5147001942 | 514-700-1942

Repeated scam calls


2695250183 | 269-525-0183

Spam. Don't answer


5145639439 | 514-563-9439

je reçois des appels quelques fois par jour. Lorsque je répond, ça raccroche.


4809372633 | 480-937-2633

Its Credit One Bank


7278770669 | 727-877-0669

I need the caller's name


8764228386 | 876-422-8386

Asked me if I heard of readers digest, I said yes and told him I wasn’t interested. He hung up


5172081333 | 517-208-1333

No message


8774944276 | 877-494-4276

is this a fax numbe4r from Direct Express


7342753729 | 734-275-3729

Waspada penipuan


4186910801 | 418-691-0801

ATTENTION FRAUDEUR Prétend que travaille chez Nordia et veut offrir un forfait fibre optique. J'ai validé avec les vrais intervenants de Nordia et Bell, et c'est un faux numéro.


5599604277 | 559-960-4277

V B Hernandez


8559550866 | 855-955-0866

Called my saying that my QuickBooks renewal payment was declined. I contacted QuickBooks directly and the payment had gone through and this number was a Scam trying to get my Credit Card number. Glad I didn't provide any info over the phone.


7038446940 | 703-844-6940

One of many calls from this location using different last 4 numbers. Never leave a message.


9293332867 | 929-333-2867

a man from brother tech/unosis services,tell me to call them to cancel a contract/loan which I did not approved at all. saying to sue me if I will not call him to cancel.


8338237638 | 833-823-7638

Number goes to a timeshare scam


8669106173 | 866-910-6173

18669106173 This is a scam insurance company. If you are vulnerable and looking for health insurance through this crisis of a life be very careful who you come in contact with and who is offering you insurance. They robbed me after I asked them to cancel the policy because no doctor around my area takes the "insurance" plan then the first $410 dollars they took from me to get started on the plan was supposed to cover me til the 30th of April. When I called them to use it for the last day they told me I couldnt use my prescription coverage because my policy ended tomorrow and because my bank is requesting a refund of the money they stole from me without permission. Just be careful out here in this cruel world.


8297810858 | 829-781-0858

que bobo


8662795364 | 866-279-5364

866-279-5364 Called my husband saying the had a subpoena on me. But he needed to verify my birthday first. We laughed.


5162198106 | 516-219-8106

scam called about a domain


8664132137 | 866-413-2137

this phone supposedly belongs to Wellington Capital Partners. Telling me there's claim on my name and they need to know my address, date of birth and SS # to see if they had the right person. I'm not giving my information to anybody .


5149103907 | 514-910-3907

Service for Brick Painting services. Called me twice.


8775412797 | 877-541-2797

who is at this number 877-541-2797


8443432489 | 844-343-2489

Scam call. No message


8889121528 | 888-912-1528

888-912-1528 I did a callback. About traffic citations I do not have.


3127216753 | 312-721-6753

Multiple calls since mid April, two of which were made around 11:45pm. Sometimes hangs up on voicemail, other times something unintelligible or cryptic sounding is babbled then the call ends. No ID except "Wireless Caller".


4695597962 | 469-559-7962

Received bogus text message relling me I had won an Amazon raffle.


2408925358 | 240-892-5358

I received a dm to be a sugar baby with this number there. I mean if its real I’m up for it lmao


5144009570 | 514-400-9570

5144009570 llaman pero no lo contesto porque dice quebec y dejan un mensaje de voz q no quiero escuchar


4377778546 | 437-777-8546

1-437-777-8546 texted saying i had a return to claim, defonetly a scam do not call or text back.


8883185521 | 888-318-5521

Called me twice saying they had to urgently talk to me, I believe about legal stuff. Somehow how the number has been verified by Verizon, but do not trust this number!


6465859536 | 646-585-9536

6465859601. SCAM CALL FROM FAKE "Apple" marketing network.


2134251453 | 213-425-1453

The origin of this pain is someone who discovered our website contact page and puts up these BS emails but the consistent thing is the phone number 1+213-425-1453 , this is China and they are emailing almost a dozen times a day. I have to remove the contact page,


4157133313 | 415-713-3313

Blessing scam


4083987781 | 408-398-7781

blessing scam


8887467931 | 888-746-7931

This is a Bank of America number for addressing complaints. It is safe to call, but you will need the 6 digit extension of the representative who reached out to you. They give their first and last name in the message.


4166737073 | 416-673-7073

Every morning I receive a call from this phone but no hello from the other end. Must be taken to task and put behind the bar as soon as possible for the public safety.


8887110049 | 888-711-0049



5732425172 | 573-242-5172

Claimed to be SANDRA - a SENIOR Advisor on a Recorded Line - then, call ends - expecting you to call back - because they're don't want to get in trouble - for "calling someone on the Do Not Call List" - & - if YOU call THEM - they can't get in trouble - NOPE - NOT THE ONE!!


8553133403 | 855-313-3403

called stating failed delivery of important documents that need to be signed. Must call office immediately to avoid legal action. Caller's name was Amanda. Never stated company name, and called me by my maiden name.


6476411608 | 647-641-1608

Nuisance caller