8605663292, +18605663292

scam: This is an automated security to look for up to your Apple account might be addressed so to not to from any online activities press one to connect what Apple Support Thank you.


8002524132, +18002524132

Recording reported possible I'd hack,press 1 to be connected with social security


8559483687, +18559483687

Got an email with an amazon purchase in the amount of $1200. No purchase was on my order history. Instead of calling the number, i looked here first. Scam. Watch out!


5182416257, +15182416257

They tried to Scam me.


7864809112, +17864809112

Guy by the name James total scum constantly trying to used scam tactics beware


6475263151, +16475263151

This man keeps calling my number several times a day. First few times didn't leave a message. Then close to midnight, he leaves message and says he is calling from Pizza Pizza and then sings a tune.


5145190947, +15145190947



2068860427, +12068860427

Claimed to be a law firm in Seattle... Boyd and Lyman Law. Convincing website and entry in yelp but they don't exist. Sophisticated scam.


7178378123, +17178378123

Scam! just block the number immediately. Inappropriate pictures trying to get money and meet up.


8293278940, +18293278940

I also got a call at nearly 2am. 5 seconds of a girl crying before hanging up. Very very strange.


2106217025, +12106217025

Received a message from this number stating legal enforcement actions filed on your social security number for fraudulent activities


8007616322, +18007616322

Tried to scam me. Posing as an Apple rep.


8008016059, +18008016059

Try to scam me.. posing as Apple rep


8077875947, +18077875947

my number is new and private but this number still called me anyway. i did NOT provide them my number at anytime and i did not answer when they called. i still consider them as spammers or at least a pain, especially when im registered with the national do not call list.


5068545996, +15068545996

Had two 'dead air' messages from this number early today then was home when another call came in. I answered, said hello, and was immediately greeted by a recording asking me to rate an interaction I'd had with the New Brunswick Tele-care (811) system. It's legit folks. Glad I answered and go to participate.


2097128600, +12097128600

209-712-8600 called 3/13/20-- claimed to be social security department regarding fraud. Obvious fake shit!!! Told em to F off, blocked# and reported/filed complaint with real SS admin. Phone scam thru & thru!!!


4199309218, +14199309218

Didn't pick up as I don't answer numbers I don't know. No voicemail left.


7023759246, +17023759246



8456646191, +18456646191

Called twice and no one on other line


4184829366, +14184829366

the caller accused me of stealing and that they have reported me to the police and the police were arriving shortly to arrest me. if i wanted to know more i was asked to press #1. I just hung up


4388138295, +14388138295

Fatiguants. harcèlent avec différents numéro sans laisser de messages.


6193041131, +16193041131

Social security scam!!


2565686813, +12565686813

This page shows it is from Bowdon, Carroll County, Alabama. THERE IS NO BOWDON or CARROLL COUNTY in ALABAMA.


2267782945, +12267782945

Called to say that my "Visa" card had been compromised at 5am. I don't have a Visa card, nor would I have believed the computer voice anyway. Don't be scammed people!!!


8887643514, +18887643514



8883666583, +18883666583

I received about a half a dozen calls from this number in the last two days. The caller saying there are civil summons that needed to be served to me from Maricopa County DA's Office in Phoenix, Arizona, for an outstanding loan. It's a scam. Don't answer any questions or voluntary any either


4384692268, +14384692268

Got a call from this number on March 12 2020. They knew my name, some company about windows for doors (it was hard to understand). Right away asked me how long I've been living in my apartment. I asked how they got my name and number, the caller said that maybe someone entered me in a contest... What??? I told them to not call me back and he hung up.


7787721544, +17787721544

Fake news. Canada revenue agency scam. Don't pick up, telling me that I have trouble with the law. Warrant for arrest. Fuc! You scammer assholes


5127903084, +15127903084

Sent me death threats


8457938101, +18457938101

Canadian pharmacy, caller said when asked where they calling from.. Asked if I had done business w them b4 and the answer was no... hung up on them next..


8664927590, +18664927590

Received a call with my mortgage company name and was left a message that said I had to call them back asap or I would be foreclosed. They left the name Sam Moody and call back number of 866-492-7590. I called the number but it would not go through. I called my mortgage Co. and I am not in foreclosure and they would not make a call like that. How do they do that? We have to be vigilant!


7178378113, +17178378113

Continued from comment above. A minute after the reply asking if I was still there, this followed. Oh wait a minute.. I may have texted the wrong person lol whats your name lol is this even a guy?? I at this point searched the number and came across these comments originating from other numbers starting with the same area code 717. All comments mentioning this Jennifer person and although I didnt get up to the point of conversation of naked pictures or sexting type chat, just by the way these texts started out with I knew immediately I was being the target of the same scam. It's been 20 minutes now from my last response I sent after the one asking if I was a guy... where I continued by saying "How did you get this number?" I've yet to receive a response but expecting to get one shortly.


6132391054, +16132391054



8668850483, +18668850483

they called, i answered, they just listened to me for 3 seconds then hung up, must be scam or spam


8772499596, +18772499596

Social Security BS Scam!


9514298429, +19514298429

Her name julienne celestino and she is a sex offender


3462095823, +13462095823

Scumbag scammer. They need to get a real job. They must be lazy scum.


8552509431, +18552509431

got a 2fa notification from this number for john hancock


3304267726, +13304267726

bullshit is scanning my PC


5093429414, +15093429414

No it’s a good caller and safe enough.