8004940876, +18004940876

Scam. P,G&E


5856235127, +15856235127

This is a real estate scam


3123768677, +13123768677

cheat number


2284270152, +12284270152

Today +2284270152 called me , it rings 2 times , i want check the phone call and he finish the call ... i think not safe this number


2284270101, +12284270101

Je suis tellement fatigué de cet numéro de téléphone que m'appelle tout le temps.


8553518816, +18553518816

This is the "process server/debt collection" extortion scam that seems to be popular with the crooks these days. One of the tricks they use is to call your family, friends, neighbors and/or places of employment (past or present or both) to create panic and embarrassment so that their intended victim calls them and they can scare that person into paying their extortion money. They often call people that have never even been associated with you because they get erroneous information off of the internet. They mention that they have received a Fax document or some sort of complaint and that there is a pending legal matter or action about to filed against you to create the sense of urgency. They tell you that they are a “process server” and cannot give you the particulars of the case since the file is sealed. This is simply ruse to get you to call another number (often with a made-up case number) where they will ask for money to “make it go away” (this is actually the same place, they work in teams, one pretending to be the server, and the other usually pretends to be a lawyer). First, you should make a complaint at this Federal Agency, and while there you should also read up on how debt collection is supposed to work as well as what your rights in this matter are: Also file a complaint with your State Attorney General's office. List of State AG’s offices:


8775960251, +18775960251

Its a scam.


8134884170, +18134884170

Won't stop calling despite repeated requests and then hangs up - very rude!


8887978823, +18887978823

they are very mean and harass you.. even if you dont answer... they like to threaten you


8077005706, +18077005706

In ONTARIO eh? Good i'm gonna hunt them down and kill them!!


8887653695, +18887653695

This is a collection company that tries to collect on debt for Wachovia Bank that is aged over 10 years ago. SCUM of the Earth.


6823019015, +16823019015

Absolute scam. "This is James with the home security company."


3462165202, +13462165202

called but hung up on 4th ring


9294014671, +19294014671

Automatic machine called and asked if I would like to talk to a representative regarding some kind of expiry of a card. Sounds very strange so I said PERHAPS. Ask who are you whereafter the caller hanged up. Very fishy. Never say YES.


7207780216, +17207780216

Says his name is Adam and he is a realtor. It is a scam and the Board Of Realtors has Never heard of him. Definitely a scam.


2109907190, +12109907190

Whos number is this


9312450375, +19312450375

This is Credit Bureau Services. Debt Collector.


4759880457, +14759880457

Called left no message .


5092029914, +15092029914

one-ring scam. Don't call back, or they'll likely try and take money from you


8082179348, +18082179348

bogus number, answering machine, says agents are busy. says press 1 if you want to be on the do not call list but just hangs up.


8007054242, +18007054242

9766973337 Wasim


9724740262, +19724740262

It’s a prank call app that someone you know is using to prank you.


6463576457, +16463576457

irs scum asking check


2174818167, +12174818167

Did not pick up. They left a voicemail with number options. St Mary’s prayer center asking if you would like someone to pray for you.


6306225097, +16306225097

Spam! Not Safe! “Illinois energy this is Jessica....”


8176499661, +18176499661

This number Calls my phone everyday, When I answer they do not say anything and hang up. They call everyday.


6692388612, +16692388612



8887910954, +18887910954

As per above, Red flashing danger box comes on PC screen saying infection and call 1-888-791-0954. Like prior person said "don't call." I ran malware program and it found 3 items in Mozilla Firefox and eliminated.


8172524502, +18172524502

Called 3x in a row, two minutes apart despite being told not to call.


2607680321, +12607680321

Didn't answer, left no message.


8064774293, +18064774293

I receive calls from numerous numbers ID’d as “PANTEXPLANT”. They never leave any voicemails and since I do not know anybody that does work at the Pantex Plant I’ve blocked the numbers. I also receive numerous calls from 1-806-477 numbers that I’ve blocked.


9713860427, +19713860427

This person is dumb. Won't leave me alone


6692688274, +16692688274

Same here...some youtube link..Did not click it, just blocked the number and moved on.


8482235733, +18482235733

848-223-5733 This person is a stalker and an ABUSER. Please be careful of this person. His name is David Mello


5052076850, +15052076850

Annoying calls. Scams cons telemarketers. Desperate.


6783984057, +16783984057

Capital One


2562892768, +12562892768

I was called by this number ask for personal information, I declined and they hung up


6106106565, +16106106565

For the past month or two I've been getting two or three calls a day from number showing on my caller ID as 610 610 6565. I do not answer unknown callers but it is very disturbing. Can't something be done about scam callers? I have at least twelve different scam phone numbers from Gaylord, MN, Kingston, JA, Holister, CA, Los Vegas, NV, Hollister, CA, Tomahawk, WI, "Local call" Valrico, FL, Palm Beach, FL, Reno, NV, Indiana, Illinois, Arizona, etc. calling me every day. I have reported to FCC, am registered on Do Not Call, and have called my phone company to ask advice. They just say to Block the number at $6.50 per blocked number.


3069911100, +13069911100

Dude does nothing but falsely book girls off bp..he will try to get a dry of the girl ...reason unknown..say he's in uber he close yadda yadda uh yip. I don't give addy unless I get visua.. Ladies he's a time waster troll who will try several methods to get your location. Who knows could be some 2 buck shank that needs to give change back ...probably to ugly to sell stupid to shoplift ... W.E.A.C has beds gal. Cheers


9009735962, +19009735962