4166379979, +14166379979

Called and they picked up but wasn’t even talking back so I hung up


6477125381, +16477125381

Called back but didn’t even ring and went to automated message that said voicemail isn’t set up


8553397210, +18553397210

This number kept calling and threaten me


8003935969, +18003935969

Correction!!! just received a call from 800-393-5969 with a recording informing me that my social security number will be suspended and I should Press #1 now to connect with one of their legal representatives. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!


8559410581, +18559410581

Sent me a text from 205-546-2547 saying I owe money (had my name personally) and they've been trying to reach me and to call this number 855-941-0581, which is a robot. SCAM. I typed STOP and it came back saying I have successfully been unsubscribed. WTH.


8553353157, +18553353157

8553353157 8553353502 Hello my name is kathy johnson.... Scam caller who calls all known family at same time. If this is a real person we need to file complaints with FCC, BBB and local government


8662682662, +18662682662

Same voice and message except for name given, callback number, and reference number about federal student loan repayment. Other sites show mulitple people given the same reference numbers! 866-268-2662 Barbara Andrews reference # 010108 866-267-5445 Helen Williams reference # 330304 866-817-5665 Stephanie Lawrence reference # 770009 866-262-6116 Barbara Harris reference # 110102


6002765747, +16002765747



4692024748, +14692024748

Yeahhhh.. I live in Florida and some number called me saying they have a summons they're going to serve me between 3-5p.m. who serves a summons and warns the person. People will literally trick you into admitting your name first. Has to be in person... Plus... I have no business in Texas... That number isn't ny number. Damn it people


8697639790, +18697639790

+1 869-7639835 just quick calls without a chance to react. *blocked +1 869-7639033 same here after blocking the first


9132569343, +19132569343



5302802314, +15302802314

red bluff mt lassen charter office five daughter jones is drug user five daughter jones kill Oroville man for drugs five daughter jones is going out of business saleing every thing 5305292722


2064518679, +12064518679

Jason Blake is from Illinois- met him on plenty of fish- he asked me to western union him money


8772652279, +18772652279

Said my SS # has been compromised and was suspending it


5034002869, +15034002869

I miss dialed a number, after sending a text message as greetings to the number, he called me back yelling at me for texting him. He then sent me a text message using lots of foul language warning me not to text him ever again. ( I did inform him in the phone call i received that it was a wrong number and I was sorry for that)


2157153156, +12157153156



3054623309, +13054623309

Scam number calling my family members


6037463218, +16037463218

Scam - supposedly from "Windows Technical Support"


7056433944, +17056433944

Scam - supposedly from "Windows Technical Support"


2087794409, +12087794409

Received a scam call about federal student loans. The callback number was a toll free number, but the caller ID was this number.


4158735290, +14158735290

Left a message in Chinese on my answering machine. Seemed to be telemarketing.


8006132635, +18006132635

Left a voicemail about calling or my social security number will be permanently locked. Think it's a scam.


4024010194, +14024010194

Used profanity and muffled


8886300677, +18886300677

social security scam


8559050500, +18559050500

They will call pretending to be from Microsoft in order to gain backdoor access to your computer. Very legit sounding in their approach; however I wasn't comfortable when asked to be in front of my computer and put in this ridiculously long code that according to the real Microsoft service provider would've more than likely given these scammers unlimited control and access to my computer!! Hang up, block- do not engage with anyone from this number!!


7089396345, +17089396345

Namdar dandkdandkarna hay mobail namdar ok 7089396345


8555976457, +18555976457



8695583853, +18695583853

I am constantly receiving calls from this number please stop calling. I have tried blocking to no avail. Any advice.


5193834801, +15193834801

This is an escorts number


8477135609, +18477135609

Khabir sk


2676430307, +12676430307

Scam artist


8008363079, +18008363079

Rong nambar call butulu


8776187018, +18776187018

claim to be "social security administration" that there is a discrepancy with your ssn and that your acct is suspended. they are trying to scam you for information. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!!!


4039037134, +14039037134

I had my tablet stolen from my place, this guy seems to be friends with the guy that took my tablet and he had it in his hands and won't give me a name or address, keeps hanging up on me. If anyone wants to try this number, I am offering 100 bucks if I get it back! Pls call 587 350 3432 if found!


9292227398, +19292227398

found these numbers on my whats app( 9292227398 2347030665455---234 8182319886 I JUST BLOCK AND REPORTED


5043329700, +15043329700

They are scammer! Don’t answer ur phone


8282376306, +18282376306

"Thomas Bates" (ext #104) claimed to be a "mediation agent" for a debt supposedly owed. Scary part - they had SS #, DOB, current & previous address. NO debt is or was owed. Threatened lawsuit, small claims court, and sheriff serving papers. They tried to sound like lawyer and tried to get us to pay money over the phone. When we asked for info in writing, they later sent an email with a "payment contract". We immediately placed a fraud alert and a credit freeze on all 3 credit bureaus. DO NOT AGREE TO ANYTHING THESE PEOPLE SAY! TOTAL SCAM!


4433419153, +14433419153

Left message on my phone Computer something expired there will be a $1500.00 charge to your account. Please call 636-873-1312 to cancel this charge today.


2486316030, +12486316030



8779268744, +18779268744

received call 345pm left msg stating questionable social security activity says my benefits are suspended.