8009229092, +18009229092

When I asked what company was calling on behalf of he stated his name was Bill Meyers from Member Services for Visa and Mastercard. And offered lower rates for those cards. I said which card/s? He repeated himself. I then told him the phone says USAA ( I have never had any service from USAA). He thing said yes I'm calling from USAA member services. I asked for his number and told him I'll call him back. 1-800-922-9092 I'm Sure it was a scam. When looked up USAA the number was totally different.


8167611671, +18167611671

Geb may Mony


5853040663, +15853040663

keep calling from numerous numbers starting with the 585 304 numbers, i dont answer, if its that important they will leave a message, since I dont i block the numbers but they keep finding a way to call its annoying


9492295761, +19492295761

I received a call and let it go to voicemail. The message was a man named Branbon Schmidt, saying that a case order came to him this morning and that there was a claim against me. That I need to call the “firm”... know name just the firm. He gave a fancy case number and sounded like a well spoken male. Weird part is they call my wife, my daughter, my ex-wife and my work. Very stressful cause no body likes to be in trouble. After speaking with some family and friends I became pretty confident that this was a scam. The number they listed to call back was 9492295761. And the number they called from was 6572005907. If this happens to you also don’t call back. They are more then likely trying to get you to pay them money or give up personal information.


3028034488, +13028034488

Scam, no response on pickup, open line


5149196648, +15149196648



8002873148, +18002873148

800 287 3148 is a HACKER/SCAMMER!!!Will pretend a suspicious purchase was done and ask you to have access to your computer. EX. Amazon. After they get into your computer, they will make purchases. I hang up and blocked fone number but, were able to access my computer. Saw that my Amazon app was open and saw cursor making purchases. I opened cart and deleted purchases. Logged off and shutdown computer. Changed password.


6614434256, +16614434256

Telemarketer/scammer recording saying that my warranty expired.


9083045676, +19083045676

Random text from technical support never identifying the company represented. Looks like a scam from NJ scamming as if they are from Verizon/ Frontier services - Attempting a response from 908 304 5676 Scammer


3133296197, +13133296197

This number calls with an automated message saying there has been a system error and immediately hangs up. From there you will receive a text message that asks if you're interested in selling your house. It's another spoofing scam. Do not answer this numbers call unless you know exactly who is calling you.


7146420834, +17146420834

This number sends a text informing me there is a parcel pending for me and I need to confirm identification before they will deliver. I have received several messages from this number stating the same thing only they never get my name right.


6462471502, +16462471502

Received text: “ Do you want to know where to start making money?“


8765446103, +18765446103

U is a fool


7173646839, +17173646839

I've gotten texts like this from several numbers, I figured it was a scam. Don't click the link they send you. According to friends of friends they yeah you with it too kidnap you. Be careful, never click links you don't know.


7143831029, +17143831029

I’ve received multiple calls from this number and others starting with the same area code and first three digits. Claiming to be from the IRS and that they will suspend my Social. As someone who works in law enforcement it’s a scam. IRS will never call you. Also when I told the individual it was a scam and that I worked for a PD he became angry, before hanging up on me.


5702436294, +15702436294



2048088840, +12048088840

2048088840 is trying to buy stuff from Kijiji from me: person wants to pay using a cashiers check and have someone pick the fridge up once the payment cleared. This must be a scam.


5144314766, +15144314766



8552144988, +18552144988

Scam who wants my social security number.


9707073800, +19707073800

scammer - phishing for VISA info.


5742221253, +15742221253

SSN scammer


8667393701, +18667393701

Claims to be techfix and has me subscribed to some contract, I have never heard of them


4159196148, +14159196148

I called the number back and said they were from the Social Security Administration. Scam!!! SSS will never call you or leave a robo message saying your to call them back or they will discontinue your benefits.


9104309979, +19104309979

Woman with a Spanish accent says she is with the social security administration and that my social security number has been suspended. She insists that I vocally confirm my social security number to her so that she can reactivate it. When I refused she said that she could reactivate it for a fee payable only by credit card of $450 right then and there.


3213241155, +13213241155

32132341155 keeps calling my phone and is silent. The first time i picked up it asked for someone told them they had the wrong number and now they continue to call. they are silent so i blocked the number .


3067420445, +13067420445

Scammer do not answer


7788461241, +17788461241

Number called, left no voice mail. Not worth answering, probably scammers.


8092283945, +18092283945

+ 1809-228-3945 desde ese numero me intentaron estafar 500 dolares esos marditos dominicanos posteadores se que algunos si se buscan el dinero como es trabajando pero hay otros que viven de eso estafando a su propia gente supe enseguida que eran estafadores porque nisiquieras saban hablar y muchos menos escribir esa cuerdas de ignorantes analfabetas, eduquense primero y luego estafen con profecionalidad


9513867457, +19513867457

No message/ Oddly, my premium subscription to whitepages, shows this as a landline. The original number was issued to T-mobile in Riverside County and is a VoIP line. For the first time since I have been a premium member with whitepages, lists the owner as "no name associated with this number". The call locator shows the call came from a landline in Woodcrest, CA. There have been several searches according to Whitepages premium service in the past 14 days. There was no voicemail message left to provide any further information.


8103336763, +18103336763

SCAM - robocall Social Security fraud scam


5034878413, +15034878413

you block a number and another comes back as an email, or text message with malware links , that could harm your computer. I do not do business on a text message at all and i do not answer unknown numbers, but the calls continue and I report fraud all day long to the FTC, my phone provider, these foolish people are buying stolen id and personal information from the dark web due to all of these companies , that have low or terrible security, and that is where the breaches are coming from.


6002374281, +16002374281



9179435092, +19179435092

19179435092 received a text saying they have a package they found from February and want me to claim it. Block number. Its a scam trying to get personal info.


2819164132, +12819164132

Home seller scam, harassing text messages, multiple numbers.


8323071960, +18323071960

Home seller scam, harassing text messages, multiple numbers.


7577829045, +17577829045

SCAM. Left no message BUT i googledphone# & it showed "Landscape Service" in Newport Va. which is nowhere near me. Internet ad was not realistic. It had no print info,address, contact info,etc. SCAM be careful


8096209328, +18096209328

8096209328 Everyday I get a call from this number. Its been a month already. Constant calls and they never say a word


9164799523, +19164799523



8552509616, +18552509616

Same here. $500 payday loan. I owed $1,400.00 but they would waive fees if I paid them $500. Had my job, adddess, DL number, bank. Scam.


4804620639, +14804620639

480-462-0639 Sending political messages via text. Annoying.