8884650690, +18884650690

Netflix billing scam!!!


8703597809, +18703597809

870-359-7809 called , spoke extremely fast and Said what! He hung up. Sounded American to me.


8004321897, +18004321897

She left a message, it was an automated Asian woman. Considering it's the same message that caused me to block more than 50 numbers from the 217 area code, I'm hoping someone out there can tell me wtf she's saying.


6674003970, +16674003970

Every day spam/ scam they try to get your ssn harassment


5303848181, +15303848181

blocked 5303848181 they still get thru they call 20 times a month leave no message


5594899960, +15594899960

This woman called me and started calling me a stupid mother fucker and screamed at me for no reason. She has now been calling me from this number and another number for about 5 day, 20 tines a day all different times a day and acting bizarre. I have no idea who she is and she is very mentally ill. Please report and comment if you have had to deal with her. She is unstable and needs a visit from adult protective services


8008491727, +18008491727

Woman speaking in monotone talking about LONO going on and on about offering lawyer services. Had to interrupt twice to get her to STFU when told to call number.


7205477479, +17205477479

No message no name call from "Anonymous". Robocaller calls using different numbers and spoofed IDs in same area code. Calls made same day usually leaving no message or legit ID.


8163393857, +18163393857

Receipt of phone call at 12:20 p.m. this afternoon and the man on the other end said the he was on a recorded line and that there were problems with my home. When I asked how he got my number, he just hung up. I am sure it was a scam.


8002703398, +18002703398

I just got a call from this number today at 12:54PM (2019-06-07) and when I picked up it said, "Sorry that is not a valid extension." Then hung up.


5303431293, +15303431293

Always getting calls from a fake computer company/Windows/... I'm told that my firewall has been turned off.... LOL I don't even own a computer that uses Windows Op Systems.... The other calls I've gotten tell me that my SSI card has been turned off....


7575148476, +17575148476

You think you are smart. Guest what I display all I got for you ok. This is your game!


8666175858, +18666175858

Yep same as others. A Diane (or Diana) Walker mentioned consolidation of my unsecured credit debt, gave a reference number and said to call back. Didn't mention any company's name.


2486915877, +12486915877

This number called 4 times left no voicemail, my phone auto flagged as spam or scam and blocked it. I called it back and it sent me to an operator bot asking if I wanted to speak to a customer service representative or be placed on their no call list. I opted for the list, I suspect they're trying to sell something.


5149083506, +15149083506

Several times the last few days


4436627227, +14436627227

Tried to say my husband owed on a student loan. Hilarious!!! Even gave reference number. NOT!!! My husband is 67, never been to college, a farmer all his life. Never signed for a child. Crooks


6124053792, +16124053792

same here,Got a response to my craigslist listing via text from this number. But it has since fallen silent.


9044780291, +19044780291

Didn't know the number, didn't answer. They left no message. Strongly suspect scam.


3233853969, +13233853969

She is the absolute dumbest person I've ever met. +323 385 39 69 Hermecita is extremely ugly but it doesn't matter when she does me blowjob. She does hand-job and blow-job costs me only $20 and meal from McDonald's. One day, I noticed her stealing money from my wallet. Hermecita said, she lives together with some idiot on Island View Street, Oxnard. Yeah, she loves me so much. Hermecita especially likes sucking my big sausage. Hey, call Big Tom)))


6087191737, +16087191737

Called about an account saying the person was an agent


2523193615, +12523193615

Woman named Chloe hangs up after a few sentences. SCAM!


3252300294, +13252300294



6239991971, +16239991971

Never leave a voice mail. Called the number back and it was a robo-answer about a security system.


8887440267, +18887440267

nuisance call


8764190573, +18764190573

My phone and my daughter's keep getting calls from 8764190573 and shows Jamaica on the called ID. We have not answered because we don't know who it is and figure it's probably a scam. They do not leave any messages either.


8773249782, +18773249782

Called and said they are Discover CC. I called a legit Discover CC phone # and they confirmed it seems like fraudulent call.


8102022508, +18102022508

Just got a text from someone stating they are Mike Brian - trying to send me a "certified check" with a "personal shipper" via craigslist for my $2900 Fendi Handbag. DO NOT TRUST


5872055010, +15872055010

# is blocked. Must have called and ignored machine message that I do not speak. Called again Jun 5, 2019


3468009252, +13468009252

scam scam scam scam...


7029037839, +17029037839

Telemaeketers. Theyre selling car warranties or something


8136161791, +18136161791

Scam number linked to fake ads for apartments.


3035964502, +13035964502

nuisance call


8775350619, +18775350619

This is the Faith Regional Health Services/Norfolk, NE hospital business line. They call to check on status of payments or to work out a payment plan.


6469614903, +16469614903

has called me 12 times since april and has never left a message


8773535357, +18773535357

Rakuten travel offering to by our timeshare, has anyone sold to them????is it a scam


8006748489, +18006748489

Scam social secirity numbers, states a arrest is in progress


6109045963, +16109045963

Probly got the same pic haha. Bra on with the shirt in mouth holding it up?


4157047332, +14157047332

offered me Viagara/Hair loss pills from Trump's personal stash


8007528036, +18007528036

Called speaking spanish. From what i can find they are calling from columbia. First guess it is a scammer


8773511905, +18773511905

Same thing ... they've been calling many of our family members about a complaint against my mother. My mother who never leaves the house? THIS IS A SCAM!