9023500982, +19023500982

Got a text with an e-transfer alert saying I have money waiting for me. Seems like a phishing scam. I just deleted the email without clicking. The link was interac dot Ohiokush dot com. Ohio Kush is some kind of marjuana service, but that URL could be fake too.


6829905834, +16829905834

He is renting out homes that are under foreclosure and pretending that he will send the keys


4337781930, +14337781930

text trying to sell me Liberty insurance. i live in Canada


5302041243, +15302041243

Called demanding social security number and birth date. Was rude when I refused. Wouldn't say what it was regarding. Probably a scam


6205336027, +16205336027



2107194108, +12107194108

creepy caller, the whole experience was too real.


7758451956, +17758451956

Asking about my private parts, said she likes big ones!!


4506261672, +14506261672

another CRA refund scam


2142289732, +12142289732

i love you


5612179307, +15612179307



4138930200, +14138930200

utilities scam


4105336379, +14105336379

Everyday of our lives with these annoyance calls 4105336379


2398880435, +12398880435

A texted marriage proposal!! Oo la la!


3459223508, +13459223508

hey Louie whats up


8557250313, +18557250313

Scam. Asking you be volunteer to visit 25 houses in your neighbourhood for cancer donation. Do not fall for it.


7754190873, +17754190873

Answered the phone and it starts ringing as if I placed the call. After 4 rings, says person at extension #### is not available.


4022870641, +14022870641

I came here looking for a 'Reverse Lookup'. Rang my Cell, I do not answer calls that don't have a name; and left no message!


7037194547, +17037194547

Call from 7037194547 threatened me said he needs information about activities they think I may be involved in. I said send me a letter by US Mail, said it’s not possible. He said he would subpoena me I said for what? He claimed he cannot tell me what I was asking for but he needs to continue asking me questions. People in background speaking loudly sounds like a Boiler Room. I hung up he was beginning to sound very weird. It’s my impression the Government doesn’t call you on phone they send letters to you. ?? I have always been told that.


4038640533, +14038640533

Spam 4038640533


8457977182, +18457977182

received call possible spam


8102167498, +18102167498

Scam, let it go to voicemail and it was a automated message saying there is law suits against me and to not call anyone except this number. If I dont call back they will call local authorities on me


2152333959, +12152333959

2152333959 is a taped message about eligibility for a credit card. This is definitely a sham for extracting personal information. They've called several times during the month with the same tape on consecutive days. The call gets through call block by changing their name to a legitimate business in the area. It appears to be a landline.


7254012141, +17254012141



7743250210, +17743250210

This was a text message sent to a business cell phone, this is the 4th scammer of 2019 already. I have become very aware of these scams because of the horrible written English, and then when I follow up with the scammer they give me an address out of a online real estate listing ex Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, its really dumb! Hello good day, i am Alex Hood i will like to know if you render roof inspection, removal and remodeling service, i aquired a property in the neighborhood i want the roof inspected. Thanks and hope to hear back from you soon. Thank you Alex Hood So be warned, just wanted to share...


8765270184, +18765270184

Got a call saying I had won $6 million and a Mercedes. The call quality was really bad, and I could not make out who the guy said he was or the organization he represented. He actually hung up and called me back to try to get a better connection when I said I could not understand him. He did not have a foreign accent.


2816168782, +12816168782

this number called me and said my social security account was frozen and to call them back social security does not give you a toll call back number so beware if this scam


8665326801, +18665326801

Called, left a voicemail implying they are from a law firm, and if I do not call back they will tell the client to pursue some asset retention action. They called with the 866-532-6801 number, but voicemail said to call back at 866-996-5855.


7745387232, +17745387232

They said my car’s extended warranty was expiring. They seemed polite when the machine connected me to a representative, and they apologized.


5306275583, +15306275583

Religious money making scam


8667268777, +18667268777

Received a call from 866-726-8777, a recorded message stated it was the social security administration and my social security number had been suspended due to suspicious activity. To learn about this case, press 1 This is an obvious scam as the Social Security Administration would 1) Never contact be recorded message; 2) would contact in writing via United States Postal Service. If they call back I will answer, press 1, and record the hell out of these people. It's just the investigator in me!


8668419166, +18668419166

Local cable company, he tried selling me wireless boxes at a discount price since I was a loyal customer, I work for spectrum, we donot offer wireless dvrs.. I was asked to pay $499.99 and they would throw in a free 42 inch tv.. they asked for my cc #


8554150637, +18554150637

Received a call from 855-415-0637 claiming legal action. Number search comes up invalid. Called number. Identifies as a Newman & Associates in California. Sounds like a scam.


3065415066, +13065415066

It’s a scam


2025966498, +12025966498

It’s a scam


6123143096, +16123143096

Got a weird text with a qr code which I didn’t investigate since it’s suspicious the text read “This is only the beginning. Flash this pass at participating events for special perks.”


8126315129, +18126315129



8593635639, +18593635639

This person is attempting to scam people out of $1,000 to fly to the USA from Dubai. They used the name Kimberly Witt. 8593635639 was the auto generated number used in this scam.


2406605221, +12406605221

Called and left a message requesting the last four digits of my SS# immediately or a warrant for my arrest would be issued. Not sure what this call was for other than as a scam.


6474993934, +16474993934

scam call about crystal trader are connected with binary options scams do not give money or personal information to them for your own good


2129150118, +12129150118

scam, cheat you with unnecessary services