3068015223, +13068015223

Missed a call from this number this afternoon, no voicemail left. Called the number back and it says it is Mothers Against Drunk Driving.


8777186745, +18777186745

Robo call, looking for someone else with a fax order.


6158570684, +16158570684

called office and started asking about buying a home. Got information and then he started making rude and obscene comments.


9898677703, +19898677703



8556769842, +18556769842



8665799549, +18665799549

They call often. I do not answer. The # is 18665799549.


2406502315, +12406502315

If you love The Bible and Jesus. „Visit"","","","ebiblefellowship org" call 701-801-9989“


4143644197, +14143644197

Spam!!! Robot call about credit card


8779919273, +18779919273

This is a scam trying to trick people to receive money that they "owe" you. Do not reply to text nor call.


5854257193, +15854257193

Recd call. Message started ... without identifying self


2094201500, +12094201500

Did not answer No id, recognized AC so I ckd prob spam/scam.


8882108870, +18882108870

They stole $675 from me yesterday saying it was for a loan do not use these people it is nothing but a scam


2046168321, +12046168321

I missed a call from this number and I called back, it had said the number was not in service so I’m unsure of how they called me if the number wasn’t in service. Could this be fake?


6203710169, +16203710169

Scam/unsolicited Joe career I did not inquire about


7068603245, +17068603245

17068603245 I get calls from this number everyday it is very annoying and I never answered a single one of their calls


8765049153, +18765049153

Told me I won $950000. All he needed was to verify address so I said ok tell me the address and I will verify it. He then called me a pussy licking motherfucker. I said excuses me and he repeated. I hung up.


8768927071, +18768927071

I received a call and was given this number as a call back number. The person said his name is John Berry and claimed to call from Publishers Clearinghouse. He tried to scam me. Told me I won 2.5 million and wanted me to pay a 1% tax to the FDIC by going to a local Albertsons Supermarket and sending him a Mestern Union money order. I told hime he was full of shit and a liar. Publishers Clearinghouse does not charge any fees to win their prizes. Besides the fact that you have to submit an entry to be able to win and I haven't submitted one. Good Luck to everyone. Avoid scammers!!!


7273395250, +17273395250

Left voicemail which threatened me with arrest & fine due to incorrect income tax if I did not return call. Same voice called me 4 times with different last 2 digit number.


7273395265, +17273395265

irs if you dont call back in 24 hrs the police will arrest me


8554282620, +18554282620

Alexis Goldstein Just used highly illegal intimidation tactics and bullying tactics on my best friend. She also violated my privacy by giving my best friend my private information. Big no no!!! Law suit!! Turn her in to the AG and your lawyer!!


2502207152, +12502207152

Moneymart Collections


5739018693, +15739018693

This number 573-901-8693 called me and when I said hello it was hold music. Once the music stopped I said hello and the call was disconnected. I called back and the number was not in service.


8289198793, +18289198793

They asked for Bank information To be able to put money in my account for a loan,but wanted way more info then they needed. It was a scam.


8054889747, +18054889747

Debt consolidating scammers


8889200782, +18889200782

They are pretending to be from microsoft stating the security of your computer is at risk due to product key expiring. This is not true.


5872028235, +15872028235

African american woman, she likes to have sex


8108211620, +18108211620

I let unknown callers go to voicemail. 8108211620 didn't leave a message.


8553946054, +18553946054

Called and left message asking for me to call back to verify address. They say they are representing an undisclosed company and even mention a "case number". Seems like a scam. Do not return call. It seems like they are fishing for information.


7408838829, +17408838829



6082258588, +16082258588

Credit card scam. Told them to fuck off


8556730276, +18556730276

Got a call from this number, said it was a summons for a person with my first name, but a totally different last name. Scam call for sure


4159675020, +14159675020

identical message, received via email and text. I don't even have a Trusted I.D. account.


8557978695, +18557978695

They texted me ,congrats ,thank you for applying! I didn't apply for anything!!said for approved for 840 !Not!,


9375595055, +19375595055

Id said CHRISTNA but person on the line said computer tech center. Obvious scam


4305410091, +14305410091

IRS robo call


8328477473, +18328477473

This is a third party scammer debt collection office.


4313025419, +14313025419

The number they are calling is my work number. Sometimes they state they are from Enterprise Guide calling on behalf of Microsoft. Other times they don't state who they are or what organization they're calling from. They consistently request to speak with the SAME person every time despite me telling them repeatedly they are not interested. They state they need to speak with the employee to obtain verbal confirmation to email them some documentation. In other instances they state they have documentation that they need to email him (he requested) but need verbal authorization directly from Albert. I've done everything from being nice, blocking the number, and even telling them to remove me from their call list. Nothing has worked so far.


8555570111, +18555570111

My grandmother got a call from this number saying that her Windows security was breached. This call was supposedly from Microsoft saying that I need to call this number. This is a possible spam or scam number because my grandmother doesn’t have a computer.


2154654277, +12154654277



8556019111, +18556019111

same as above don't trust