8885538149, +18885538149

said software I bought last year was breached,and I have a red flag


5757460109, +15757460109



8888100003, +18888100003

Scam calls - pre-recorded "your social security number has been suspended"


4055902825, +14055902825

United States department of finacial aid. SCAM!!!


7314877617, +17314877617

Block 7314877617


9042951892, +19042951892

Trying to sell duct cleaning. Calling twice a day for a week.


8004891339, +18004891339

got the same letter yesterday ignore it


8005314500, +18005314500

Called to bother us today with no message left. Since it's an 800 number, treat it as scam. DO NOT ANSWER.


7784015211, +17784015211

Debt collector


4027630532, +14027630532

Derrick bass


7133663536, +17133663536

I didn't answer but after the call stopped, I got a voice mail from slot eye chingalings and some music and a chinese message. Probably an adverisement, recommended to not answer cause you'll most likely get logged onto their list of numbers to call for ads.


6157757441, +16157757441

she's a hooker give her a call


6234012092, +16234012092

This number is total garbage. Dont answer.


6316358241, +16316358241



6316358141, +16316358141



2028040405, +12028040405

Call from this number. Automated voice saying something about SSN Being suspended because of connection to fraud. SSN's do not get suspended EVER. Absolutely trying to scam people.


8886592632, +18886592632

I just received a call from 888-659-2632. They said they were social security admin and my ss number had been linked with fraud. I was going o be arrested if I did not call them to discuss. This is A TOTAL SCAM!! I JUST BLOCKED THE NUMBER AND i AM REPORTING THE NUMBER TO AUTHORITIES.


8763144520, +18763144520

876-580-5669 says I won 1.5 million and letters have been sent out to me. So he wanted me to verify my address. so I said send out the paper work again and ill keep an eye out for it. When I told him that as long as I don't have to pay for anything he hung up


8162192584, +18162192584

This number called twice, left no message. I don't answer, nor return calls to unknown numbers. I have caller ID that listed this number as unknown. Don't know for sure if it's unsafe, but at the least it's unwanted and a nuisance.


3304410092, +13304410092

I did not answer. they did not leave voicemail. probably robocaller


5126220859, +15126220859

More scammers from this number. Constantly call me. Told them to take me off their call list and they said No.


3303027824, +13303027824

Keeps calling, never answers. If you call back yo get a recording that it'snot a working number.


6164042580, +16164042580

called 4/5/2019 1:45 pm no message per google: Neutral Tandem-Michigan, Llc ...


9282990846, +19282990846

Says his name is Al. Says we met. Not very forth coming with info. Weirdo?


2539878298, +12539878298

Same here total SCAM was recording warrant for my arrest to speak with officer .


5145008679, +15145008679

Fraude Appel constamment


3608198970, +13608198970

Left a long, friendly sounding, unintelligible message. Could have been someone I know. Could have been a junk caller hoping I'd think it was someone I know so I'd call back.


8006972358, +18006972358

they keep calling and my dad answered and asked them who were they they would not answer just kept asking to speak with me. So he hung up on them it was a man with an accent so they keep calling i will pick up then hang right back up. Laugh out loud. Scam!!!!!


6513134406, +16513134406

I have CALLER ID services through my service provider. The name showed up as William's, Jason. I dont know anybody by that name even if my life depended on it. So I didn't pick up. However, he left a voicemail with several sniffs, coughs, and moans.


8887643514, +18887643514

They ask for some one not living here.


3065923755, +13065923755

I keep getting text messages from this number that my "tax refund are now available". Poor grammar, definitely a scam! They add a link to a non-government web site. Don't click on the link!


6468933642, +16468933642

Not Safe. Uses dating sites to meet people, than asks for money due to a desperate situation.


6187124604, +16187124604

They called but left no message love to know who this is as I'm on job hunt


8332704559, +18332704559

Mike, how do you know it is a credit scam? They knew address, full social, full name, full address, etc.. recieved phone call from this number


3236280284, +13236280284

3236280284 - blocked but is still able to leave repeated recording messages in foreign accent. Beware of this foreign scammer!!!


9162497800, +19162497800

SCAM number. They try to sell hearing aid.


5039996472, +15039996472

Got a text with "Please text me." Do not know this number so I did not text back.


2025739695, +12025739695

They say they are the IRS and calling me about tax evasion. To call this number or I will be deported. I was born in US. Not sure where I am going.


3213965202, +13213965202

SCAM!!! Received a call yesterday, but we were out, so he called back today. After giving me the spiel (Customer this call is important for you paid for the computer and internet security services for your Dell Windows computer 10 last year we regret to inform you that we are shutting down our operations to notify you that you can receive a refund on the service fee of $599.99 which you paid last year please call 3213965202 to talk to a refund Department thank you) he asked me to enter a web address, which unfortunately I failed to write down, just kept him on the phone. I asked him to send me a check, he said, no, you have to be online. He said he would not ask any details, so I asked how they would credit me without either my bank account or credit card #, I wanted him to send me a paper check, I could give him a street address. He said no I had to be on the computer. I asked him to tell me the weblink again, since I apparently didn't get it correct. He asked me to read back to him and he would tell me my error. I said, no please tell me again, I didn't enter correctly. He again asked me to read back to him. I said I had not entered anything since I knew this was a scam and read back the spiel (which was listed on nomorobo) but said I wanted to know the weblink address so I could enter it into the report I was going to make about the call, He said he would not give me anything, since I was wasting his time (which was my objective) and then said "F**K you" and hung up!! How shocking, these scammers had never used obscenities before!! BTW, he had an Indian sounding accent, and I could hear others in the background, like it was a call center...


6145241454, +16145241454

Silent call, no answer when called back. This number called me 6 times.