4243097588 | 424-309-7588

(424) 309-7588 Sends porn and threatened to tell my spouse we’re in a relationship.


8006153967 | 800-615-3967

Claiming to be Apple and someone’s trying to get into my financial information.


3303179138 | 330-317-9138

330-317-9138 Scam claiming my social security number was stolen did not tell me who was calling


6198660427 | 619-866-0427

Scammers pretending to be from Amazon com.


6198660383 | 619-866-0383

At first it was automated saying they were the social security administration and they noticed fraud on my account and then they asked that I verify my DOB and social security number. I hung up on them....


6135533932 | 613-553-3932

Automated call claiming to be from Canada Revenue Agency, threatening prosecution if... and I didn't listen to find out what would happen if I ignored them (which I did). They no doubt wanted money. Scam has been around for several years. Another call a short time later, from 613-553-4990. I did not pick up, as I suspect it was a scam call as well.


4432264476 | 443-226-4476

Call several times saying they are Kim, yet voice-mail says their name is Samantha. They never answer my call when I call back. Constant harassment.


8097912094 | 809-791-2094

I got a call, they will kill my family


5732904198 | 573-290-4198

Scam. Calling for Shawn again.


8558937498 | 855-893-7498

Scam, Scam, Scam. Tricked my grandmother once on the phone by making her believe they were a utility company shutting off her heat during a snowstorm. A few weeks later they started emailing her saying she is delinquent on virus scan software renewal. Not getting fooled a second time. Shame on this jerk!


8882406221 | 888-240-6221

8882406221 call from person with heavy accent said her name was Sofia and referenced a “case number” but would not say the company she represented so I ended the call


8557857443 | 855-785-7443

8557857443 "Matthew" claiming to be a lawyer left a voicemail and was trying to collect money from me for a civil claim. I called back and I asked what was the address of the firm and that I would come by and pay in person. Silence for 10 secs and then "I dunno, you called me". Sounds like a scammer if I ever heard of one. Be careful out there.


6043354795 | 604-335-4795

I received but did not answer a call from 604-335-4795 and cannot find any information about who was calling but they did not leave a vm. Does anyone have a similar experience?


3045889533 | 304-588-9533

The number was 3045889533


4384691730 | 438-469-1730

Clearly a dumbfuck...


8662251533 | 866-225-1533

This number claims to be Fingerhut calling about an account issue. Called them back using a secondary online number and a familiar automated system answered. The real problem is that I don't have an account with them, so it's just a scam.


8137508162 | 813-750-8162

#813-750-8162, robocall calls about car warranty expiration


8889283125 | 888-928-3125

1 888 928 3125 tried to scam me with dumb legal b/s.


7707568438 | 770-756-8438

770-756-8438 Possible SCAM!! Don’t share your personal information. His name is “Juan Fernandez” and he wants money for give to you “work”. Be careful!


8665822476 | 866-582-2476

Called me and left message they were from Bank of America. I haven't called back.


8552518751 | 855-251-8751

8552518751 called as "Mr Cooper" missed the call and went to voicemail... returned their call.... Wasn't Mr Cooper! Offered a getaway. Got "Peter" a foreigner of course! Ended the call right away! My advice is DON'T ANSWER and DON'T CALL THEM BACK!


7874816036 | 787-481-6036

Persona peligrosa . No aceptar llamada de dicho número . Pide dinero


5816838445 | 581-683-8445

very sketchy ,,,, just hang up ....


8887120510 | 888-712-0510

this number is saying that it's an urgent matter and they need to speak with me or my attorney


9492348392 | 949-234-8392

Its not a bot, her name is May, and she is scamming, acting like you ordered male enhancement product, and wants to know where to send your package. When you refuse, she tries to sell you a package. Disgusting, no shame,


9548647064 | 954-864-7064



7606793233 | 760-679-3233

said they were going to sue me if I didn't call back. didn't call back reported as spam


4055904610 | 405-590-4610

Call states to avoid arrest you must consent to the call due to speak to someone due to fraud found on your social security number!


5592820134 | 559-282-0134

Automated. Message is cut off. Threatening legal action if you don't call them back.


9202602681 | 920-260-2681

They've been calling me for that past 2 years, leaving ONLY a 3 second silent voicemail! I keep reporting it but it doesn't help!


8682990229 | 868-299-0229

299-0229. I missed a call from this number twice. I tried calling back the number but I got a recording saying the number is out of service.


9802540251 | 980-254-0251

Car warranty scam.


8194345788 | 819-434-5788

This number sent me a text saying it was Bell and something about an error code and it included a link to click on for more info. Obviously didn’t click the link, but I tried to research the link and all components of the message and phone number and I can’t find anything at all in it. I believe it is used to gain remote access to cell phones. My boyfriend in the past paid a hacker to gain remote access to my device and I believe this is the same thing.


6138148483 | 613-814-8483

Her name is manon benard she use manon ganon marie ganon or other name but her real name is manon benard a junkies from belleville ontario a crack head...


3165369684 | 316-536-9684

Inheritance scam.


2028388780 | 202-838-8780

Keep texting me about dismissing student loans due a law suit against Ashford University


8556651058 | 855-665-1058

855-665-1058 Didn't answer this call. It left a voicemail. I know it was a spam, computer-generated voice because the 1st 10 seconds was silence followed by a voice claiming to be from AT&T Direct TV trying to sell services and then telling me to call back.


7057109466 | 705-710-9466

alert scammer


8665122142 | 866-512-2142

This number has been calling me multiple times daily for the past 5 months ... they never leave a message


8777129975 | 877-712-9975

I only deal with Wal-Mart Canada. On the DNCL