031156 | 438-403-1156

scam from "service canada" about our social insurance number. dont get caught


6048346370 | 604-834-6370

6048346370 scam number for cra


8552723924 | 855-272-3924

Got a call from 210-817-2995 Ashley Moore left a message stating that I had a case pending with the county where I reside and for me to call 855-272-3924. I did call and the person I was speaking wouldn't provide me his name. He asked for my date of birth and I said you should know it by now since you guys have been blowing up my phone since the begging of November. He said he needs to verify if it's really me and that way his supervisor can unlock my case so he can see it to tell me why they were calling me. Long story short he started to talk over me with telling me how did he know if it was me and I also said how did I know he wasn't trying to scam me. I called the county courthouse to find out and he told me that it sounds like a scam because the county wouldn't call you to locate you for anything. If you get a call from those 2 number fair warning it's a scam.


8663544109 | 866-354-4109

Constant calls would not say much but ask for one household member./ if it's same number 2 calls in 1 day.


8175929203 | 817-592-9203

This stupid number calls me everyday. They dont say anything or leave a message they just continue to keep calling me


6144127310 | 614-412-7310

Debt collectior


4378867508 | 437-886-7508

Called me at 12:57 A.M. isn’t this against the law for telemarketing, collection agencies,& any other unsolicited phone calls?! They don’t have the right to call me in the middle of the night. They’re lucky it didn’t wake my toddler. Has anyone else had this experience with this caller?


8669695385 | 866-969-5385

Calls & trys to charge for supposedly bill


8666891414 | 866-689-1414



8332778968 | 833-277-8968

scam call, report them until they stop.


7809006339 | 780-900-6339

Calls repeatedly never leaves a message. Called back and nothing


9027967461 | 902-796-7461



4322030582 | 432-203-0582

Portfolio Recovery Spammers


8556812600 | 855-681-2600

Scam selling english bulldogs


4187302100 | 418-730-2100

Je reçois plein d'appels depuis une semaine de numéros de ma région mais quand je répond, personne au bout du fil ou on me dit que c'est le Gouvernement du Canada qui me prévue t que mon N'AS à été utilisé de façon frauduleuse. Message en anglais


6064256135 | 606-425-6135



6196850123 | 619-685-0123

They were asking for specific people and stated that they were the cops.


4243853109 | 424-385-3109

Beware of this number will randomly text men who have girlfriends and ask for sexual favors and send nudes.


6144344997 | 614-434-4997

fake utility call - used a robocall to say I was going to lose my power if I didnt make a payment in 30m or less then transferred me to a man. I let him know I reported the number and he's going to jail! People please know what you owe, when in doubt hang up on these scum bags


2253517264 | 225-351-7264



5038044565 | 503-804-4565

Robocall about suspicious activity regarding my SSN


8664035816 | 866-403-5816

Service Canada Yes I am sure..


5195673644 | 519-567-3644



6795191544 | 679-519-1544

Recibo la llamada y cuelga. No sé quién es. No es de España.


2462398580 | 246-239-8580

Kien eres


8887721134 | 888-772-1134

Hi, How are you doing? I am reaching to offer a simple 3 step process of guest post on your website. 1. I will send you some interesting topic ideas for a guest post 2. You will choose one topic out of those topic ideas 3. I will then send you a high- quality article on the topic chosen by you I would just expect you to give me a do-follow backlink within the main article. So, shall we start with step 1? Best, Eliza Megan


5136416667 | 513-641-6667

Calls and never leaves a message


9035190148 | 903-519-0148

I want 9035197048 no


3462716647 | 346-271-6647

Scam about a loan case lol , gee left message to call back with social security number , duh lol no thanks


8003611346 | 800-361-1346

Social Security Scam.


3254804357 | 325-480-4357

robocall saying something is fraudulent about my social security number. hung up before anything else was said


9165815222 | 916-581-5222

Guy said he was my rep for Comcast I don't even have Comcast


6282451949 | 628-245-1949

Scammer asking for steam gift card


4388854633 | 438-885-4633

received a call this morning A guy said his name is Mathieu said i applied for a customer Service advisor job at ExpressCo Marketing and the interview can be this afternoon and sent an email with a Zoom Meeting link, the link directed me to a normal zoom meeting that i was supposed to be waiting for the host to start the meeting. The email address he used is sketchy,


8765999211 | 876-599-9211

Scam alert! This number has been used to scam elderly people into thinking that they won PCH and have to “pay taxes”. Stole $22k from my elderly family member and after we intervened and blocked the number, they got aggressive and started making threats! Tried to call 18 times today alone!! Calls are from a “David Benjamin” and checks are to a “Joyce Jackson” in NC. Do not fall into their trap!


8882980556 | 888-298-0556

1-888-298-0556 (Roger) kept calling my cell and do not leave messages on my voicemail. Do not pick up if you received this phone number.


8889847932 | 888-984-7932

Said my computer was locked and to call for technical support. Connected to a person who claimed she was Microsoft Fraud Department. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM


6264959234 | 626-495-9234

Called 3 to 8 times a day. Ask my name and i confirm. They they ask my full name and want me to say it. They eventually hang up.


9496513703 | 949-651-3703

Scam claiming to be from Social Security Administration fraud detection -- fishing for more info.