2405780808, +12405780808

Safe contact


8552106764, +18552106764

They keep calling my son-in-law asking for my son. Telling him to call back at extension 208. Claims they are a states attorney's office.


2316477636, +12316477636

Wanted to lower credit card


6099263649, +16099263649

Beware of scmmers..they don't leave messages and ususally rings twice and they hang up. Don't bother calling the number too.


2036214584, +12036214584

This number has called me about 8 times in the past month.. When I picked up one time, they introduced themselves and then hung up. They have tried one other time to call me since then, but I'm not going to answer and they don't appear to leave messages. Probable scam, even though it's a local landline on the caller id.


9002341547, +19002341547



7173451210, +17173451210

scam - phishing text msg contacted me stating my BMO services has been suspended for safety and provided a URL for me to log in to reactivate said services. I do NOT use BMO for my banking services


6263145077, +16263145077

I received my second call today from this person that wont stop his sales pitch to hear you but you keep telling him you're not interested he'll just hang up on you. This time ì said not interested once and hung up on him. The world has ethics or courtesy for others anymore. So if you want to hear a sales pitch for how you she rent or buy or time share in Florida, then by all means enjoy it.


8552098841, +18552098841

this number is scammer who wants money


2026997284, +12026997284

I don't know who it is but they call call call and never ever leave a message I do know it's a scam and when I try to call the # back it's out of service so there you go I would love to get the name of this so called company or who ever it is so I can tell them to stop selling me


8001211219, +18001211219

Woman with very thick accent offered me free money.


7818084979, +17818084979

This is clearly an IRS impersonation scam. But just for reference this is what the robo call voicemail says: We have just received a notification regarding your tax filings from the headquarters which will get expired in next 24 working hours and once it get expired after the you will get taken under custody by the local cops as there are 4 serious allegations pressed on your name at this moment we would request you to get back to us so that we can discuss about this case before taking and legal action against you the number to reach us is 781 808 4979 I repeat 781 808 4979 thank you. Based on the choppiness of the recording and all of the grammatical errors within the message I would assume the person who made this recording does not speak english as their first language and is reading off of a script. Also for reference the IRS will never contact anyone over the phone about issues with tax filings. They will contact you via written correspondence to your address on file from the tax filing. Information on identifying IRS tax scams can be found on:


3153259478, +13153259478

A lot of these no VM’s from Geneva, Ny


2064515875, +12064515875

Voicemail said there is a tax fraud and an investigation team is investigating my family. That they have tried to contact me for over 6 months but have never heard a response and that they considered it as an intentional fraud lawsuit has been filed under my name . to call the government at 206-451-5988 for more info before they download my case into the court. What the heck!!!!!


8163060094, +18163060094

Continued daily calls. Never leave message. Believe it to be scam or spam. Made to look like local calls in Missouri.


9856056337, +19856056337

In which place this number is located?


5714948269, +15714948269

Scammer! I own a photography business and he's trying to scam me right now. We're going to have some fun.


4845101317, +14845101317

Keep getting call from this number once a week. Constant dial tone on call back.


3107215276, +13107215276

who is this?


8667109293, +18667109293

SCAM!!! same voicemails of everyone else. “important documents would come and need a signature in an hour” yada yada yada. my mom thought it was real and set up a payment plan only to call the REAL credit cards number that she had and they said they have no evidence of anything and they didn’t even affiliate with the ICR the scammer claims to be! they got $56 out of her but as soon as she got off the phone with the REAL credit card number she had, she went to the bank and tried to cancel it but it was too late but she got to cancel the other money they tried to pull. they are now calling under my phone number as unknown and leaving rude voicemails. do NOT fall for it!


2248148102, +12248148102

Caller i.d says call from Sacramento, CA. I'm in CA. Scammers, left no message.


8885059742, +18885059742

This number 8885059742 texted my mom a photo to my mom that i had on my phone. How is that possible


6052500101, +16052500101

DO NOT ANSWER FROM THIS PERSON. They will call and after you said hello twice they will ask you if you can hear them. DO NOT SAY Y.E.S. They say they’re from a sweepstakes, obviously a scam. I haven’t had anything happen but better safe than sorry.


8303088430, +18303088430



5873159719, +15873159719

We just received a call from 587-315-9719. They were slow to reply to Hello or everything I said so I hang up. I called back and it's sending the line to a weird place. Looks like a scam. Don't waist time with them.


5182609322, +15182609322

Soul Collector, he likes the vapor


8764687719, +18764687719

Told me he was a UPS driver, and I had won 4 million dollars, told him I was reporting him to the police.


8622906278, +18622906278

this dude is off the hook not only he still from me but got nerves to sell my laptop and car system for his little adventures pat when i see you you better have my shit or im putting you in jail so called cop from cop to junky heroine addicted come to my face and will see what goes on will not happy house foreclosures too dude you got your head fuck up get it together go to rehab you a mess keep paying prostitutes and take care whats yours dude really you a hot mess


8138746995, +18138746995

Telemarketer NOT SAFE


3473418963, +13473418963

Reduce credit card fee scammer. Block, block, block!


8167971269, +18167971269

Wants to lower my credit card interest rate. SCAM - UNSOLICITED CALLER


7144610296, +17144610296

When you call the number back it is a recording saying “Your Google listing my not be verified etc. Press 1 to verify your Google listing. Press 2 to stop receiving calls.” Neither number pressed works and we keep receiving hang up calls from this number. Very annoying!!!


9178613520, +19178613520

9178613520 is a Scammer number caller id read -con-ed- NY - asking for credit card #


5045004974, +15045004974

They call to ask if I needed a security system and of course I said already had one. They may be trying to find out who does not have security systems in order to rob people. Be very wary of this call


8442854811, +18442854811

This number was the call back for a voicemail left on my phone. Apparently I had a "requested court appearance" from someone who works for "advocate services of ____ county" and she didn't know what the matter was for but left me that spam number so I could call and find out. Seems ridiculous. You can't summon someone to court through a phone voicemail.


9713860530, +19713860530

Keeps calling wont say anything .. very annoying..


4073915540, +14073915540

A lady said her name was Avery and that she was calling on a recorded line to let me know that they noticed some issues with our home. We do not own a home and as soon as I told her that she could not hang up quick enough without saying a single word more. People, do not give information out to people that call you, this is a scam! This is how people take your information and money. It's the holiday season, save your money for your family, don't share with scammers.


7786899279, +17786899279

Number responded to my craigslist advertisement to enquire if item was available. When I responded back to say it was available they never responded. iPhone message showed as delivered, but not read.


2368891205, +12368891205

Responded to a craigslist advertisement to enquire if item was available, but when texted to say yes, they never replied back and never viewed the message (iPhone). Text message showed as delivered, but not read.


7087644999, +17087644999

Recording Scam ....