6789239716 | 678-923-9716

678 923 9716 = SCAM 678 590 5337 = SCAM These people should be in jail for taking money from honest gents.


6133135124 | 613-313-5124

I did not answer. They did not leave a message. Added to blocked list.


6465520187 | 646-552-0187

this number called me 38 times between 2-4am & msged me constantly threating me and I have no idea who this person is


7089960194 | 708-996-0194

Caller threatened me saying they have been contracted to kill me. Blocked the caller


7202797433 | 720-279-7433

Hi, How are you doing? I will make it simple and short. I want to contribute an amazing guest post to your website. For that we just need to go with 3 steps: 1. I will send you some new topic ideas that will be tech-oriented and in trend too 2. You'll have to choose one out of those 3. I will then send a high-quality article on that chosen topic for you to publish on your website with one do-follow link to my site. Let me know how this sounds to you? Shall we start with step 1? Best, Aliza Zulfiqar


7013537259 | 701-353-7259

An unidentified party using (701) 353-7259 on my Caller ID in North Dakota called my number, indicating she was calling on behalf of "The Heritage Foundation," a very right-wing think tank in Washington, DC, probably looking for donations. I do not know where she got my cellphone number since very few people have it. By coincidence, I had been getting regular phone calls with no Caller ID from various locations in the USA and abroad, most credit card scams. The voice has always been the same like this one supposedly calling for The Heritage Foundation.


6615260237 | 661-526-0237

IT IS... American Addiction Centers. Such BS! You go to their site and enter your info. to see which rehab accepts your insurance, then apparently instead of it being a site that wants to help you, you are now a lead sent to their sales team and then at a minimum you're called 2-3 times EVERY DAY.


8775276112 | 877-527-6112

Told me i needed to purchase a 300 gift card to get a refund and took the money off of the card


2132124550 | 213-212-4550

I don’t they text back and forth


3344070961 | 334-407-0961

Called my daughter's number and asked her if she was alone and knew her last name. She was really creeped out is now fearful when she leaves the house


6469418429 | 646-941-8429

Apparently I have An appointment today on Saturday February 13th at 12:00.


2342173202 | 234-217-3202

scammer trying to sell education services. I have a graduate degree and 6 certifications! pfft. lol


9159750546 | 915-975-0546

auto warranty scam call


5755890589 | 575-589-0589

Hacker stole my account and encrypted my number at 5755890589


8666724672 | 866-672-4672

They left me a minute and nine second long voicemail of Take Me Hone, Country Roads by John Denver playing.


5874891490 | 587-489-1490

Called repeatedly, every few days, leaves a silent voicemail


4038614749 | 403-861-4749

403-861-4749 when you answer, it will start with the auto message like ' this is a call from service of Canada...." when you answer, there was an actual person talking to you, trying to get your name and info. He even had the badge number available! What a prepared spam!!


8559353778 | 855-935-3778

855-935-3778 is the phone they called from


4387996295 | 438-799-6295

Appel silencieux, aucun bruit.


8556720927 | 855-672-0927

Being used as a call back number in a Scam Amazon order email


8667694136 | 866-769-4136

Got the call today and left a message stating that from united collection bureau.


3865662802 | 386-566-2802

Scam. Salesman trying to rip you off


8313132858 | 831-313-2858

Is scam is asking for your social security number, they tell you, you have problems wit your number , but is the phone from my work, so I don't have my personal information in this number wtf, is scam don't answer.


7606237594 | 760-623-7594



6193780124 | 619-378-0124

619-0378-0124 is a scam call asking to confirm a purchase made using Amazon card. Do NOT call this number!!!!


6146395185 | 614-639-5185

This number is coming from a scammer off of Tender. She'll want you to get gift cards and then take a pic of the code to send her.


4422682265 | 442-268-2265

Total scam! Reported them to the FTC.


2142256637 | 214-225-6637

Scam. Addressed me by my DECEASED father's name wanting to buy my house.


6823175156 | 682-317-5156

They didn't even have nerve to leave a message as others posted. Wimpy scamsters. Block their # out.


6572698448 | 657-269-8448

657-269-8488 this number just texted me saying they found my lost cat. Scam! They texted me a Google Verification code and said for me to give it to them to prove I was the real owner! When I asked them to send me a picture of my cat they stopped responding.


6238561432 | 623-856-1432

Answered and they didn't say anything so I hung up.


8559977348 | 855-997-7348



8003039782 | 800-303-9782



8665608078 | 866-560-8078

Scam! They called me stating they are from a law firm in LA and trying to scare us into getting information and that we've been named in a law suit. I called the actual law office and they said they are aware of these people and it's a complete scam. So if you get a call with this phone number ignore it. If you call back they will just harass you.


8557334218 | 855-733-4218

1-855-433-4218 Claims to be able to help you get a rent to own home. Any truth to this?


8773521120 | 877-352-1120

Received a call but could tell it was a scam. They charged me $90.00. Somehow they got into my account for company GetStrandsProductscom. Fraud investigation now.


3463781328 | 346-378-1328

No identifying info in voicemail, did not call them back


5196491150 | 519-649-1150

BE AWARE OF CREDIT CARD SCAMMERS. Bryan Almas is using his father’s business to acquire customers credit card information to supply his crystal meth addiction. If you used ROYAL STUCO SYSTEMS in the last few years and experienced a theft and breach of your credit information then call the police. BRYAN ALMAS frauded you. He lives at 2226 wickerson st. London Ontario. He can be reached at 519-851-5311. 226-559-5106. 519-317-3737. BRYAN ALMAS MUST BE STOPPED.


4024433225 | 402-443-3225

Windstream internet solicitation


4029798452 | 402-979-8452