8654444286, +18654444286

Calls several times a day. Leaves no message. Blocked number.


7193982570, +17193982570

Scam call debt reduction? Garbled. Half message. With different callback number


9082021899, +19082021899

This women is a monster! Be careful! She will pretend to be all nice putting on the perfect face. Only so she can play victim. She’s the reason her own mother is dead because she refused to call the Russian police to do a call check on her. She’s refused to sign a paper which would of gave her, her mother and daughter their property they own to the Russian government instead. Eleonora Y. tosato . She abandoned her daughter for a meal ticket. Eleonora Tosato is a gold digger, goes from man to man. She popped out a second kid for another meal ticket. She has to take care of this one and not abuse him like she did with her daughter otherwise stefano tosato will divorce her. She didn’t care that her own mother died and yelled at her daughter for grieving someone who was nothing but nice to her and never drank alcohol. Eleonora Y tosato is going to give you a sob story how her mother was an alcoholic and abused her. It is completely false. I knew her mother very well and mrs Eleonora was the only abusive to her mother and her daughter. Also email when she gets a divorce is moscowgirl75 when she gets a divorce she will be looking for another meal ticket. She met stefano Tosato on match . And has been gold digging him since. The love of her daughters life just died and did Ella invite her daughter to thanksgiving or did she neglect her and be a Deadbeat mother ? From my investigations she’s a complete deadbeat mother to her Oldest. Heartless. This is the women who is glad her mother is dead and got rid of everyone in her life who knew the real her. You can’t hide forever. Men beware. Women who befriend her, beware. Don’t listen to any sob story of hers. She had her oldest daughter by prostituting herself to a man twice her age leaving her dayghter without a father she ever met and a mother who trIes because she got off on bullying, abusing her daughter. Refused to change her daughters name when they got citizenship because she loved the sound of her daughter coming home and crying everyday from being bullied . Eleonora Y Self is a bad person


8047590372, +18047590372

Spoof call. If you call back this number isnt (currently) in service. Which means someone is calling from a different number and it just LOOKS like theyre calling from this number. Probably a collector


7052415713, +17052415713

I have received a message text from 7052415713 saying that it was the RBC and my bank account was on hold and to click on the link in order to correct my access.


5197472433, +15197472433

Used an autodialers because there was silence on the line after I answered. Eventually, a man asked me to "speak with the owner of the house please" without identifying who was calling. It was either a scam or a sales pitch notwithstanding that my number is registered on the do not call list. I hung up immediately.


8663059690, +18663059690

recorded digital voice message stating it was social security and had suspended my account. "We need to talk to you as son as possible".


8434280131, +18434280131

Unknown, unanswered, no voicemail, and now blocked.


7785873560, +17785873560

Got a recorded voice call from this number says that I had been randomly selected for an all inclusive vacation to a 5-Star resort from WestJet Vacations. I needed to press 1 for additional details, so I just hung up.


8452817287, +18452817287

They say they are with AT&T Direct T.V.


6098580604, +16098580604

Part of a company trying to recruit. They have called 6 times in an hour!!! Very suspicious.


3156587034, +13156587034

IRS or SSA scam. Fake computer voice used to hide foreign accent or non-English speakers.


8762574806, +18762574806

SCAM! Got a call from them claiming they were Publisher Clearing House and I won $1.5 M. I just needed to answer some security questions so my money could be sent through customs. SCAM!


6193263882, +16193263882

They said they were a debt resolution center. I hung up on them.


9282129854, +19282129854

They keep calling for someone else trying to supposedly trying to collect on something or some other scam. Just hang up on them. The call them selves Global something, and someone who is not American talks to you. PURE SCAM


8775276618, +18775276618

Harassing me that they were going to sue me over a loan


5053314113, +15053314113

Vehicle warranty recording


8774280268, +18774280268

This number continually calls. No message. I do not pick up numbers I do not know, if they don't leave a message they won't get a call back. Very annoying, they call several times a day.


3342196275, +13342196275

These people are scammer. Want to place an order and pick up without paying


4692096506, +14692096506

SCAM, SCAM said he is coming to my job to serve me papers and said to make sure a supervisor is on standby, WHO DOES THAT. only low life people who have N0 LIFE. Get a life people and grow up.


8007856954, +18007856954

Social security scam call recieved from this number


3105792098, +13105792098

1-310-579-2098: Scam robocall stating that my identity has been compromised and I need to call this number back and provide my SSN or "an arrest warrant will be issued in your name". Does anybody really fall for this crap anymore?? Ugh!


6015653428, +16015653428

This is number make me fight


6002665664, +16002665664



5305662955, +15305662955

$1000 walmart gift card scam texts.


8558286720, +18558286720

Received calls from this number in the past few days. Claiming there was fraud activity and I needed to call them back to verify. Unfortunately these people had also gotten ahold of the last 4 digits of my card number and spoke perfect automated English which gives the impression that they are legit. They are NOT. Do NOT call the number back, instead, if you are worried, call your card company back using the number they provide on the back of your card and verify any information.


7094007198, +17094007198

This number called our work and was sexually harassing the female workers.


3019347197, +13019347197

Did not answer did not recognize caller number.


8003786792, +18003786792

Said my social security services were being stopped.


8138307359, +18138307359

Answered this call because I know someone from the 813 area code. It was a recorded/bot call, talking about my credit card's billing cycle, and how I could save money to switching to their card. I hung up after cussing a little. I know my bank would call me personally, FROM MY CITY, not out of town and there would be a person talking, not a recording message. In 12 years my bank called ONCE, and it was a call back from a message I left. So, f*ck off!


8562190059, +18562190059

this call is a robo call-it tells you that your car warranty has expired-telemarketer or scam- DO NOT ANSWER


4804638854, +14804638854

Robo-Parasites trying to sell auto maintenance insurance. Calls at least weekly


6315520788, +16315520788

Spam, scam


8009678195, +18009678195

8009678195 same old scam. iCloud account compromised don't open computer, bank accounts etc until you call this number


8166631396, +18166631396

It's a spam or scam number. Block it!


8002012319, +18002012319

i got call from this number and saying that my ssn compromised.. I disconnected call... +1 800-201-2319... This is fake call... I didn't found this number in SSN website


2676373615, +12676373615



5875582405, +15875582405

sounds like an auto-reply, a lady voice, says that from WestJet and winning a free vacation, asking to press 0. It definitely a scam.


2674599448, +12674599448

Auto scam call


8884096215, +18884096215

scam dont answer the phone. They threatened me with arrest to China unless I gave them info and assets.