7855515326, +17855515326

Received a phone call from this local number and when I answered it was a robo-telemarking company thanking me for choosing visa credit card.


8009186466, +18009186466

This number called our business line and automated voice stating that "my" social is suspended due to suspicious activity. It then says to press 1 to speak with the officer on the case. Pressed 1 out of curiosity and someone with an Indian accent answered the phone. When googling the number is coming from Kansas. As soon as I said "I know you're a scammer" they hung up. The number they called our business on was 800-918-6466


8174068617, +18174068617

Robot left a voicemail saying my social was found suspicious for illegal activities and was told to call back to clear it up. Blocked the number immediately.


7742129777, +17742129777

This is the text keeps coming to my phone and I haven’t even got PayPal. Your PayPal is now blocked. Please re-confirm your identity today or your account will be permanently closed. This comes with a link to click on which I haven’t included. Please beware as if I did have a paypal account I would have thought it was real.


5402390569, +15402390569

The guy said Hello my name is Sfc Hannett with the Army Reserve. I was wondering if you would like some information about how I can help you pay for college or pay your debt. If you would just let me know.


7548128490, +17548128490

This is a dangerous scam call wanting last four digits of SSN and threatens you with arrest.


6474956066, +16474956066

This number is an Escorts number in case you found it in your mans phone .. lol


8006997136, +18006997136

They keep calling claiming to be from Social Security and saying its urgent to call back. I reported them to the FTC and Social Security who confirmed it's a scam


8186399525, +18186399525

Jason from some unknown agency called to let me know there would be 2 attempts to deliver important legal paperwork. His voice was very authorative. He left another number to call that was toll free and a claim number. I was out today and will be home for the next several days and let's see who turns up.


3527470068, +13527470068

Frequent caller. Always hangs up when answering machine comes on. Never leaves a message. Suspect a nuisance charity solicitor. (One of many who pester us every day.)


8556200597, +18556200597

Optimum RX. Prescription scam. Prescription is being held up for additional information. Please call............. I have no prescriptions pending, or otherwise. Have received this before.


8059015550, +18059015550

+18059015550 is MY phone number. Please take it off your list!!!


8664682781, +18664682781

Calling from social security administration due to fraudulent activity on my social causing them to suspend it. Because that's how I would be notified. Press 1 to speak to an out of country rep who will request your full name and social.


8005399619, +18005399619

This number robocalled me telling my Social security number was compromised. The social security administration will NEVER contact you in this manner. This is a fraud.


8005313369, +18005313369

Represented themselves as the Social Security Office saying my number was being used fraudulently, and if I didn't speak with an investigating officer immediately I would be charged with fraud in court.


6136838661, +16136838661

Scam. Pretending to phone from Service Canada about SIN card.


9002596035, +19002596035

Got a call from 900-259-6035, didn't answer the phone. And they didn't leave a message.


7577429718, +17577429718

Caller was from POS legal services. A rep named David Dorsey threatening to collect wages source of income on behalf of a payday loan from Advance America. I’ve never received a payday loan in my life, so do yourself a favor and be careful. With the holiday season coming up these scams will definitely be increasing.


8006862464, +18006862464

This number is a complete scam it's someone in another country saying that they are the IRS saying that they are social security then they're gonna ask you all your information when they get you on the phone so that they can steal your freaking information


8662452376, +18662452376

robotic computerized voice left message on voicemail saying I was part of a Social Security investigation and needed to contact them immediately.... blah, blah, blah.


7045826301, +17045826301

Debt collector


6003122685, +16003122685

gonehs das


2505232073, +12505232073

Scammers from westjet apparently


7733779691, +17733779691

Wants to take care of a Chicago fine.


8552214415, +18552214415

Unsafe call do not return call or answer. They want checking account info. Scam and very rude and hostal.


2506974499, +12506974499

The messages says they are from Service Canada and that my SIN number is on hold due to suspicious activity. You press 1 to speak to someone, they take their name and then they hang up.


4037764487, +14037764487



9415862627, +19415862627

+19415862627 call from a Tampa mobile nbr and was rejected on my android with a auto text message "Your not on my authorized call list. Your number is being traced. They sent me a return text message "Who are you!" LOL. Blocked.


6472270227, +16472270227

Scam number - There's an automatic voice that says your phone number has been selected for a $900 credit from Westjet.


6476494240, +16476494240

getting calls same time approx. each day for 647 this is one of them. No caller ID, No message left. Unknown caller.


8563298845, +18563298845

This number has called me about 3 times yesterday and already 3 times today. It’s saying it’s from Woodstown. I don’t know anyone from there. They’re not leaving a vm so I just blocked it.


9177798410, +19177798410

917.779.8410 Keeps calling me I have no idea who it is it's blocked anyone have an idea


5732426401, +15732426401

They keep calling from different numbers but same prefix. I block them and they call from another number! My youmail program has flagged them as scammers


6139759968, +16139759968

CRA scam


8763900524, +18763900524

said (used my first name) you have got Publisher's Clearing House Package and to call 976-390-0524 for more information. said name was ____ Carter; couldn't understand his first name.


2017718589, +12017718589

Some one from this number texted me and asked if this was still my number? I replied who is this? No reply back. Then tried to call this number back and it says it has been disconnected.


8002093671, +18002093671



9494611088, +19494611088

This joker texted me an offer to win big money! Imagine that--must be an altruistic society. Blocked.


3164629246, +13164629246

Spam. Do not answer.


7723883098, +17723883098

this is a scam call report them.