9054819078 | 905-481-9078

This number is safe and belongs to Dentistry at LaSalle


8882287783 | 888-228-7783

VERIFIED EQUIFAX PHONE NUMBERS "Your employer provides us with some of your personal information so that we can properly verify (authenticate) you when you log in OR you may have provided it previously, in a prior login. If you log in and notice information on your account that does not belong to you, please contact us immediately at 1-888-228-7783. Hearing Assistance Only (TTY) 1-800-424-0253."


5872085133 | 587-208-5133

il a pirater le compte a mon fils et a essayer de se faire reclamer $$$$$$ pour le recupere


2017438479 | 201-743-8479

Pretending to be employer. And sending you a cheque and let you withdraw or trying you to send them for e-transfer.


8772607410 | 877-260-7410

Same, just rcvd letter, addressed to Joe Mama, smh, with this number, 1-877-260-7410, final notice. Disclaimer is as follows: "Auto Repair Network is a leading INDEPENDENT firm offering vehicle service contracts from top-rated companies. ARN is not owned or affiliated with any auto manufacturer or auto dealer." Hate these losers. KMLWA...


8334030987 | 833-403-0987

Loan Forgiveness Company Scam?


9085058664 | 908-505-8664

This number is a scammer


7164315608 | 716-431-5608

Sean with ARS?


3605108971 | 360-510-8971

+13607789237 +17207751439 +13605108971 +492331624466 Bu numaralar nedir bilen var mı? Arıyorlar ancak ben tanımıyorum.


8334770602 | 833-477-0602

Got everyone’s number in my family asking for an address to my ex that none of us has talked to or seen in 12 years. Harassing n not giving no info to what thet represent. We have private numbers that are new.


7755710633 | 775-571-0633

Says that they are from the government home loan division. Called the number back with *67 they have a message asking you to leave your name and phone number. ((I don’t think so))


8552023055 | 855-202-3055

Claimed to be Xfinity Mobile, but could not verify this.


6045168632 | 604-516-8632

This is definitely from SCAMMERS. Persistent. Fraudulent marking on display !!! Beware of fraudsters !!


6474780371 | 647-478-0371



6067273020 | 606-727-3020

606-727-3020 FRAUD debt collector. Portfolio, tried to withdraw money from my account without my approval. They use numerous phone numbers from any state you can imagine. Any time day or night, seven days a week!!!


8038091748 | 803-809-1748

I believe is a mora tan one person at firs you get a randon message from any social media and is supposed a boy under 18 and they asked for your number and send imágenes and new day they supposed dad call you so mad they said I’m gonna report you into police and 3 rd day the police call you and say You gonna be persecuted and bla bla bla , they want money for recovery demages


6127467234 | 612-746-7234

Another scammer wanting to know if you want to sell your property.


2058438817 | 205-843-8817

This number is a total scam I have been talking this woman for a few months. and she acted she had a mini crisis and needed fifty dollars and she was to pay me back when she got payed. She’s in Arizona and after running the number I needed to send it to the number was in Alabama. I should have ran that before I gave her anything and this was the first time I’ve ever sent money to someone I don’t well at all. She’s a patient scammer because usually scammers hit you up with in a day or so and they use the same play book but not this one


4384694132 | 438-469-4132

Reapeatily calls me every week since month ago. This is scam ! Don't answer.


8777131193 | 877-713-1193

Same as others, claiming to be Walgreens


8668899365 | 866-889-9365

robot claims to be from accounts resolution team from an unnamed debt collector !! I have no unresolved debt !! I return called and it wants multiple info "to match your account info". Info gathering for scams!! Asks for name, ssn, street address, phone #'s, finally offers to connect you with an agent that there is conveniently none available


8322919998 | 832-291-9998

I found this number +1-832.291.9998 attached to my “forwarding all calls” to when I missed a phone call to me. I could not believe my eyes. I blocked this number and going to report it to my local authorities and the Federal Trade Commission. This is possibly the hacker out of six that is still stalking me from last year to present. Please be aware of your surroundings. Thank you for letting me share Ms. Toni Aull


8194127926 | 819-412-7926

Call here 3 time a day and never leave message. When you take the line there is nothing! Big scam!


8887806151 | 888-780-6151

They have called my cell phone almost every day. The call back is different than the number they use to dial out that changes every time. It’s frustrating.


8665697172 | 866-569-7172

in e-mail about netflix outstanding bill. i dont have netflix.


8669340289 | 866-934-0289

Took money from my checking account and attempted to debit even more from my credit card and I don't know who it is


9547563997 | 954-756-3997

There posing has DCU


8885460949 | 888-546-0949

A lot of calls from this 888 number. I've received 4 calls this week on my cell phone. I do not answer and block thereafter. They never leave a voice message.


8553545428 | 855-354-5428

scam call - never answer these calls.


4325535216 | 432-553-5216

Call and hangup


4373704473 | 437-370-4473

Sent a fake fax claiming I inherited money.


2107830896 | 210-783-0896

scam about back taxes


8555152800 | 855-515-2800

What excellent topic


4387717228 | 438-771-7228

Scammer pretending to be Fido


8882032738 | 888-203-2738

Scammer. Calls all the time. Its a robo call in another language other than American. Can't understand, so I blocked them. I see they call about 3 times a day on the block list. I get 12 - 15 blocked calls a day. This is just another scam.


8553424040 | 855-342-4040

a-holes dialed into v-mail, but left no message, twice, in less than 2 minutes after listening to OGM.


8883200810 | 888-320-0810

It was wrong number when ibtold her she cursed me out


8337005959 | 833-700-5959

This phone number belongs to: Attic Pro TX 10710 Burdine St, Houston, TX 77096 833-700-5959


4184787014 | 418-478-7014

# 418-478-7014. En décrochant je demande qui parle une Linda ??? pas certaine du nom. C'est un appel supposé de Google disant qu'elle a vu des anomalies sur mon compte google maps, Une demande de modification aurait été demandé. Et la madame veut savoir si c'est nous qui avons fait cette demande. Je comprends pas trop. Je dis que la personne responsable n'est pas là et je demande le numéro pour les rappeler. Selon eux ce n'est pas possible et la dame me dit qu'elle va essayer de communiquer par courriel car c'est une centrale.... Je raccroche.


5042249111 | 504-224-9111

This phone number belongs to: Master Locksmith New Orleans, 70163 504-224-9111