8122898333 | 812-289-8333

I don’t know anyone with this number/area code. They left no voicemail, when I called back they asked for my name and so gave them a fake one, they asked if anyone else used the number and I said, “so & so”? They said no and it was a personal matter, I told them they have the wrong number and remove me from their call list.


8668029084 | 866-802-9084

Called me and presented as they are calling from TD Bank


7806707914 | 780-670-7914

Debt collectors. They knew me by name even though I set my phone up with a fake name


3068011816 | 306-801-1816

Calling over and over. Scam caller.


8887408134 | 888-740-8134

Scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency left this voice to text message: "Hello this is a message here for Jordan Key. Adam my name is Michael I'm calling from Canada Revenue Agency. I'm calling you pertaining to a matter of yours that's been processed to my office and currently under my review. I would appreciate the courtesy of a call back in order to discuss this matter further. My toll free number here is 1-888-740-8134. Again that is 1-888-740-8134. Thank you."


7039884192 | 703-988-4192

A very nasty, rude, and unprofessional salesman called from 703-988-4192. Trying to "make sure we are getting the best deal" (HAHAHA!!)for online donation software." When he didn't get what he wanted, the little baby hung up. He'll need to find a new career soon cause he sure as heck sucks as a salesman! :)Called number and went to voicemail - said his name was Kevin Wegfield.


4373704430 | 437-370-4430



2263409257 | 226-340-9257

I ask them for an email address or fax number so that I can send them a picture of genitalia, which they can print out, roll-up and insert in their rectum. For once I get to screw these scammers.


2157988549 | 215-798-8549

Text message that says to call me. Spelled my name incorrectly. About to reply... let's see.


8773581303 | 877-358-1303

This number has called me a few times this week. They say I have money in some investment account and I need to send $1000 to them before they send me $100,000. I told them to cut me a cheque and send it but they keep hanging up on me. A man named David Reed, who is abrupt and rude asf has told me to record yes to saying to dissolve this account. I would not do that. I asked him to talk to my lawyer and they said they are not allowed to talk to third parties at all. I'd say huge scammers and beware of this really rude men that are trying to pull off something.


9196269934 | 919-626-9934

Energy advocates scam. trying to steal your money. Same guy using multilple computer generated caller ID numbers


4185587641 | 418-558-7641

Recd an sms that they have deposited money in my account and to click a link. I think it's scam


9412268482 | 941-226-8482

Wanting to "buy land in Desoto county"


6784007112 | 678-400-7112

said i had a $900 charge on my Amazon acct press 1 for no 2 for yes


7402128690 | 740-212-8690

scam call pretending to be from amazon, about fraudulent charges but will just try to hack your device


8772031214 | 877-203-1214

tried to get my chase bank information by saying my account was temporarily clod sed.


8179960667 | 817-996-0667

Cold calling to buy real estate.


5878850582 | 587-885-0582

Keeps calling me everyday 3 or more in a day. Too much showing disperation.


7205019503 | 720-501-9503

This dude will robb you. Watch out


8004754380 | 800-475-4380

collection agency


5143120331 | 514-312-0331

Never leaves voice mail


8778227122 | 877-822-7122



4155877349 | 415-587-7349

Anne think is funny.


5204026134 | 520-402-6134

this number 1 520 402-6134 has been calling me for days and never leaves a message. it is scary and annoying. I'm going to block this number.


6003008558 | 600-300-8558



8662182885 | 866-218-2885

This came in email. Not tagged as spam. Checked account, no money paid . ======================================================================== Special prime PURCHASER don’t worry about the vaccination for your system as happy moment has ARRIVED. the SERVICES for your norton security has BEEN updated and renewed at the MINIMAL cost which wont pinch your POCKET. please find the close details of YOUR order: - Product INFO Norton P.C protection INVOICE no NHR5377Y PURCHASE date 6th Aug 2021 price $346 USD PAYMENT method auto debited Please feel free to stop by ON within next 24 hours to learn MORE about OUR products and meet our team. give us a call or email us TO learn more about our products and services customer CARE : +1 (866) - (218) - (2885) trusted by MORE than 50 million customers worldwide. we are here to support you 24/7 including PHONE and chat support count on decades of experience AND a proven track record of keeping people SAFER every day we provide a 60-day MONEY back guarantee for annual subscriptions. If you’re not satisfied, RETURN it for a refund within 60 days.


8773987162 | 877-398-7162

This number belongs to a third party that ROGERS gives your personal information to when you cancel with Rogers. Don't trust these people, they're not Rogers and now you know how little respect Rogers has for you. I've been getting constant harrassment from this number and I'm about to remove all my other accounts I have with Rogers. Rogers behaves like a criminal organization.


4032604623 | 403-260-4623

Indian CRA scammers. "you'll get arrested" blah blah blah


2142384117 | 214-238-4117

fraud - SCAM do not answer


8558015374 | 855-801-5374

I received a call from (855) 801-5374 saying they were a precedent office for Enterprise and gave me a case number and sounded pretty fishy to me


8663018687 | 866-301-8687

Scam number. They claim they are merchant services and are owed money. Report them!


8665914144 | 866-591-4144

8665914144 claim to help with back taxes, but no back taxes here


8554467404 | 855-446-7404

I do NOT answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. And they don’t leave messages either! I dare you to come to my house! I have THREE HIGE Rottweilers that would love to come & greet anyone trying to come in my house! And they LOVE me!


4124217754 | 412-421-7754

I do NOT answer phone calls from numbers I do not recognize. And these numbers frequently do not leave messages. Those that do, say that my “car warranty” is about to expire or that my “SSN has expired” which both are total scams, frauds, & just plain old lies! When you are not talking to a Robotic message, it’s usually someone who can’t speak English. Sometimes when I’ve had enough, I play along just to piss them off. But mostly, I do not answer. But sometimes - they just deserve a kick in the teeth. Get a JOB I say!


8557784103 | 855-778-4103

Scam. Number was on a piece of mail for a mortgage scam.


2262415963 | 226-241-5963

scam escort


2064152874 | 206-415-2874

Pretended to be Amazon, SCAM!!!


5872065413 | 587-206-5413

This number calls me every day.


2028037063 | 202-803-7063

It was a scam. I tried to get them to donate their ill-gotten funds to my Lobster Cult. They hung up on me. I hope they call again. I love telling people about or Lorb and savior. XD


8559306319 | 855-930-6319