2818255634, +12818255634

This is a scam when told not to call back they called me a bitch.


8763860293, +18763860293

Claimed to be from Publisher Clearinghouse, as soon as I told him "do you realize this number is on the Do Not Call list?" he hung up.


8884623707, +18884623707

Left on the answering machine. Spoke Chinese with a smattering of english. Difficult to comprehend the english. Something about an account with HSBC. However I do not have an account with HSBC and I am not Chinese and the only branch I am aware of closed years ago for fraud or money laundering or something. So it might be a scam or a wrong number.


5023659959, +15023659959

Number called me about my Credit score. Since I want those calls to stop - I am in overseas, I am 6 to 9 hours ahead of US time I answer and tell them to stop. This call agent tells me: You are from f*** India. I Say no, India has never been in Europe. He: Shut the f*** up you b*** Wish I knew what company it is when call agents are allowed to talk in this harsh way!


5135688809, +15135688809

continuously calling; have not answered as my number begins with 568 and this seems like a scam


9516239829, +19516239829



3018564810, +13018564810

May 21,2011 was the beginning of Judgement Day. Read Genesis 7:11.


7789050727, +17789050727

Just spewed Chinese at me, I think. Don't know anyone who knows Chinese.


9676545249, +19676545249



6469540881, +16469540881

This number used in a Nigeria Romance scam 646.954.0881


9026481895, +19026481895



8096051120, +18096051120

Me llamaron ofreciéndome una tarjeta de crédito por parte de un banco de la República Dominicana. ¿Alguien sabe algo sobre esto?


5122484493, +15122484493

a total bullshit call


8889308032, +18889308032

This place calls me from 7:30 a.m. to almost 9:00 at night. They say they are an Insurance company with amazing discounts on my voic mail. . I tried calling them back only once. They picked up the phone then hung it up without saying a word. Now they are continuously texting me. This place is crazy annoying and I am sure that if I picked up the phone they would be trying to send me on a Sunny Vacation Paradise in the South Pole.


8763358049, +18763358049

This phone number is a complete scam to tell me I won 18 million dollars and all I needed to do was send bunch of Amazon cards to him and he would be here today to deliver my new car and my winnings


8669552038, +18669552038



5199514718, +15199514718

Scam. These people have been phoning and leaving me several messages every day for almost a year now. They have numerous numbers they call from. Message starts as congratulations on your excellent credit... that's where I delete it. Wish these morons would stop calling me.


9970799941, +19970799941



3149320975, +13149320975

This number has been calling me several times a day for the last few weeks. I called the number back after I missed them this morning and when the woman answered asking why I was calling I told her I wanted to be removed from her call list. She told me she was trying to reach me, using my full name, because I was in collections and when I asked what I was in collections for, she said it was my Spectrum account. I told her I do not have a Spectrum account and never have, to try again. She told me she would remove my number from the list and hung up.


3363909418, +13363909418

Won't stop calling even though i told them i don't know the person they want


8667106641, +18667106641

I just received the same voice message but different phone # 866 513 6801. It scared me a lot


6032437208, +16032437208

Scammer using local numbers to get you to answer. Blocked call


5862580596, +15862580596

Got a Call from this number around 11ish. Left no message. No idea who this.


5742383197, +15742383197

spam call


3173970923, +13173970923

I get calls from this number several times a day. Phone marks as scam. Every day.


6149879385, +16149879385

Just called, no idea what was said, not sure if it's our home phone or the callers but, it almost sounded like a female almost robotic voice just making noises. I'm almost certain it was not a recording because of the amount of silence between squeaks, beeps and boops.


4168820527, +14168820527

Spoofed number SPAM


8666908116, +18666908116

There's ppl jus called me saying Im approved for a $5000 loan, BUT... I have to give them 885$ before they can transfer the funds... NOW THAT'S FUNNY...


8172370211, +18172370211

They call a lot. Won't say anything. Eventually hangs up.


8007890204, +18007890204

I was told that my Verizon account was blocked and that I had to contact them (press 1) to get my service back.


6393398993, +16393398993



2483120272, +12483120272

This number called me didn't leave message tried calling back it said it is disconnected or not in service ?????? Jerks ..


8046804334, +18046804334

Got a message with a explicit picture from this number asking to meet up.


5758247389, +15758247389

They called saying they we're social securiy administration, I called back and tokd them to stop calling that I knew they we're scammers, in a indian accent he proceed to tell me to shut up you f--king b-itch, go to hell stupid fking b- tch, if tgey leave a vouce mail its a different number to call back saying to return their call to avoid legal action and prosecution


5302200233, +15302200233

Received a call from a male individual at this number blurting out expletives referencing some Chinese Bank of America asking them to call him.


4165646689, +14165646689

this number is running a deadly scam in which a Charles Kirol is defrauding people by asking them to send their bank information and promise them to wire funds for employment. Has been reported to the police..416-564-6689


2406660149, +12406660149

Who owns this number?


3306941567, +13306941567

This was an unsolicited, silent call, identified as originating from Waynesburg, Ohio. I believe I have been called by this (or a similar number) in the past.


4322604389, +14322604389

Caller hung up after I answered.


8667082552, +18667082552

Calling says they are calling about a Fed Student due to new tax rules? What gives?