2817840216, +12817840216



8767846254, +18767846254

Called me telling me that I had won $1.5 million and a Mercedes from PCH. All I needed to do was get a postal money order for $857 ( according to their poor math skills that is 1% of the prize). I told him that if I needed to pay money to get money it was a scam. He hung up on me.


5149895942, +15149895942

Sonner une fois et raccrocher


6134812736, +16134812736

Scammer pretendig to be from my bank.


8182234003, +18182234003

18182234003 This Number call me , I didn't answer, No voice message left, So I think it is SPAM


9177047861, +19177047861

Beware of this man he leaves threatening messages


9106348695, +19106348695

Received a call and left a message about refinancing my student loan, by the way, I have none.


3214259266, +13214259266

Constantly calls and leaves no message


8009907493, +18009907493

They said press 1 to speak with an officer or they would have to issue an arrest warrant.I'm sure my probation officer would have told me if I were in trouble, hahaha


8552189850, +18552189850

Said they were from the Social Security Administration. Try to scam you by giving them your SSN.


5143755681, +15143755681



2055109718, +12055109718

Called me several times. Did not leave voicemail message. When you call the number back, you receive an automated message: "Thank you for calling. This call is being monitored and recorded for quality control. Please hold." Since the company name is not announced, I blocked the number.


9794281940, +19794281940

these people called every day, sound like from India


8776689883, +18776689883

Caller from 877-668-9883 tried to get me to give the phone number of a relative.


6674445754, +16674445754

Let a message “To me on my department division number that is 667 444 5754 I repeat 667 444 5754 now if I don't hear a call from you we will have to issue and arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested so get back to me as soon as possible thank you


8652837352, +18652837352

Connie called me at work To discuss a personal manner Scammers. Stop calling me


9162912827, +19162912827

Sudhar. Jao


6049232076, +16049232076



6045051879, +16045051879



6047289172, +16047289172



4387978931, +14387978931

1-438-797-8931 Bad people, who want to scam you. These guys are just too amusing but I had to move on once they got abusive. If they call you, drop the line immediately, unless you are washing the dishes, have time to waste and want to be amused.


7072158358, +17072158358

A Female keeps calling from Social Catfish wanting to chat


8552057202, +18552057202

Tries to sound authorative and threatening they will take action. SCAM. Guy that called is Eddie Graham ?


8667118111, +18667118111

Said they were free techs from Hewlett Packard - but instead of fixing my printer they claimed both my computers were corrupted. They would "fix them" for $350. It's a big scam.


7178378066, +17178378066

Jen from Roseville, in the area visiting her sister. Bored, a little drunk, thought she was texting someone she met on POS (plenty of fish). Sent trashy picture with her nipple out, said do you like? Also asked for a picture as well. My husband said he was married, said she was into stuff like that. Wanted to meet up for a drink that night to get to know him. Also asked what kind of women he was into and told him she was all natural. He then blocked her.


5614628827, +15614628827

BioStation in Delray Beach, FL


4055912318, +14055912318

I live in another state and received a text saying it was "Rick" wanting to talk about "the" property in Midwest City, OK. After a couple of back and forth texts it was clear something wasn't right. Also, I tried calling the number and got the "not receiving phone calls" message.


4438618215, +14438618215

Social security scam. I pressed 1 to speak to someone who claimed to be the social security office. I told him he was a crook and should be ashamed. He just hung up. I dare him to call me back!!!


7143330213, +17143330213

7143330213. Getting tired of dishonest people


9283268600, +19283268600

Rohit Singh Singh


2677480340, +12677480340

Scammer. (267) 748-0340. Scammer listed property on Craigslist and impersonated homeowner in Washington state, attempting to rent out his home to me. BEWARE!! Very nice and convincing.


6478351010, +16478351010

This butch cheats on your husband/ baby daddy with her ex boyfriends


8005578889, +18005578889

Very robotic voice claimed that due to possible fraud, my SS number has been suspended, and it wanted me to press “1” to connect to someone to get it straightened out. Total scam. I am concerned that I got this call just a few hours after I was on a SocSec website - how did they track that ?


9022011031, +19022011031

Scam. Call multiple times a day


8006334227, +18006334227

This number is calling me & saying they are Medicare. They will tell you to look at your CALLER ID & look on your Medicare Card & the phone numbers were the same. I put them on hold & called the number & reached Medicare. It is the same number! They were trying to sell back, neck, leg, shoulder braces & asking about areas of pain. The 1st caller had a mean tone to his voice & foreign language. With the other party on the phone Medicare specifically said; THEY WILL NOT CALL YOU! THEY WILL ALWAYS SEND VIA US POSTAL SERVICE. The call I made to Medicare was disconnected and the original caller hung on & STILL ask me to look on my card & give them specific numbers. When I ask the man if he understood why I had called Medicare he got very pushy & firm with me. I hung up on him. They continue to call. Some days, more than others. I get various unknown calls that show the number & if I don't recognize it, I don't answer it. All the numbers are pinging the same location. I figure it must be the same caller. This should be stopped! When someone can replicate a government number & it actually seems legitimate & isn't, it's time for OUR GOVERNMENT TO DO SOMETHING!


2069341385, +12069341385

Tired of receiving spam calls several times a day from 206-934-1385. I got Robokiller it works but doesn’t catch all of them


2254271839, +12254271839

225-427-1845 student loan forgiveness never had a student loan in my 60s if I did it would have been paid off long ago


8553408850, +18553408850

855-340-8850 is calling me several times a day. I have not answered but they don't leave messages either.


7792407251, +17792407251

said I qualified to get all my credit cards down to zero % interest rate. Don't have any credit cards. SCAM


9802229638, +19802229638

Continued calls from this number 980-222-9638, wrong number