8015150225 | 801-515-0225

keeps calling, never leaves a message.


3344540173 | 334-454-0173

Escriben por whatsapp a estafar a la gente


5202178448 | 520-217-8448

Knew my name and said trying to get in touch with me for a job


8776291317 | 877-629-1317

A message came to my email I had ordered a SAMASUNG S20 Phone From Amazon its was my email but the phone was being sent to a Thomas D Mark at 1621 14th St Dayton, Ohio that is not me, Message said call 877-629-1317 to cancel when I called that number to let them know they sent it to the wrong email the man who sounded foreign with alot of background static on the other end wanted my information, and information about my phone Why?? that number is not a number listed for Amazon when I google for their number seems fishy.


5632727225 | 563-272-7225

Me enviaron un sms diciendo que tengo una compra volaris jajajaja ni al caso


8889145806 | 888-914-5806



3372261771 | 337-226-1771

337-226-1771, This person name Michael T. Noonan calling my cell phone asking me: Do I know about the IRS Tax Service Program. I said no I never heard of it. He said that it is a paid back Taxes that you own. I said I don't own back anything. He said Thank you for your time. He didn't say that he is sorry for anything. I am disable, I never file taxes. SCAM!!!!!! FROM Carencro, Louisiana and 62 years old Male.


5012616458 | 501-261-6458

POS have been harassing us for the last 18 months. Calling prepaid Tracfone - voice mail not set up and only family has # but POS still managed to find our #. Calls/texts addressed to Melanie who does not exist but they want to offer health insurance, then mortgage, then sold our cell # to DoorDash who harass us about food delivery from Nevada and Florida. Recd 2 texts from Brandon today - 10:01 am and 10:37 am. If we block the POS #, they will harass us from another so POS can keep calling/texting since they have nothing else to do in their POS worthless life. May they rot and burn in hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7043680765 | 704-368-0765

Calls numerous times and leaves no message. Annoying caller from Charlotte, NC according to caller ID. Now blocked.


3366523210 | 336-652-3210

This number is safe and belongs to Virtue Dental Care


8777774778 | 877-777-4778



9016088774 | 901-608-8774



9028121289 | 902-812-1289

Charlottetown is not in NS it is in PEI. Missed call came up on my phone as Research.


8669312097 | 866-931-2097

Phone automatically blocked as possible scam. No message left.


5595501976 | 559-550-1976

Call and don't leave a message


6614605121 | 661-460-5121

There using maimi there saying im almost done i can earn $18 per hour. Including tips in Miami fl that i need too finish my uploading documents i never sign up for this crap. 3rd party hackers need to stop


8662563055 | 866-256-3055

They called me and sure it's a scam


8077009400 | 807-700-9400

Multiple calls from this number daily now. I answer say hello several times and they hang up. No one speaks, no automatic service starts. Just silence and hangs up.


8666247351 | 866-624-7351

Scammer just called me saying I owe my credit union that I still bank with and how the police go come and lock me up and cursing and yelling at me


3016033341 | 301-603-3341

3016033341 is safe and belongs to Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates


8557560077 | 855-756-0077

8557560077 is safe and belongs to Dr. Harvey Levy & Associates


7068009118 | 706-800-9118

7068009118 This number is safe and belongs to Augusta Endodontic Center


4109413436 | 410-941-3436

"This number is safe and belongs to Bingham-Lester Dentistry "


9729925929 | 972-992-5929

Call then hang up Pain inthe butt


2042899915 | 204-289-9915

This number is safe . This number is a charity.. The Council for the Blind . Having said this , I do not agree with the way charities are allowed to bother people at all times of the day and never leave a message. Today, they actually called my first name , But , still never left a message . If I speak to them , I will inform them that I will never support a charity that behaves this way ; they at least should have a caller name attached to their call ; policies need to be made to change the current way of anonymous charity phone calls.


2409981044 | 240-998-1044



8007712123 | 800-771-2123

this number is a scam called saying that my social security number was compromised.


7186189698 | 718-618-9698

7186189698 is safe and belongs to El Paso Modern Dentistry


7703434052 | 770-343-4052

7703434052 is safe and belongs to Bella Hanono Family Dentistry


8183027495 | 818-302-7495

SCAMMER Roland is a Hinge App scammer. Fake pictures. Says he's in Berkeley, but number is from Hollywood. Of all places. He barely knows English. Will never meet. Only chats on Whatsapp. Super Sus. Don't be fooled.


8775095830 | 877-509-5830

They sent me an email and said that I ordered $500 worth of Amazon fire sticks. Their phone number was at the bottom of the email. I know that this is a scam because I did not order it and it does not show up on any of the information on my Amazon account. So obviously they are scammers.


8886186710 | 888-618-6710

Offered me an estimate on construction and called me Jim. Said I needed to click a link. Didn’t even bother to respond.


8004967223 | 800-496-7223

800-496-7223 Received a threating message saying I must be home certain hours or I will be sent to court. The person said that I have officially been notified.


2262437791 | 226-243-7791

I keep getting calls from this phone number 226-243-7791 I know it's from my city but I don't know the phone number they never seem to leave any voicemail to let me know who the hell they are but they call me at least 3-4 times a day an really getting sick an tired of it so I think it's time to block the phone number as I am getting right annoyed, as this number always calls me when Igo to lay down. so I'm gonna Text it first on say who the heck is this, I don't answer phone numbers I don't know. if no reply itwill be BLOCKED FOR Good!!!


8774795178 | 877-479-5178

Hi, I want to contribute high-quality content to your website in form of a guest post through a simple 3 step process. 1. I will send three amazing topic ideas that are up to the trend and your readers' interest 2. You need to choose one topic out of those. 3. I will then send a high-quality, plagiarism-free article on that topic. You will just have to publish it with one do-follow backlink to my website. It will be a win-win. Please let me know if we shall start with step 1? Best, Crist Roy


9563381759 | 956-338-1759

Told me I’m being sued


7783386674 | 778-338-6674

i also received a call, no msg left


5147004409 | 514-700-4409

Demandé pour les Ressources Humaines.


2676162185 | 267-616-2185

This phone number belongs to: Garage Door Expert Inc. Philadelphia PA 19116 267-616-2185


2043140291 | 204-314-0291

This jerk called my land line pretending to be my nephew and asked for my mother and then for my (deceased) father by name. I asked if he'd lost his 'f'ing mind and that my father was dead. He said good, Im glad he's dead. Now he doesn't have to deal with your psycho a$$ anymore. What kind of person does this crap?