8882004461, +18882004461

888-200-4461 claims to be a collection agency who wants to set up a payment plan, all you need to do is give them your account and they will email you the details. Not, another scammer. They will try to go through family to try and scare them into giving them your whereabouts. They have public info on you which they think you will fall for it, don't.


8663711894, +18663711894

They told me they were the SSN office with suspicious activity and that my SSN was deactivated and to press a number to talk with a representative. Hung up on them


8004721334, +18004721334

This number keep call my phone every hour on the hour.


2164549570, +12164549570

This person claims to be a girl who wants money from me


8772510263, +18772510263

Social Security Scam


2765246457, +12765246457

Automated voicemail trying to get you to say yes!! Scam alert, don't say yes!!


8778120220, +18778120220

18778120220 is a scam acting like roku will try and charge u a one time fee roku dose not charge a activation fee


2672473340, +12672473340

Nasty disgusting meth addicted lying thief scumbag who burns escorts in delco


6179130396, +16179130396

They called here at 6 o'clock in the morning, what the hell?


3068019185, +13068019185

Asked for a certain name, then hung up. Scam written all over it.


6046649444, +16046649444

Scam. Recorded message accusing fraud and threatening prosecution.


8327724389, +18327724389

Seems to be a scammer number.; This number calls me daily but nobody is there when I answer! ?How do I get off the robo call list?


6135489257, +16135489257

Robo call about revenue Canada. SCAM!


9494016321, +19494016321

Bully stalking affiliated with Saddleback Church (Rick Warren professes his attempt to revitalize the Nazi Revolution) and the Union. Prompted by Blane and Denise Bardsley who retained Jacob Chakroun to murder me (Jewish Israeli terrorist). Confirmed by Jonathan Silver Scott who was retained to destroy me - paid $275,000.00 by Blane and Denise Bardsley.


9563297241, +19563297241

Probably scammers, wont say why theyre calling until you confirm your identity. Block them


8133186100, +18133186100

this shows up as "pharmerica" but is a fax, and it continues in the afternoon for well over an hour.


5614218721, +15614218721

unknown, no message


8723332419, +18723332419

You received a call from 18723332419 or 8723332419? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!


9182280116, +19182280116

I received a call from 918-228-0116 & 918-215-4232 on my sons phone and they asked for me both times. He told them I wasn’t available because he figured they were scams and he knows I don’t talk to those people. I have yelled and cussed at enough social security scammers that my numbers should be taken off their lines. They passed laws that these people are not allowed to do this anymore!!! Why do they still get away with it????


4802045432, +14802045432



9514656050, +19514656050

Scammer. Tinder. Pretending to be Bradley Fisher. Nigerian scammer.


7783827758, +17783827758

What is this number 17783827758....


6043654168, +16043654168

6043654168 - Total Scam!! Saying there was security fraud on bank account. This was through text msg!!! They listed a bank I don’t even bank with. Got multiple texts in a row


8297959690, +18297959690

Este numero llamò para extorsionarme y amenazarme.


8768013565, +18768013565

8768013565 my new friend Bobbie. Hes cool as shit. Went from saying I won 18mil from PCH to calling to say whatsup. Nice fella. Dont be mean to him.


4314519613, +14314519613

Hacked my SkipTheDishes account with this number 4314519613. Says it’s a Manitoba number but tried to get 90$ worth of Pita sent to Montreal. Called the number a man with thick accent picked up. Got ordered cancelled so no food for him.


8887680571, +18887680571

amit ndi good VELO


5874097736, +15874097736

This person is using this number to text people .... possibly a family member or good friend spreading personal information


8002359271, +18002359271

social security scammer


5878851405, +15878851405

Scammers pretending to be a collection agency for Just Energy. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT SCAM. Telus is not doing anything for protecting their customers from telephone scamming.


5799002284, +15799002284

BEWARE. Sex blackmail caller from Quebec. They will try anything to get you to pay up by phishing your phone and using for other criminal activity. Do not answer any call with a 509 area code. QPP are investigating.


5876535794, +15876535794

Text message stating my disneyplus account was compromised. I have no account with them.


8002373266, +18002373266

Scam caller claims that your social security account has been suspended.


8145160015, +18145160015



3068050435, +13068050435

Won''t quit calling and texting really disgusting and sexual things to a young girl!!


7206569605, +17206569605

7206569605 I looked this number up and it belongs to nichole kessinger


8882977084, +18882977084

Scam number saying there is a court case against me and I must return thier call before further action is taken against me. Not sure how many law firms call without leaving a firm name or the name of the person calling. BS!!


8669606661, +18669606661

Claiming to be century link customer service.... Sent a check. I never was a century link customer.


8772322526, +18772322526

Threatened me saying a complaint has been filed against me.


8664599358, +18664599358

****DO NOT CALL BACK OR TALK WITH*** PHISHING SCAM The number that called me and left a message is a phishing scam pretending they are interested in lower payments regarding student loans. The thing is, I don't have one. Sorry, Justin, your not getting my info!