8883341141 | 888-334-1141

This phone number belongs to: Smile Roofing 1215 S Point View St, Los Angeles, CA 90035 888-334-1141


2813784766 | 281-378-4766

Licensed Allstate agent in Kingwood TX


4807412798 | 480-741-2798

This phone number belongs to: Briphen 2750 South Hardy Drive, Suite 1A, Tempe, AZ 85282 4807412798


8324235904 | 832-423-5904

Robotic voice telling me to press 1 to connect to an FBI agent lmao


5707031128 | 570-703-1128

She is a bbs escort, stay clear she is nasty does porn.


5707033722 | 570-703-3722



8006623115 | 800-662-3115

Caller stated from Jersey central power And light called at 7 pm looking for owners, said all names residing in home and address, sarcastic got abusive. I told him I was recording him. Call me f bitch cause I called him out as a scammer . Got totally abusive . I hung up , he was braising called back 10 min later husband picked up and started with him. Beware!


6049002324 | 604-900-2324

calls via VOIP , doesn't leave a message, possible Scam telemarketer


9152130968 | 915-213-0968

Wrong number… but also Suspect - How is this person describing this saying they met someone at at their own dinner dinner like it was them. I guess they thought I’d just auto respond. Just weird looking letters too. Just looks like spam but seriously, why? Text msg reads: Bryant? Ťhis is Marleigh. We talked ať Marleigh's dinneř parťy aňd éxchangeď numš. Im back heré 4 now if ýóu want 2 třuly meet úp whíle I'm here, r yóu áróuňd?


9379981502 | 937-998-1502



8884500522 | 888-450-0522

Absolutely a scam: No customer account number, no transaction number, no invoice number - no references to the card or bank account number used, and the message itself looks janky.


4034507218 | 403-450-7218

Just another A whole to lame to leave a message that got blocked!


6472105888 | 647-210-5888

Got a call at 11:20h a.m. during I had no hands free. Then I cut the call. No new try to call me again. Blocked the number and deleted from call incoming list.


8776000184 | 877-600-0184

877-600-0184 is the SCAM number. Block


5805990388 | 580-599-0388

Called and left a weird voice mail reminiscent of a Cold War listening station signal


7868644193 | 786-864-4193

Scammers and offer you to Kill you if you dont pay them


4387996295 | 438-799-6295

Une "représentante" pour un nouveau magasin de d'ameublement et décoration à Rosemère. Elle me dit qu'elle va m'envoyer une invitation par la poste et voulait aussi mon courriel. Elle mentionne qu'il y a un prix qui sera remis lors de l'ouverture blablabla. Trop louche, d'autant plus que ce numéro appelle plusieurs fois par semaine, et jamais rien au bout de la ligne habituellement.


3464475154 | 346-447-5154

Hang up


5059000144 | 505-900-0144

Scammer trying to get an item from me on Craigslist. Said he would send a cashiers check for more than I asked and that he would send a moving company to pick the item up.


8889907092 | 888-990-7092

Keeps calling that I applied for a loan. It states "Hey it's Aliyaha from Credit Advantage Group..." Never heard of them nor solicited for their service. Beware-it's a scam. Voicemail no# is 470.472.9831.


8002797571 | 800-279-7571

unprofessional scammers1 Lol


3212853028 | 321-285-3028

I know no one with this number, but every day 2-3 times per day, calls come in from this number. +1 (321) 285-3028 These calls are annoying, so I do not answer them.


5199984843 | 519-998-4843

Got text from this number at 1:xx am. It just said "Hi". My area code is nowhere near that of this unknown number.


4804476593 | 480-447-6593

this number scammed me out of my IPAD. I had it listed on ebay and they texted me to send him better pictures. he sent me scammed emails showing as Ebay that they got money and send tracking number of package and I did. I never got paid and they received a IPAD worth 1399 plus 100.00 cover. Ebay will not help. What can I do. I have text from this person and he called me to say he had issues with his Paypal and I should get money this Friday. No payment and I checked emails and they are scams.


8555880314 | 855-588-0314

Possibly phisphing for Pi Network


8004516123 | 800-451-6123

Mailing said EMI HEALTH. NOT NORMAL PAPER WORK FROM EMI Health. The address at bottom of mailing checked out to belong to American Health Holding, Inc. NOT EMI HEALTH LIKE IT SAYS AT THE TOP. HAS a different toll free number LISTED on line and a different address!! Not the number at bottom of page with the address 7400 w campus road New Albany, OH. 43054-8725. THE TOLL FREE NUMBER DOESNT GO WITH THE ADDRESS EITHER!!!


5153296894 | 515-329-6894

Don't trust this person! Used a fake dating account to attempt to scam me.


8662231216 | 866-223-1216



8006715095 | 800-671-5095

Any letter or call from this number is a scam. I received a harassing letter containing threats regarding money that I do not owe. Total scam, so please report to the relevant authorities.


2042899918 | 204-289-9918

Council of the Blind !! Very bothersome .. call repeatedly using different numbers !!


2044106021 | 204-410-6021

Claimed to be a Court officer. Claimed I missed a court date and owed $5000 in fines and fees.


4153389435 | 415-338-9435



3307216504 | 330-721-6504

This phone number belongs to: Advanced Spine Joint and Wellness Center 5020 Victor Drive, Medina, OH 44256 330-721-6504


2812198664 | 281-219-8664

This phone number belongs to: Sweet Home Builders Spring, TX 77388 281-219-8664


3106927855 | 310-692-7855

This number is safe and belongs to Beverly Hills Dental Health and Wellness.


5753392798 | 575-339-2798

Called my office number, message started recording in the middle; it was about fraudulent activity from my SSN. and to call another number 309-306-2407


9095009124 | 909-500-9124

Hooker with nice body


8665822476 | 866-582-2476

Same here! They called left message said they where BOA also.


3068083007 | 306-808-3007

They just keep calling never leave a message sure it’s a scam call


7094012742 | 709-401-2742

trying to get information to know my personal information to fraude me