8883347584 | 888-334-7584

bit defender scam. I aks him how he lives with himself and he hung up


2064159767 | 206-415-9767

Called me claiming to be the FBI


4168532494 | 416-853-2494

416-853-2494 Something about my social security number-then jail time for not pressing 1.


6627808121 | 662-780-8121

spm call claiming that theres suspicions actions on my bank account number and there theres a warrant out for my arrest


7872992316 | 787-299-2316

+17872992316 cuidado con este número.


9517566462 | 951-756-6462

Person calls, but doesn't say anything. Very annoying.


8552378767 | 855-237-8767

Scam or debt collections. Received call and voicemail from a Joyce Ford @ 480-571-9449 advising me of a potential legal action pending against my spouse. Joyce left a phone number of 855-237-8767 and case number. I called the number Joyce left and got a female who’s voice was identical to Joyce’s voice. This female gave me the runaround and demanded personal information that I would not release. I’m debt free and current on all my obligations. Neither phone number has any history. Conclusion: SCAM! BEWARE!!!


3524690709 | 352-469-0709

+1 3524690709 este número de hizo pasar por mi hermana pidiendo dinero! Es número de estafas!


4165337134 | 416-533-7134

Claiming to be from service Canada


6142326299 | 614-232-6299

Esta persona se hizo pasar por un primo que supuestamente llegaba en fin de semana y que mandaba unos paquetes, proporciona un número de guía de una empresa "paquetería express"( 826 160 2505), donde marcas para confirmar la Guía, te describen las cosas, y cuando ya te dicen que falta pagar el exceso de peso y quien pagará por ello, se le dice que el remitente y te cuelgan. Fraude Total!!


4807508013 | 480-750-8013

Qwest Corporaration 480 750 8013 Looks like a "shell corporation" phone number. In my opinion they may be trying to get personal information out of you. Don't fall for it.


2819163312 | 281-916-3312



2509004154 | 250-900-4154

some sort of a scammer, don't answer the call as they are up to no good


2509002053 | 250-900-2053

No idea who this is but keeps calling me. I accepted the most recent one and a lady on the other end said hello and then immediately said “this call will be recorded.” and I hung up.


8556919132 | 855-691-9132

Fake Wells Fargo debit card scam. Automated system. Was hoping to mess with their heads, but never got to a person. Maybe next time.


4079849434 | 407-984-9434



8886065985 | 888-606-5985

these people took mney out of my acct and i have never even talked to them this is insane i have reported them to the authorities and my bank i dont know who they r but they sjould have never even touched my bank acct


7099969031 | 709-996-9031



3124723929 | 312-472-3929

Scam. Called and left message about renewal of a subscription for 99$ I don't have, and that it will be renewed if I don't call back. No company name left behind, computer voice.


4154907522 | 415-490-7522

This women won't stop calling. She a witch hunting.


5026260710 | 502-626-0710

502-626-0710 seems its a Scam. 07.02.21 i got Robocall telling that likely someone harrasing my ssn and to prevent it i need to perss "1". Then someone told that its sosial security department and this department is a Federal department. He said, lets we verify your name... zip cod... then he wanted to read the regulation... and i interrupted him telling how may i verify that it is a really SS office. He said - absolutely, but i say could you help me to verify your oficiancy and he droped the call.


7608187490 | 760-818-7490

The lady on the phone acted like she was from some lawyer place, odd that when I quested her and why she was calling, she couldn't say why and kept asking for my social security number. You're a scam number, case closed.


6816126837 | 681-612-6837

SCAM!!! called for someone using my identity for fraud and such. told me to stop ignoring them or else some federal actions will be made towards me. I can't wait. XD


9712535033 | 971-253-5033

No ID. No Message.


2763232903 | 276-323-2903

No ID. No Message.


6107260297 | 610-726-0297

some one called my cell phone from 610-726-0297.. My cell phone caller ID said,, Spam Risk.. I called back, and at first a recording said,, your call cannot go thru as dialed at this time. I tried again later and that number rang,, and then got a recording that said: this number is non allocated.. so I'd say this number is Spam or worse... and now I have blocked that number.. 610-726 is an Ardmore phone exchange, BTW...


7758636989 | 775-863-6989

No ID. No Message.


8772902475 | 877-290-2475

Got 2 bogus charges on my debit card from these creeps. will have to cancel the card and wait for replacement.


2042850607 | 204-285-0607

It's bmo apparently wanting to offer a service


8162801090 | 816-280-1090

the following phone numbers listed have been calling my work phone constantly! I think they must be from the same outfit because when I answer the phone they listen for a few seconds then hang up. Very annoying when trying to do my job! 8163104452, 8162801046, 8163105099, 8163063589, 8162801086, 8162801090 and 8163104664 so far are the numbers I have listed doing this.


8663614294 | 866-361-4294

Trojan alert on laptop Alleged to be microsoft to unlock July 1 2021


4022492456 | 402-249-2456

Just recently my Facbook account was hacked by the owner of this number because no matter how many times I try to recover or change my password this idiot now has my Facebook account and possibly hacked into my Instagram account as well


8062193468 | 806-219-3468

Received call and voice mail from this and 713-337-3449 within minutes of each other, nothing but static.


7133373449 | 713-337-3449

Received call and voicemail from this and 806-219-3468 within minutes of each other, nothing but static.


8002497079 | 800-249-7079

Hi, How are you doing? I will make it simple and short. I want to contribute an amazing guest post to your website. For that we just need to go with 3 steps: 1. I will send you some new topic ideas that will be tech-oriented and in trend too 2. You'll have to choose one out of those 3. I will then send a high-quality article on that chosen topic for you to publish on your website with one do-follow link to my site. Let me know how this sounds to you? Shall we start with step 1? Best Regards, Ryan Wilson


4389245405 | 438-924-5405

this call asked me to submit SIN number


8038356136 | 803-835-6136

FedEx Ground


5063835857 | 506-383-5857

Hangs up when I answer


8196566897 | 819-656-6897



8196532664 | 819-653-2664