8008042084, +18008042084

Call came in listing my online pharmacy name. Answered however went straight to voice mail. A 2nd call maybe 2 weeks later shows my pharmacy name same msg " call to discuss your account. Prefix is "804". Pharmacy prefix is 204. I am happy that they hung up on 1st call leaving a voice msg both calls which I do not plan to return. Puzzled about Pharmacy name appearing when not on my contacts.


7207388952, +17207388952

Ping call ???? Scammer calls alot


8665083649, +18665083649

Said they were from Tech Solutions and were going to charge us $399.00 for their product if we did not call within 24hour period. David Jones customer relations at 203-998-9042.


4037569353, +14037569353

received 2 phone calls from this #. 1 403 7569353 to my cell phone. No name listed and No voice messages or text. Called the number and was told not in service, Don"t appreciate when someone doesn"t identify themselves. I won"t answer. How can they use a phone # if it is NOT IN SERVICE??


2604754094, +12604754094

This was a debt relief agency robocall


4243761774, +14243761774



9198244120, +19198244120



8765808177, +18765808177

My son moved to Kingston, Jamaica 5 years and 14 days ago and got mixed up with bad people. I haven’t heard from him for 5 years but have been paying a private detective to find him. My wife has left me because I sold the house to pay for the detective and I have been living in shelters And doing odd jobs while I save up to go to Jamaica myself. This guy said that he was my son and asked me $900. If anyone knows who this individual is please comment here. This is the only clue I have. I don’t have anyone anymore but my world would be complete again if I see my boy alive one more time...


8005843692, +18005843692

Claims it is from Microsoft. My firewall protection has been breached. Do not use for financial info or it will not be fixed. Voice mail.


9106320502, +19106320502

this number texted me a hi didnt open or reply as I have allready had my account frozen due to id theft


8007629745, +18007629745

Apple I cloud scam


7088208731, +17088208731

Freight Commodities® Posen, IL Office 708-820-8731


5125931125, +15125931125

The caller from this number tried to scam me by claiming to represent a list of jobs available at UiPath. None of the listed positions in his text matched any of the career opportunities available on the UiPath website. The offer was for a "work at home" position that paid $59 an hour and you work when you want. The caller named himself Mark and had an "interviewer" standing by named "Mr. Joseph". Please don't fall for these adolescent scammers.


8777080402, +18777080402

They state they're a cash app that has your account blocked. You call number 877-708-0402, and they want remote access to your computer, and then they steal all your accounts. Don't do it, it is a scam.


5172337857, +15172337857

5712337857 spam


2165450029, +12165450029



2058501558, +12058501558

Post any personal information about these callers here so I can pay them a fucking visit they are not soon to forget. Specifically a fucking visit. I do not expect them to want to fuck but I expect that they won't have much of a god damn choice being crippled on the floor like their going to be.


5412369211, +15412369211

Spam texts offering to buy my house.


6472894345, +16472894345

when number is called back, the person plays dumb and indicates they know nothing about calling your number. Something fishy going on here


8009981334, +18009981334

Its a scammer.. Calling with a recorded line to say you have a SSN breach and your SSN will be blocked. Do not entertain!


8552122291, +18552122291

Message said they were from Amazon Prime and I needed to call them regarding a probable scam purchase to my Amazon Prime credit card of a refurbished I-phone for the price of $348. The item was being held but I as required to call them at this number. I called the number on the back of my Prime card - no item was being held or had been purchased on my account. This is a scam to get information so beware!


4387995137, +14387995137

Scam collector


2763560798, +12763560798

This number calls many times and doesn’t leave any messages...


8038595967, +18038595967

scam robo call...


4168376450, +14168376450

Hangs up after you answer several times.


8009465677, +18009465677

Automated robotic female voice, my SSN is being suspended and their is a warrant out for my arrest. How exciting!!! I've never been a criminal before, let alone a criminal on the run hahaha.


3034046071, +13034046071

At 4:50 am on the same night, my husband and I both received a call on our cell phones from 303-404-6071. We didn't pick up so don't know what they are connected to.


8552130292, +18552130292

I have received numerous calls from an "unavailable" listed number. Someone trying to locate Jackie Smith at my Fort Bend County address. Jackie is a cousin whom I have not seen or spoken to in over 10 years. I don't know is this is scam or if they are actual looking for her. She has nothing to do with me or my address. But if they want to waste time, money and paper; so be it. How in the world did they link her to me is no voncern of mind. Smith is my maiden name,I got married many years ago; she has never lived with me. I am sick of their calls.


2094267191, +12094267191

It's a fat mexican pig. It's an identity thief.


6692731027, +16692731027



7044395119, +17044395119

Customer care 7044395119


7788605020, +17788605020

“Travel agency” tried to tell me I won a contest for a free cruise but I’m under 19, don’t travel, and have never even been on a travel website let alone entered a contest


6477733835, +16477733835

received a call from this number saying it was Revenue Canada! called back to confront them and they called back saying nothing twice when i called (from a different number) female voice answered Scammers! Oh how i wish these people would get back what they dish out-especially to vulnerable seniors!!


8776187712, +18776187712

Named Rogers and wouldn't stop call


8552275067, +18552275067

Person called cell phone which showed private number twice then left a message that they were going to serve me papers at my house or place of work(I'm retired) Monday about a collection matter. Caller left number 855-227-5067 with a case number and said I need to call that number ASAP to get this matter straightened out. Sounds like a debt collector fishing to find someone shown as knowing me what a pain in the rear.


4043954239, +14043954239

Recorded message claiming to inform about expiring car? warranty and wants to connect you to a warranty specialist. Received numerous calls with the same recorded message, number starting with 404-395, possible fishing scam using other people's numbers as a mask. Don't answer it if it's no one you know


9713387996, +19713387996

The first call came into me today was a text message scam this number has been used in a number of scams, this number started with the malware text blocked them then they started calling from this number 503-905-6890, blocked that number and they called with this number 971 338 7996, these people are buying you information from the dark web and harassing you, Equifax had a breach and the dark web scammers are takin advantage of the breach by contacting the consumers with fraudulent intent and scam, they should not be allowed to spoof and call you via computer with another persons phone number to harass people with, How \can America be safe if they can't get the phone harassment shut down. People will not be able to respond to a real life disaster, because the people in India want to scam and beat people out of there money, well they should be ashamed, to try and scam people how foolish and sad, is that all you have to do all day long is scam people because they are too stupid to get a job and work for what they need i guess it is easier to harass people with there own phone number and personal info, get real The gig is up nobody is falling for any scams and all of these different phone numbers calling my number is personal so I will not pick up, I do know them or I will not engage in anything with my personal phone , they should not even try, if it wasn't given to you by myself then you are dead fish in water.


3604435563, +13604435563

"I want to buy your house" - Spam messages


9494016069, +19494016069

a bloody pissant


8774943651, +18774943651

Social security scam