8764531750, +18764531750

Fuck you.


8043152326, +18043152326

Identity theft phishing scam


8772902475, +18772902475

Got a bogus charge on my credit card from these people I don’t know who the hell they are I had to cancel my card.


8559541984, +18559541984

+18559541984 number called talking bout activating my warrant... go ahead mf lol


3613261219, +13613261219

Scam. Says it's someone from Social Security Administration. I work with them all the time, so nice try, jerk.


8303587761, +18303587761

Called me today, didn't tell me who they were or what they were calling for. Just said it was over a time sensitive matter and it was important to talk today. I don't think so.


8559073444, +18559073444

Amazon Scam Customer service number


9142272234, +19142272234

9142272292 and 7472087018 and 8059789808 are calling and threatning life to scam you out of money


2673918053, +12673918053



8665467014, +18665467014

I have received over 20 robot calls starting with 866- all saying they're from apple and I have a security problem. Calls come from 866-547-4868, 547-8089, 544-2080, 542-6627, 547-9891, 540-1245, 548-1201, 546-7014, 546-7014, 546-0427, 548-1201 548-2786, 543-1479, 712-4655. All telling me to call the number 315-232-8257.


5403286100, +15403286100

Keeps calling and never leaves a voicemail. This is getting very annoying!!!


7787070787, +17787070787

Great guy Web Design Company


9202598875, +19202598875

Some auto warranty robo call.


8132834002, +18132834002

Constant bombardment of call daily. I do not owe anyone. Why are they calling. I have not answered because they have no reason to be calling.


7402874857, +17402874857

SCAM Suspicion, but I cannot verify it. What I know for sure is that this is a ROBO Caller and that there is "No Name Associated With This Number" which is a clear sign of someone up to No Good!!! Use Extreme Caution if and when dealing with this caller!!! If they call back with the same number, unlikely, then BLOCK it!!!


5054906040, +15054906040

Scammer calling saying my utility service is about to be disconnected, somehow had my address. just claimed they were with 'Public service of [state]'


8777933383, +18777933383

Scammer calling saying my utility service is about to be disconnected, somehow had my address. just claimed they were with 'Public service of [state]'


3367557500, +13367557500

Received on my phone in France (rang 2 times and cut the call). Plishing ?


5879845973, +15879845973



7803185578, +17803185578

This number called me to tell me that there was fraud under my social insurance number and that federal charges would be paid if I don’t speak with someone on the line. I pressed 1 and they claimed to be from Service Canada. SCAM


4039214972, +14039214972



8552187592, +18552187592

855-218-7592- they called from a private number threatening to file a case even left a file number and said to call back to the number given, and requested that i call back as soon as possible to resolve the matter. but never left their name or what company their from. just a big scam to get peoples info and intimidate you.


8559532931, +18559532931

I received a flyer in the mail today $100 gift certificate to Walmart I called the number and they wanted $4.98 for shipping and I want to know if this is a scam number 855 953-2931


8008127771, +18008127771

800-812-7771 tried calling me to say that they were the Social Security Administration and that there was a problem with my Social Security number! They woman had a heavy foreign accent. I told her she was full of BS and that SSA would NEVER do that! They asked for my name to bring up the file. I said, Hey! You called me, you oughtta know it! I called 911. She asked if I gave any info. I said He'll no! I'm not stupid!


8886429557, +18886429557



2033309862, +12033309862

Cold caller from this number, claimed that my elderly Father in Law had won a large, unspecified prize from Reader's Digest, wanted him to go to a local drug store, buy mailing envelope, obtain money order, send in to pay fees and taxes in order to receive cash prize. What a parasite.


2393105672, +12393105672

Called. When I answered I was met with complete silence for quite a while. I report all calls like this to the Do Not Call list.


6476844270, +16476844270

6476844270 - This number is calling to promote Air Duct Cleaning, obviously a scam has started again, I wish there was a way for the carrier to detect and block these annoying calls.


9075620843, +19075620843

This ho keeps calling my guys number. She has those peanut butter thighs. Easily spreadable. She should get a dildo she is so desperate!


9162693482, +19162693482

A female caller has been calling my family member constantly from this number 19162693482 with daily harassment claiming she has a registered mail for me and that she is requesting that I need to call her office back at a different number 866-990-1435 with a code to verify something with me and to authorize them to send off registered mail to me.


2816486289, +12816486289

281-648-6289 is a telemarketer from Benefit Adviser. Any number with a FRIENDSWOOD caller id, if not recognized will probably be a telemarketer. I i ignore all calls marked with FRIENDSWOOD and if they leave no message i usually just block them. I get a great deal of telemarketer calls from FRIENDSWOOD. I verified this one by calling bsck. The automated answering machine gives you the option to be put on their internal DNC list.


9734549862, +19734549862

hung up when I answered


4163184170, +14163184170

Call from Canada Magistrate????


8765677301, +18765677301



7407711565, +17407711565

Unknown number, no message left


3215490593, +13215490593

Don't know the number, no message. Blocked and reported as spam.


2293673021, +12293673021

Called two days in a row and no message


8765467034, +18765467034

Obvious scam, caller could hardly speak English, said I had won some millions of dollars and had a cashiers check for me. I kept putting the phone down and telling them to hold on, told them I wanted to waste as much of their time as possible. Did it for over 20 minutes. Very stupid person...


4048520970, +14048520970

This is Kayla Gippa(?) - realtor - my home is on Zillow as a for sale by owner - she has called me multiple times to the point of harrassment to try to get me to list my house with her - blocking her numbers


7575298395, +17575298395

Called, but left no message. Highly suspect a scam caller.