5083703724 | 508-370-3724

Claimed they would give me $50 for overpaid electric bill and asked me to push "2" . Scam.


8765081193 | 876-508-1193

Number is a big scammer!!!


3047070658 | 304-707-0658

SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! The robocaller stated this was the Social Security Admin and told me to immediately call back as my SS# was compromised. Subsequently, 2 minutes prior to this robocall instructing me to call that number directly back, several thousand dollars were taken from my bank account, unauthorized, and the funds are not there so it has thrown me into a negative balance. I’m positive the 2 have everything to do with one another and I called my banking institute instead of following the instructions to call that number because I immediately googled the number and others have also reported it as a scam. BEWARE!!


8298797175 | 829-879-7175

Es un mmg


5878834052 | 587-883-4052

5878834052 calling constantly - several times daily - Reported as fraud.


8556124955 | 855-612-4955

Scammers! Will steal your info and money careful


7609045030 | 760-904-5030

Getting sick of the Idiot's calling, told them Take me off the list, I am not going to change anything! An don't want the crap calls, But they don't care nor listen! Scams in my opinion


8004469201 | 800-446-9201

Service canada SCAMMMMM!!!!!!!


4795951774 | 479-595-1774

479-595-1774 SCAM caller. Man with East Indian accent called my cell, I answered phone number and listened to a VOIP robodial message about fraudulent activity regarding my SSN and followed prompts to get a human. Gentleman stated they were calling about activity on my SSN and asked me to Identify myself at which time I said You called me so you should know who I am! I told him that this is not the process of how the SSN Administration nor the IRS works and consider them reported as scam


6193537089 | 619-353-7089

Auto warranty services robocall


8003526664 | 800-352-6664

8003526664 calls leaves no message


8552006052 | 855-200-6052

They called me it was a scam and when I called back she yelled at me and hung up She then called me back from an unknown number saying she. Was charging me with harassment her name was miss Lisa smith 18552006052 ext 102 rediculous!! She’s harassing ME!’


7784035230 | 778-403-5230

Avoid call from them


8006033910 | 800-603-3910

Spam call


2095568721 | 209-556-8721

Recording from "social security agency" about suspicious activity, requesting social security number be input. VERY CLEARLY A SCAM.


2095569096 | 209-556-9096

Recording from "social security agency" about suspicious activity, requesting social security number be input. VERY CLEARLY A SCAM.


7016301228 | 701-630-1228

Called making some pretty disgusting demands, when I said no, she turned hostile and started making threats.


3145824061 | 314-582-4061

Called me four times in a row, one minute apart. Thankfully my cell service automatically blocks this number.


2039494748 | 203-949-4748

scammer pretending to call on behalf of government of canada and asking me to hit 1 on cell phone


3018501467 | 301-850-1467

Got a voicemail... "call us back now. if we dont hear from you, we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested"...i called them back from an unknown number and they hung up on me without either party saying anything. i called back and got a voicemail "unavailable, leave a message"


3479070377 | 347-907-0377

The guy said I was calling him and he kept calling me even knew my name but I never called him and said I better not do it again


5162941998 | 516-294-1998

I felt it was a robo call and hung up - called the number back and was told no one called from that number!!! Beware - don't fall into a trap!!!


4706734268 | 470-673-4268

They pretend to be a dog breeder but they take your money and run


7162689766 | 716-268-9766

Don’t stay with them for more then 3 mins that’s how they get your info


4143467444 | 414-346-7444

4143467444 auto warranty crap


8765104520 | 876-510-4520

Hey I won publishers clearing house! Lmao. David Miller gave me a claim number and everything!


8764307748 | 876-430-7748

Scam - Said I won Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. Wanted gift card for taxes.


8552338807 | 855-233-8807

855-233-8807 This number keeps calling my mother’s home number and harassing her about some other ladies debt with the same last name. It gives the name of Taylor Burnett to contact back.


3176489005 | 317-648-9005

multi calls all day I don't answer because I don't recognized number they never leave a message


9195513877 | 919-551-3877

Robo Call showed as “unknown number” 1111111111. “Bethany” said in the message to call them back at 919-551-3877. She never said the name of the company. The script was some nonsense about wanting to pay hard cash for my home equity. Funny thing is, this place is not a house and I just rent this unit, LOL! Scam!


2627470051 | 262-747-0051



5613277098 | 561-327-7098

ROBO KILLER picked this up as a reported scammer. Female called and asked for me by my first name. No accent. Wanted personal info to verify my identity. SSN, birthday, etc. Angry when didn't get the info she wanted and hung up. Never identified who she was, company calling, or why. SCAMMER!


8554810545 | 855-481-0545

The usual suspects


8772222573 | 877-222-2573

Claimed to be from my bank and named it in a phone message with a phony file number. Judging by the conflicting identities is most likely a scam.


4402713695 | 440-271-3695

said i made a purchase on amazon and to call them


4078907131 | 407-890-7131

unsolicited text asking me if I wanted to sell a local property, spam


9183216297 | 918-321-6297



8667378293 | 866-737-8293

Claims to be Pepco disconnection department. This is a scam. Do not send them money.


9027973950 | 902-797-3950

Rake kkdjd you kya is knickers I love the way you


7028756329 | 702-875-6329

Saying they're from Social Security going to suspend my account for fraudulent activities.