8667205974, +18667205974

Some Asian language unknown reason, robo call


3043819660, +13043819660

Received multiple calls and each time the voicemail is saying that I can get a medical knee brace for free through my insurance. This is a scam call.


8006276813, +18006276813

Says I have a court judgment against me and will settle for 1000 dollars. Had an address from 20 years ago


7782171764, +17782171764

Really bad automated message - not even understandable.


9364998650, +19364998650

Keep getting calls from this number stating they can save you money on health insurance. They will ask if you receive Medicaid, Medicare or social security. You tell them yes and they hang up. I get these calls at least 4 to 5 times a day. Most annoying


7864395339, +17864395339

Expired Vehicle Warranty Scam


8556600879, +18556600879

They have tried to contact me and I know I don't anyone. I keep all my account in good standing. SCAM


2522987131, +12522987131

They are spoofing non-working numbers.


8298126366, +18298126366

any question please contact me 8292510454


8763408806, +18763408806

‭(876) 340-8806‬ Told me he was with PCH and I won 28 million and had to only pay 1400 by going to Walmart to pay tax lol. Kept calling back after I hung up.


8096223070, +18096223070

Just missed call


8559785330, +18559785330

dangerous fraud phishing identity scam caller also sending follow up scam letter from po box 213 neptune nj 07753 from a company called Settlement Transfer Information Center "STIC LLC" claiming you may be owed money asking you to call 8559785330 beware!!!


6516367806, +16516367806

On Friday, Jan. 11, 2019 I received a phone call from: +16516367806 - I did not answer and let it go to voicemail. No message was sent. Oh what a surprise. !!!!!! I just learned from this website that this may or not be an international phone call. Glad I did not answer - as I will not answer any call if the phone number is not anyone that I know.


8775151812, +18775151812

When I call the number back its busy...


8683803677, +18683803677

This phone number came in on my business line. It seems strange that a call came in from Trinidad and Tobago for electrical work. This might be a very expensive service call to replace a bulb! So the caller just breathes in the phone, seems background voices. No audible words! Scammers!


5303176817, +15303176817

Constant ghosting numbers leaves no message


6168086088, +16168086088

This piece of shit fucks with you in text and is a complete NUTJOB WACKO! STAY AWAY!


5165727690, +15165727690

Been receiving calls everyday from this number 3 times a day. Doesn’t leave a message and when I try to call back the call never goes through.


8768300260, +18768300260

The person claim to be from Publishers Clearing House and wanted to confirm the address.


8327399730, +18327399730



6084186597, +16084186597

Called about a warranty of a car, problem is i do not own a car.


8888159420, +18888159420

I've gotten 2 calls from this number, they are claiming to be a federal agent and saying it's my last attempt to contact them for some sort of case. They leave voicemail.


3134546480, +13134546480

this bitch can do hair but her ass stank foreal


6282435872, +16282435872

Calls over ans over offering a pain cream. Blocked.


2035169489, +12035169489

May 21,2011 was the beginning of Judgement Day call 7018019989 for more information.


7863855859, +17863855859

She is real. She is beautiful and very sexy and sweet. Don't pass her up.


8765022892, +18765022892

He said, he was a Member of Bank of America and startet to ask questions wether I'm over age 65, if I'm married or single and where I'work. But then it became strange, he said Ihad won a Million and wanted to know if I'm Home tomorow. Told him I don't trust him and never to call again. Think, that they want to figure out, which houses are safe for burglary!!!


4028967844, +14028967844

Constant calls from this number.


2012928215, +12012928215

They call and leave no message


6169028084, +16169028084

Robo caller chronic pain


8663576259, +18663576259

Do not aware there phone ever never again spem


6033525213, +16033525213

Credit card lower interest scam


4343748160, +14343748160

Message left on voice mail was not recorded at the beginning so did not get company. Left message recording started saying something about support a few months ago and that the company was forced to close and to call 1-866-978-8560 for refund. I called that number and could tell it was from a telemarketing "boiler room". Foreign accented male answered that this is Microsoft and how can I help you? I said, he couldn't and hung up.


8283725118, +18283725118

Scam. Gave 2 different agent numbers. #0896 on the voicemail and when I called the number she said #3517. Her name is Tracy. Student loan relief and I don't have one. Block the number please.


8554960288, +18554960288

This is some kind of telemarketing company. If you hand up on them they call you back and leave abusive messages


5418101304, +15418101304

This # calls 8 -10 times per day even after I tell them wrong way go away


7406157626, +17406157626

Bothering call,no message!


7167172213, +17167172213

This is a bogus caller pretending to be a federal agent, they leave a message for you to call back and when you try you get a message saying the call was rejected.


5732600485, +15732600485

Robo caller trying to sell pain relieving back braces. Obviously a scam. Try to call number back directly and you get the message that it is a non working number.


8883579855, +18883579855

8883579855 is trying to charge my credit card. I don't know who this is or where they are coming from but this is the only info i have is this number