8016309231 | 801-630-9231

The scam was debt relief and an offer to lower credit card interest rates due to covid. It starts with a recording of an American voice but the live agent is in an Indian call center.


8888381194 | 888-838-1194

Says they are some kind of legal/ civil case company that takes over for Bank of America to try to get money owed for overdraft fees, threatening a bank fraud charge and thousands of dollars in fees. Called BOA, and they said they never do that, especially 14 years after closing an account there. Sounded legit, be careful.


2262436637 | 226-243-6637

received a call saying: intentional to avoid appearance before magistrate judge before it goes to federal court or get arrested press 1 now to avoid further action. i repeat press 1 now to be connected to a police officer. what the?


5068041729 | 506-804-1729

This is a scam job hunting number. Please be aware and do not waste time on this fraud job interview thing.


8772906410 | 877-290-6410

Got a charge from this number dont know how. Canceling my card. Just my luck.


2048912558 | 204-891-2558

This number tried to call me many times. Its an agent of insurance


8133244549 | 813-324-4549

Hung up when I answered. Call back is automated offering a free gift. Scam


8774184558 | 877-418-4558



8609800162 | 860-980-0162

This bitch Cathy Stuart scams men out of thousands of dollars!


8884218256 | 888-421-8256

SpearPhish text message with someone else's name but my old address telling me that legal proceedings will take place and I need to call this number.


8553265199 | 855-326-5199

Dont answer


8887596135 | 888-759-6135

Scam. Obviously Mediacom has been hacked and people are scamming you trying to get your personal information do not return the calls to scam they should be sending you a letter first not calling you with some vague and ambiguous person on the other line no thank you get the hell out.


8553459963 | 855-345-9963

said DHL ,


8882595101 | 888-259-5101

My Boss received an email with a McAfee invoice attached for "Life-Safe" services. The message (addressed to someone else) instructed him to ignore the invoice - if he wanted to continue the services. If he wished to cancel, then to call. Otherwise the company bank account would be charged in 24 - 48 hrs. When I called the 888 # to discuss the entire matter, the representative answered with just a hello (didn't identify the company) and then was very evasive and rude. Said the the charges were for renewing the service from the previous year. Needless to say, I can't find the charges from 2019.


6202654353 | 620-265-4353



3253059474 | 325-305-9474

Portfolio robocall


3252688427 | 325-268-8427

Portfolio robocall


5192536762 | 519-253-6762

Fyi: All the scammer calls i see in the comments are done by those who know how to use someone elses number to call you, that way you cant trace it back from them. They do it with local cell numbers too. This is the number that appears when getting i get a call from TSC in Windsor on. Its always been the correct people and never a scam for me... not yet anyways


9197725248 | 919-772-5248

Lady named Claire says she is with State Health Medicare. I asked with whom because I don't have Medicare. She slammed phone down in my ear.


8092337846 | 809-233-7846

Es raro, llamó con el uno y dice que marque como local, Março local y no hace nada Será que esta intervenido el teléfono?


6136913253 | 613-691-3253

asked my name and said they were from Scotia Bank - I told them I'd phone the bank myself before they could say anything else.


7744841023 | 774-484-1023

received text message "Your?"


3163481011 | 316-348-1011

Text message, wondering if I wanted to sell my house, saying they are landlords.


2532687869 | 253-268-7869

Social security fraudsters impersonating federal social security administration. Uses a google voice number bounced from somewhere in India.


7874740237 | 787-474-0237

Llaman y al responder, nadie habla.


7788384344 | 778-838-4344



4702808712 | 470-280-8712

Getting calls and hang ups from this number


6468883754 | 646-888-3754

The person asked for my husband who has been dead for 7 years ,saying he holds some shares in a company . I know for sure its me who hold some shares so I disconnected the call.


6465590081 | 646-559-0081

Es fraude


9542543669 | 954-254-3669

Anyone know who this is?


9293909007 | 929-390-9007



9088698240 | 908-869-8240

Have been calling me several times a day for the past 3 days, both regular (missed) calls and text messages to "Phil" about debt consolidation/relief. No one by that name lives here, and I never answer or return calls to unknown numbers. Has become annoying getting called every 2-4 hours. Was tempted to text back "never" in answer to one of caller's texts about what time would be good to set up an appointment to speak with him/her.


7802156612 | 780-215-6612

called and said Good Bye when I picked up. May be a scammer?


8009216626 | 800-921-6626



5127688121 | 512-768-8121

Texted me with an auto loan approval that I did not request.


3069533113 | 306-953-3113

13069533113 Scammer no. Please be aware


8556634608 | 855-663-4608

STAY AWAY form this company!! DO NOT USE this insurance company they are a scam!! They go by the name of World Wide United Health and there is no company registered with the name. They take your money and do not provide services or coverage. The other company associated with them is Association Health Care Management, after trying several times to get information from them they told me they did not do business with World Wide United Health, when they were the company that transferred the calls to them. SCAMS!! SCAM!!


4036804952 | 403-680-4952

tablet line 4036804952 I Believe it's the same phone number keeps on threatening me about my taxes. Don't know what Tablet Line is.


7077083561 | 707-708-3561

They say they are social security and you wanted for arrest and they are taking your ssi number stupid bullshit


4179885625 | 417-988-5625

Called saying my social was messed up or something. Saying I would be arrested. Pressed 1 for more info and was yelled at in Spanish for a brief second. They immediately hung up.