5877188716, +15877188716

Scam: federal investigation bla-bla-bla


8768317032, +18768317032

Fake mega millions lottery scam claim there from lasvegas


6572965179, +16572965179

I keep getting a text from this number claiming to be Verizon thanking me for paying my bill on time for 10 years. Of course there is a link to get my new iphone. I'm calling scam on this one.


5198727772, +15198727772

I received a letter in my mailbox from a Mike Nowicki claiming he's looking to buy houses and the phone number he left is 519-872-7772.


6692584489, +16692584489

Supposedly a debt collector calling for someone not associated with my phone. They do not give a company name, only saying to call "the office" and threatening legal action over a mysterious debt agreement.


6139799905, +16139799905

Automated women's voice saying she's with the cra and they have tried contacting me many times and there's a warrant out for my arrest.


5023856809, +15023856809

Scam call


6468323185, +16468323185

Scam business seems like


5148611292, +15148611292

ils ce fond passer pour Bell la compagnie d'internet ce sont des voleurs


5184181426, +15184181426

second time called. answering machine took call and they hung up without leaving message. considered either spam or telemarketer.


5628520167, +15628520167

Sent text message to get free cash with a link. I did not click on it.


5854179527, +15854179527

3 rd call in 2 days pick up and no answer - blocked number


8889705049, +18889705049

call all the time court case against me. i never answer scam


8889011694, +18889011694

This person said the call was being recorded and requested for someone by name. When I asked who is calling, she gave her name (I don't remember it) then said the call was being recorded. I suspect a scam.


5025129618, +15025129618

Dont pay them! It is a scam!


5026317996, +15026317996

The number 502 631 7996 was registered as a business account, claiming that it’s from Arizona and has been actively carrying on scamming activities, don’t ever release your personal info and report that number


9054800549, +19054800549

1905480-0549 called me saying they are from Rogers and said someone had obtained a new sim card using my Drivers licence and passport. I told them didn't. They said they will report it as fraud and they should call Equifax and Transunion. I called Rogers and the said there is not report on my file. I put a fraud alert on my files.


8095107374, +18095107374

Desde ese número aun activo mantuvieton comunicación para la transacción del dinero que pagué por un aire acondicionado. Necesito ayuda por favor!


3063731358, +13063731358

3063731358 Saskatoon Scam


5146879515, +15146879515

15146879515 Message automatique scam


7156903658, +17156903658

I asked if they sold auto warrentues and if they covered interiiors. Cause some squirt. Never called back


8555726247, +18555726247

text reads : come in 3/17/20 to any of our locations and try your luck with our wheel at checkout. Insert Link Here. Reply STOP to unsub.


9012747165, +19012747165

This person can send me massage but after not replying any my massage


3236496238, +13236496238

Slept with the whore now have AIDS


8667481319, +18667481319

Claimed to be the Social Security Agency investigating a SS Scam. If I didn't call back and provide my identity information, because my information was blocked, I would be arrested immediately.


4185513132, +14185513132

Received a call asking me to call urgently 19007898696 but not telling me what it's all about when asked. Most probably it's a scam or something like that.


2494915013, +12494915013

Esta persona me esta agradiendo y me esta amenasando de muerte nose quien es incluso me esta exsije dinero yo lo bloquie tengan cuidado con esta persona asta manda fotos de jente asesinada para intimidarlo auno tengan cuidado este es el numero de donde llama nose como sella este honbre 249 491 5031


3322093057, +13322093057



6468395721, +16468395721

I get bombarded with this New York company constantly. They disguise their # in many different formats as to fool me. They say disgusting horrible things to me when I address them. They have a mafia style approach to loaning money to your company. I can't get them to stop calling no matter what.


5200050288, +15200050288

okay, I've been having these same experiences with this number and many others as well, asking for medical information, social services, you name it. Well about a month ago my husband and I were visiting his mother and she had this lady staying there to help with financial support, and while we there my husband had noticed while looking for the title to truck, that some old W-2s of his were missing out of his file, and resent tax information that has been filed jointly with my husband and I's social security numbers attached to them as well, I'm sure we met her because his mother's old office was that woman's bedroom converted of course, that's where we found his personal file, I think she said her name was Mariah and was from ceder city UT, said she had a daughter that lived there to with her girlfriend, might not be anything, but with personal information gone missing, woman has no job, and and this is what people are talking about going on , thats a lot of spam calls and the variety of phone numbers calling people trying to get them to give up money for it to be just nothing, my husband is filing identity theft just in case!


6005278862, +16005278862

6005278862 kiski name par sim hai


2072237653, +12072237653



8773874044, +18773874044

Got call from 877-387-4044. Rapid call back 3 times with an incomplete automated message left.


8096625454, +18096625454

Una notificación por favor, necesito investigar de quién es el número que está molestando


6044455643, +16044455643

fraud call from federal investigations


8666852647, +18666852647

Called with vague threats. Seemed to be a scam.


7782203928, +17782203928

Called to auto tell me i am under investigation by the federal investigator blah blah court filing blah blah send me to jail etc


7192048163, +17192048163

scam to buy property


8008249289, +18008249289

call from this number, said they were with microsoft and would send me $200.00 dollar refund, but I needed to send them 97.21 to Pay Pal. Talked to Roger Parker, sounds like he is from call center in India. They are holding my files and computer until I pay.


8004637537, +18004637537

Social insurance scam and constant calling