7058203247, +17058203247

Scam. They tried to pretend that they were WestJet.


7814279000, +17814279000

It's a company who are trying to collect money from a insurance claim.


8006838487, +18006838487

Recorded call saying my social is about to be locked and I need to press "1" to speak to an officer. Do not do this. Police will call you directly. The IRS communicates by snail mail.


8885111213, +18885111213

Called from Unreal Mobile about some cellular service deal. Telemarketer.


3183213045, +13183213045

Called wanted me to donate money for obscure law enforcement charity to protect their rights. Robocaller


6812299612, +16812299612

scam on credit card


9192151605, +19192151605

Spam - robocall


7243181340, +17243181340

Junk robocalls from fake charity. Scam


7272741613, +17272741613

calls repeatedly, stays on just long enough to trigger my answering machine, never leaves a message, must be a money grubber or an outright scam


8005435784, +18005435784

scam robot call claiming our Apple account been hacked...


9372001821, +19372001821

Obamacare crap call.


1892796137, +11892796137

Visa Scam.


7242039577, +17242039577

Scammer. Fraud. Phishing. Identity theft. Ripoff. Scam


9513108888, +19513108888

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6025845297, +16025845297

Scam phone number: 6025845297 I was surprised there are no complaint for this telephone number. I received this call, the exact same woman, some speaking the third time. She said she is calling from medi care and wanted to ask me something, and when I said I did not use medi care or purchase medi care, and I do not use medi care insurance then she changed to rude attitude and hang up on my phone. Al most every time. Today, I have sometimes to try find out who she is and who represent for, so I dial *69 this usually brings you to the last unknown call that called you. So, I got the phone number and tried to confront her and ask her to stop. And all i found is just answer and self service telephone talking. But they do have ask if you wanted to list as no not disturb list or something, but there English is very limited. After I option out I still felt insecure and threaten. BUT I THINK THIS WOMAN HAS DEEP DEPRESS AND WANTED TO HAVE SOMEONE TO EASE HER PAIN OR SORROW OR SOMETHING. I DO BELIEVE SHE KEPT ON CALLING UNKNOWN THROUGH OTHER'S PEOPLE PERSONAL TELEPHONE NUMBER IS INAPPROPRIATE, IF SHE KEEP ON CALLING, I 100% BELIEVE SHE IS INSANE OR A VERY LOW EFFICIENT TELEMARKETER And I think this call is another form of scam like the Social Security Office fake call, but this time is introduce as medi care. I am terrified, I will classified people who did this is terrorist in USA.. (this kind of call usually talk with you the longest like a hour ask your information and when you find out, they will say bad thing and hang up the phone). As of today, I immigrated to USA enter into the twenty years, this is the third time received call from 6025845297 and second time from Social Security Office. I tell you it is a very unpleasant experiences.


8003248967, +18003248967

Robo claiming to be social security press 1 & speak to admin officer before you are arrested.


4805428645, +14805428645

Sales call trying to get you to buy into their rewards package.


8002021746, +18002021746

Robo call: Left me a message about social security will be locked. Addressed me as "citizen". This is too funny. PLEASE DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR social security number or any info on the phone.


4012050190, +14012050190

Scammer, did not answer when asked.


2542366536, +12542366536

Just got a call from them saying they are some SSN federal department lying saying I got an officer to come to my house when I know I never spoke to an officer lmao. Then the two bad English speaking idiots tried to confirm who I was and I noped right outa there.


8888937951, +18888937951

This phone number let a message. Call 8888937951 or your subscription will be recharge. ????


2268905025, +12268905025



3164446349, +13164446349

this person calls me constantly , at least 8 times a day, it is very annoying. They wait for you to pick up the phone and then they hang up, so u call back and the number isn't in service


3137658253, +13137658253

Caller left no message,I’m assuming it was not important or a wrong call


8134928869, +18134928869

they will start the conversation with can you hear me? once you say yes they will hang up. and they have you agreeing to buy whatever.


7178378142, +17178378142

Scam. Sent inappropriate photo asking for a date and money. Beware


2254396223, +12254396223

Someone name Joyce keeps calling my phone, when I call back, no answer, found out she sleeping with my husband


8005530614, +18005530614

I received a letter claiming they were the IRS and that I was the subject of an IRS examination due $50,000 tax liability. They wanted me to call this number to resolve this issue. This is obviously a scam.


7786750852, +17786750852

30yr old trashy escort in Prince George. Whores herself for alcohol and cocaine and has kids in the house with her. Super loose cum dump who brags about fucking her step dad.


3304226433, +13304226433

Six robo calls from thos number today. I blocked the number, referenced something about my credit score.


8764638659, +18764638659

She robbed me up. When I realized it was too late. I already spend $60K and end up getting a big fat ass. There are several numbers all the recent one 8764638659 Mary and 876 849 0293 with different. for the god shake, WU kick me off and MoneyGram each time I send I need send with a different name. In different states at the first then to jamaica. I had brought Amazon card/Itunes and Greendot. I even don't how had I was told not to share with anybody. I check on the internet shaw AAP and FTC sites saying Beware of area code 876 Jamaican Lottery fraud Call. Hope this will help others, I was lure stubborn and much more.


9312637561, +19312637561

This number has called me 8 times in the span of 5 hours this morning. Yesterday, they called 4 times in the afternoon and when I answered the last time, they just asked me if I have health coverage. I said, “I do, thank you.” and told them goodbye. I’m just very annoyed they keep calling despite me already telling them I do not want whatever health coverage they are offering. About to block them.


8885920248, +18885920248

Calls, won't leave message.


8889511328, +18889511328



4438731114, +14438731114

1-RING scammer! Blocked.


7028006279, +17028006279



4032816399, +14032816399

Hang up when I answered.


6156379603, +16156379603

This number and several others call every day at least 10 times. It is a robo call "This is Jessica I am a medical specialist on a recorded line". Then they hang up. They switch the numbers using local area code and prefix numbers.


2098888889, +12098888889

keeps calling me saying there from the social security office telling me if i dont talk to them my social card is at risk of been turned over to proper authority for charges.


8552393493, +18552393493

They keep threatening me