2263774634, +12263774634

226-377-4634 is a man from London Ontario Canada Who has claimed that my social insurance card has been suspended


9104078352, +19104078352

Automated Robo Call scam about “your car’s extended warranty”. I haven’t owned a car in 20 years! And I’m on the official Do Not Call list! And Robocalls are illegal! Called from 910-407-8352


6045006261, +16045006261

16045006261 and +16045006729 called me with the same call content that I committed a crime and told me to continue press 1 if I don’t want to get arrested. They used 2 different numbers and called me an hour after each call. This must be some scam right, it kind of scared me.


2053748903, +12053748903

Spam number!


6572558874, +16572558874

SPAM - "Selling" Google Ads Service - Automated Message


2069395616, +12069395616

claiming to be a 20-year established Seattle law firm


8562967811, +18562967811

This is my phone number, not Connies. This explains why I get calls for her! I'm not a scam!!


8297895814, +18297895814

+50923068947. Hwy recibido varias llamadas se este numero y ese cosign de area es de Haiti, no conozco a nadie en ese pais. No habla pero llama.


7097124231, +17097124231

Pre-recorded, computer generated call that started saying "money has been transfered" and I hung up before it could get any furthur.


8574258953, +18574258953

pretty sure its a scam number


5053048176, +15053048176

This number along with others with the same area code and same prefix different lines keeps calling me. Claimed they were returning a call i supposedly made to them. I never call anyone that I don't know not even by mistake. I never give out information or phone numbers. My phone logs are listed and I don't have any out going calls. It's suspicious. And it's coincidentally obvious that since I have same area code and same prefix that these people think I'm the bad person. I have changed my number numerous times. But with every number I get I get I get harassing phone calls from same area code and same prefix. Now its someone who has worked for same servers that I use and is giving out information and phone numbers. Or maybe someone who is stalking me because they want to scam me and steal whatever I have which isn't much so they don't have to work an honest job. Either way I want it stopped. I'm not interested nor am i looking for trouble. I want to be left alone.


8775412797, +18775412797

Charged my credit card. No business name listed, just this phone number. Still trying to find out who or what this is.


6290338353, +16290338353



8776946080, +18776946080

Thank you, for shopping with us. You ordered Samsung QN82Q900RBFXZA Flat Screen 82-Inch QLED 8K Q900 Series Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR and Alexa Compatibility (2020 Model). If you did not place this order please call us on 1-877-694-6080 to report this to our fraud protection team. I need fraud protection from you.


7256960314, +17256960314

Company keeps texting for someone else, when I told the to stop calling, they said “no, we’ll keep calling.”


4199797068, +14199797068

Trying to say I was doing human trafficking and will post photos to Facebook


8555848315, +18555848315

I've donated money to support President Trump many time!!! What do I do?


8183462961, +18183462961

I have the number 818 346 2961 call me numerous times. I called back and a woman answered, but did not give company name. I, then received another call for 818 965 7395. I answered the phone and he too did not say where he was calling from. He kept asking if I am (said my name) I advised no. Then I heard him telling the other person that is not her number. When you dont answer one of their calls they use another line. Scam or Spam


7095801075, +17095801075

Got a call from 709-580-1075 at 9:55 pm ID'd themselves as "Financial Services" and that "$1Million and change had been successfully transferred . . . " *click* I hung up. This is getting tiresome. I just got this number 3 months ago!


9133478592, +19133478592



8886532119, +18886532119

My cell security app blocks the call but leaves a detailed history. It says its a "Scam from a disconnected number". Received 5 or more calls in 2 weeks. Some reports say its a PC repair scam and another says it's a credit card scam. The number is actually listed to Wealth Recovery International in NY. Probably a spoofed number.


9184201398, +19184201398

Unwanted spam call, no message.


8774407586, +18774407586

Got a call stating a charge for a refurbished, apple cell phone on my Amazon card. I checked my amazon account, no such purchase, I don't even like apple cell phone. Call back a gentleman with a forgein accent, maybe Indian, answered, with a microphone fading in and out. I hung up, its a scam.


8006222232, +18006222232



6197368142, +16197368142

I missed the call. I called it back ,the forign lady said there is fraulant activity with my SS# like drug trafficing and money laundaring. she said she needs my Social and address. I said she could use the number I just called her from to get my information. she said I need you Social. I told her she was crazy. She said you said I'm crazy I will cancel you Social Security Number. I told her to go hand and laughted as I hung up. the number was 619-736-8142.


8773732393, +18773732393

I received an email from microsoft saying my security product is ready for download. $487.00. I did not order a darn thing from Microsoft. Not calling this number.


5879695597, +15879695597

5879695680,5879694284,5879696453 all number's are fraud


2063850428, +12063850428

Keep getting calls from a Kevin Moore claiming to be from a Boyd & Lyman Law in Seattle. Will not stop calling.


4189556974, +14189556974

J’ai reçu un appel de ce numéro et c’est un fraude, faites attention. 418-9556974


4168420096, +14168420096

This number #+14168420096 has been calling me two days now, but anytime I answered the person can't talk am afraid if it is not a scam !


8644986423, +18644986423

Hi, call me I want to take with you. by Josiah King


7096208211, +17096208211

Call about depositing money in bank account.


8773589209, +18773589209

Received call stating my Social Security # was used in Texas. Call quality was poor with a constant "crackling" sound. I did not call back. Phishing scam.


9177047861, +19177047861

Beware of Michael Guiffre he is a thief. Worst mistake of my life he is a con artist and a very good one! He is a pathetic loser


9402630457, +19402630457

These people called my mom and asked for her full name and social security number. They claimed they worked for Homeland Security. Beware and don't provide information.


5142183303, +15142183303

Telling me as Scotia bank. Not sure who are they!


2049185877, +12049185877

2049185877 - likely a scam? saying your SIN is subject to some kind of legal department.


4043287918, +14043287918

4043287918 I received a Text, asking me to call them any idea who these people are


3212410977, +13212410977

An individual attempted to scam me out of $148.90 regarding my computer services, The next day I did not "feel right" about this and immediately contacted my credit card company and luckily they have removed these 2 charges from my account which are now being disputed. This individual has called me constantly. About 6 times and I, of course, did not pick up the phone I do not answer his calls. What pushed me over the edge was he called me and left a message on my answering machine saying: "F--- You - You are a bitch." Such a gentlemen! Enough said.


7802404057, +17802404057

I think this a scam no.