8008336999, +18008336999

Security scam and it was hard to understand him because of his thick accent


9194467018, +19194467018

warranty on my car....20 yrs old car.. yeah right


7866293836, +17866293836

Hung up when I informed him that fraudulent statements with the intent to collect social security information is illegal.


5089667724, +15089667724

Constant calls. They hang up once you pick the phone up. Don't even try calling it back because the number will all of a sudden be "unavailable"! Irritating to the 10th power.


7575293660, +17575293660

Sales company customer service line.


9024544025, +19024544025

Big Brother and Big Sisters of Halifax - Calling for donation. Call every day like clockwork over the lunch hour.


8668612776, +18668612776

Left voicemail, but started as soon as line was picked up. Sounds like a CRA scam as the phone number doesn't show up in any searches. They ask you call back on the caller ID number, but the start of the message is clipped.


8554475424, +18554475424

fradulant charge on credit card called number for PRO GOLF GUY on hold, said they would call me back ???


8499013306, +18499013306



9513820610, +19513820610

1-951-382-0610 A rich Doctor, calling for one month, he said he is from Egypt, live in USA, whent to Paris tried to buy me presents, his bank refused to pay, he wanted me to help to pay for it ha ha


7054937538, +17054937538



9362189271, +19362189271

+19362189271 messaged me with a Rx picture of a fake pharmacy card saying go to the pharmacy and my order will be filled. Lunatics...


8552806887, +18552806887

Everyone watch out for 8552806887 that's another number they are using also they called my mom with the same thing


2504487175, +12504487175

This number has called me about 3 times. No hello no nothing just calls and then hangs up the phone.


8768454708, +18768454708

I keep getting calls from these PUKES asking for someone who does NOT live here. I've owned this phone number for 50+ years and should know who lives here. I have told them the person does NOT live here but they keep calling back. Too bad they don't listen to what they are told.


8772756354, +18772756354

Said they were calling from Apple and there is a problem with my Apple ID. They instructed me to call 8779390661. The thing is I don't have an Apple ID or use any Apple devices. So this is bogus. I didn't call them back.


4695602444, +14695602444

This is NOT A Scam. This is a licensed health insurance agent responding to an inquiry that individuals place online to get heath insurance information. She is returning their call for help. If they have already taken care of it, not interested or asked to no longer be contacted they are removed from the list with her. Others may continue to call but not the one from this number.


3024148734, +13024148734

Calling me day and night, threaten me litigation, robo call, scammer!


2075317962, +12075317962

Received 2 calls from this number in less than a minute apart. No one there, speaking that is, then hangs up!?


5149083506, +15149083506

Téléphone fixe in Montréal


8638254750, +18638254750

Ada from export eagle someone from my house ordered a prescription from them -please call them back


6479544593, +16479544593

They called saying they were my credit card company and that a transaction appeared on my account 4 days ago and to press 1 to continue to solve issue. I have not used my card in over a month. My bank also does not show transactions.


8598233680, +18598233680

This was online dating scam person, who tried to stalk me and went to Kentucky wit so called uncle and tried to call me


3342393167, +13342393167

USTech Support claiming I have a refund. When entering the amount t to be refunded $210.00, it hit my bank account with $21,000. They wanted me to buy a number of Best Buy or Target Cards at $500 apiece to refund their money. Called my bank fraud section and they say it was a scam. The $21,000 disappeared the next day. My accounts were changed and new cards issued.


3038970695, +13038970695

Called with a prerecorded message for a hotel voucher. SPAM


2035496839, +12035496839

Claims to be park city community, calls all the time had to block them. Wants to sell you extended warranty. Total scam


8662213005, +18662213005

scam. auto warranty crap


4124157597, +14124157597

I never answer numbers I do not recognize! They didn't leave a message, so now they will be blocked as a scam


3606445340, +13606445340



8665722492, +18665722492

Every single day from social ssa


8555647690, +18555647690

these "services" companies continue to call, sometimes they do not leave a message, but today they did, and requested to have our SS number, this is a SCAM!! and we have blocked so far, 6 of these calls and numbers, yet they continue showing up with different 1800, 1866, 1855, etc.


3038430059, +13038430059

Student loan scammers


9029050017, +19029050017



7057664033, +17057664033

Scam - typical at this time of year from someone claiming that the CRA have a court case against me. "press 1 to continue" I don't think so!


9032240443, +19032240443

Constantly harassing calling daily.


8772635817, +18772635817

Scam. Some nonsense about a criminal trial and having to appear before a magistrate (which is not a word we use in the US so this is likely from overseas)


8556205163, +18556205163

Got three calls from this number in less than 24 hours. Decided to call back, stated I think it's a scam and advised to stop calling me. Woman on other end said "why dId you call back then" and hung up.


8594950147, +18594950147

Trying to sell me warranty on my car. Told them no that they were too expensive wanted to know how I knew that they have called me multiple time I listened one time and they were going to charge me as much as insurance that I cant afford. He argued with me when I asked him to just remove me from their list


8554066581, +18554066581

Recorded male voice said my SSN had been locked down due to suspicious activity. Press ONE if I want more info. SCAM!


8886658779, +18886658779

I just got a text saying" Your code is: ######. This will expire in 30 minutes. If you didn't request a code call Nordstrom Customer Care and this number. 1) this is NOT Nordstrom's Customer Care number. 2) I don't have a Nordstrom's card... lol. This is a SCAM. Avoid at all costs.