8009398041, +18009398041

Robo call, Threatened legal action if we did not get back to them immediately.


6136580367, +16136580367



6175614581, +16175614581



8683717488, +18683717488

What a sicko!


4073370354, +14073370354

Caller is a bill collector who tried pretending to be a long-lost friend to get information, then when that failed, claimed to be a police officer who was going to arrest me if I didn't pay him with gift cards. SCAM!!


8002448200, +18002448200

They called claiming they were from As I. Said there was fraudulent activity and something about an investigation. She claimed to be an officer but did say it was not actually As I when I pushed her. Friggen not a good day to mess with me over trivial b's. These assholes could send someone over the edge. Grrrrrr


3164138862, +13164138862

Had bluetooth on with no mic. caller asked for me by name. Hung up and tried to call him back. Phone didnt ring and just said "Goodbye" tried to call it back from my desk phone and the same thing happened.


8765729964, +18765729964



3126213811, +13126213811

Constantly calls my number. Never leaves a voicemail. No idea who it is but I don’t know anyone from Chicago.


8302051076, +18302051076

they called; health insurance solicitation that i didn't request


5169029508, +15169029508

what is wrong with you guy? calm down. not that serious...


8559697340, +18559697340

Ever since i downloaded Viber appI've been getting calls from this number! I've now blocked this number but getting txt messages I've missed several calls in one day! Annoying!


8299253309, +18299253309

Extorcionadores se hacen pasar por el CJNG mandan WhatsApp y están molestando


9045433929, +19045433929

this man stated his name was pete calling about social security, he has made at 15 calls to my number,HARRASSMENT


9039201089, +19039201089

Yes this number called me under a jasmine Miller then when looking up it’s a Patti Shelton


5064816709, +15064816709

a call about violating the law and will be arrested, press 1 to talk to an operator


8737380178, +18737380178

The caller claimed to be from a company called Bright Ideas. I said "I'm not interested. Please remove me from your call yet" She said "You don't even have to be interested" I repeated "Please remove me from your call list" She closed with "I will not. I'm going to call you every f__king day". Then she hung up. I look forward to hearing from her again.


4022776874, +14022776874

left text "Waiting for FedEx they..." did not open msg, did not answer call,,, SCAM


5592366022, +15592366022

Grace the Hearing Administrator on a recorded line: also Medicare Discount Card, and Health Department. Same person, different scams, and phone numbers.


8885978425, +18885978425

An obvious robocall scam. This was an amateur attempt to get information by trying to convince the "mark" that they are from the Treasury Department and do so my terrorist tactics. The Treasury doesn't make robocalls they just come and get you after notifying you my mail.


8559190655, +18559190655

Phishing robocaller claiming to be from Blue Shield of California, and claiming that you are due for an important medical checkup, and wants you to call their toll-free number during normal weekday business hours.


3605438204, +13605438204

This caller is Mom365, a photography company.


8007320103, +18007320103

Said it was from Amazon and had trouble with an order. We didn't order anything.


8002913726, +18002913726

They are saying your #Socsec is being destroyed and there is a warrant out for your arrest. Do not answer and report to the FCC


5752148540, +15752148540

Receiving NUMEROUS calls from the 575 area code each day for more than a week in which the caller identifies himself or herself as being "on a Medicare open line." One female identified herself ("Melissa") as being a "medical specialist". The last caller (so far today) identified himself as "Jordan" to which I asked what the "latest scam is for today". He hung up on me. All callers sound like young, non-professional adults. The 575 area code is located North of the Mexican border in Southern New Mexico where there are NO large medical facilities or professional office complexes. I'm convinced - having lived and worked in the Deming/Las Cruces area for a number of years - this is a SCAM and actually originating from another region; but picked the 575 area code due to the limited number of residents in that area. BEWARE OF SCAM!!


8006673365, +18006673365

Received a call from this number saying my social security number has been suspended and an arrest warrant has been issued, asking to press 1 to know more about the case. sounds scam.


7277539133, +17277539133

It's a Google play scam


6133455352, +16133455352

This a scam! Automated msg saying its from Service Canada and that if I dont respond now then I will be arrested.


8667776480, +18667776480

did not pick up call ? never pick up if not known.


8889757994, +18889757994

received text message: "can I call you later?"


5862044681, +15862044681

Has called 5 times in 10 mins, phone blocks automatically as it states scam likely.


2092732143, +12092732143

Scam call from this number 209-273-2143


8664461980, +18664461980

Its trump propaganda.


4752340751, +14752340751

Calls everyday twice a day. Recorded man's voice saying hello how are you doing today? This is a recorded line


8002010078, +18002010078

Scam For Computer Support Services. Use to say Adam Jackson Tech Support Windows.


6146559103, +16146559103

Robocall - msg - no company ID given. Just says call help line number 6146559103..


4167306019, +14167306019

Automated message pretending to be from Service Canada.


8194815489, +18194815489

They called my business phone, recorded message in French, stating I may have issue with my social insurance number etc..I hung up, smells scam


8003065370, +18003065370

From 800-306-5370 A robot told me that they immediately cancel my security number, bla bla. Creepy


8554277988, +18554277988

this personor persons are bhotering me constants calls with other different phone numbers