6393350187, +16393350187



8783784517, +18783784517

I answered, they never responded. I hung up. Blocking!


6097059148, +16097059148

Received prank call from this number.


9043109484, +19043109484



8049320343, +18049320343

Just keeps calling and hanging up a few times every day.


5127600720, +15127600720

Preface: Telemarketing upsets me so much as I work late hours but don't want to turn my phone off because I have family. This is a telemarketer that calls me EVERY morning. Today I answered (because they don't leave messages) the automated voice said that I qualify for pain relieving medical braces! REALLY? Isn't that something someone would look up for themselves if they needed that!?


9022176498, +19022176498

google scam


8662927999, +18662927999

I called the number back and it said "national credit recovery" not sure what that is about, not dealing with it though, they can leave a message if its important.


4038004786, +14038004786

Big Fraud company claim as leads kingdom. He changes his name and dont know where he sitting as his phone is on call forwarding. He provide leads for real estate, insurance and mortgage and asked you to send money through western union. BEWARE ITS A BIG SCAM.....


4038007966, +14038007966

This number is a big scam, he claim that he sells leads and his company is Leads kingdom. He keep changes his names. He will tell you send money through western union. Dont know where he is sitting and operating as he has call forwarding on his phone. Dont know how many people he has cheated so far. BE CAREFUL THIS IS A BIG FRAUD.


3236288519, +13236288519

the owner of this number is a cheater.


6395181069, +16395181069

Mohalla mirdhan


2816400386, +12816400386

This number is part of a rental scam on Craig's List.


8889736428, +18889736428

Criminal Enterprise stealing from unsuspecting people. 888 973 has been assigned to a carrier via Tariff Law. Report to the provider and tell them to stop or that your states' AG will be making a visit.


6087540126, +16087540126

Number is probably being spoofed: automated call stating they were calling as a followup to a medical device I inquired about, which I didnt.


2315257386, +12315257386

I received a call from this number at 3:35pm. I answered because I'm waiting on a call back from someone, but when I said hello I heard absolutely nothing. No voice, no beeps, no click like I'd been hung up on. The call lasted about 10 seconds and the other end hung up on me without saying a word.


4254994691, +14254994691



8777472301, +18777472301

Cont... If they deem you are breaking the law due to say tax fraud, you are allowed due process. As this would be conducted by a local police dept or the RCMP. The CRA would work with them to bring charges. Then you would have a day in court to prove innocence or guilt. Sending iTunes cards will not make tax fraud go away. This is asinine. In Canada we have laws that protect us. The CRA can not act outside of the law and will not. No one will arrest you or deport you over a simple tax issue. Before you do anything. HANG UP AND CALL Individual tax enquiries at the cra, Phone: 1-800-959-8281 OR go the Canada dot ca webpage and select revenue Agency for all the info you need including how to report fraud. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THESE SCAMMERS BACK. JUST DELETE AND BLOCK! REPORT IF YOU CAN. CHEERS!


4123686990, +14123686990

Electric Bill Scam. Illegal Robocalls. Identity Theft. Phishing. FRAUD. Dont Answer!!


5052868746, +15052868746

Telemarker, calls me several times a day even after putting my number on their do not call list. Its very annoying


8887840254, +18887840254

spam caller


8763620624, +18763620624



8324566544, +18324566544

scam caller. block them.


4104176094, +14104176094

Started calling at 6 am and has called a total of 10 time since. And it is only 1 pm. No message was left. (must be an important call).


8887266443, +18887266443

Called with the robo voice claiming I was in debt to the IRS and will be “taken under custody be the local police” in 24 hours. Also claiming I had “serous alagations” against me and to call back urgently. Never Calle snack becaus it’s clearly a scam


8552817029, +18552817029

SCAM!!! WARRANTY. They also illegally text your cell.


8054300399, +18054300399

805 430-0399 ADD TO LIST


8666484519, +18666484519

Called twice (two days in a row) no message left.


8587936250, +18587936250



5142410818, +15142410818

keep calling, no answer then hang up


2109193054, +12109193054

This number keeps calling me but they'll use different numbers all starting with (210)-919-#### they've been doing this for awhile but just today they used 3717, 3054, 5229 and they called using those three different numbers within less than an hour. I don't answer and they don't leave messages, but it's becoming increasingly annoying everyday since it's impossible to block. They never call using the same number twice. Always different and always 3-5 calls every other day. Sometimes more.


8888742551, +18888742551

Consistently calls and leaves message that my daughter missed her court hearing. Leaves a case number as well. He does not state where he is from or, what state, what county, what company, what court!!!! Pretty sure this is fraudulent!!!! My daughter is 5 years old!!!


5713635763, +15713635763

Keeps calling, no message


7077866697, +17077866697

Robotic voice left a message that the government was about to file a lawsuit about taxes and to call this number to resolve outside of court. I did not call back.


8664473110, +18664473110

Called and left no message


8764606936, +18764606936

LOL, told me I won the lottery or something...I played along and he asked me to go to Wal Mart and transfer $1200. I didn't and he called back asking why I hadn't made the transfer yet. I told him that I couldn't get a ride and that I needed to take an Uber, but didn't have any money. I asked him to help me out by giving me his credit card number so I could create an Uber account and he gave me a number, exp date and CVC code. Now I am just waiting for him to call back in a few hours to ask why I haven't made the transfer and I am going to tell him that instead, I used his credit card number to pay a $4.500 outstanding medical bill.


9403040297, +19403040297

I have received a total of 6 phone calls from this number in a 3 day period. Called the number today and all I got was a recording that said to push "1" to receive this call in English and then nothing so I hung up. Total spam.


8293836915, +18293836915

Me molest a


7799998994, +17799998994

This person calling and chatting me. Saying he's an army for airforce askinh for $350 so that his leave would be approved


4373710447, +14373710447

This person is pretending to be someone they're not. To what end, I don't know, but I figured out they lied extensively. Trying to date me using lies