3155496392, +13155496392

Claiming to be from Dept of Treasury and threatening jail time. Robo call with no other information as to why they are calling


4242828499, +14242828499

Left a Scam voicemail claiming I was approved for a loan up to $1000 and must go to enter code:2232. It tells me three different times to go to that website and lists the web address over and over. SCAM


7207100018, +17207100018

Received calls from this number twice within a 5 minute span, no person on line or recorded voice just a beeping sound.


8054445840, +18054445840

Calls but does not leave a message


4433289951, +14433289951

Area code was from Maryland. I didnt answer and they didn't leave a message.


8172524403, +18172524403

Robo caller on recorded line, sounds like a live telemarketer but is machine robodialing to sell mortgage and refi products to non homeowners. Likely a phishing scam to gather personal info


6017165104, +16017165104

harrassing caller


8883848935, +18883848935

Thanks for your posting I received a call from an unknown number. Similar to what happened with you, a woman stated that she was from a legal courier service, gave a 888# to call with a case number. I did not call the number because it sounded too off to me. I have nothing pending on me plus if I did,companies always mail notices first. I googled the 888# and found this posting. So thank you.


5097400316, +15097400316

fake irs


5108287786, +15108287786

Annoying company. Finally decided to pick up and see who continuously is calling. It's a robot call for a resort & timeshare. No live person at all, can't connect with any person/department. DO NOT PICK UP!


4808616564, +14808616564

this number calls me every week. picked up this time to tell them off and it was a recorded message about "my credit card account" to offer me reduced interest rates.. obviously a scam as there is no credit card company who would not identify themselves.


8608346497, +18608346497



3142798443, +13142798443

Left voicemail that I committed fraud against the government..and warrant for my arrest would be issued


6473096394, +16473096394

I just received a call from telephone # 6473096394, a lady's voice announced that there is a duct cleaning promotion in my area. She wants me to tell her how many air ducts I have in my home. I told her just hold on I am going to get a pen and paper to record her information. She hang up.


8137305371, +18137305371

Tired of garbage calls from telemarketers (already in do not call list) yet they still persist. This one was a fax call. Possibly fat fingered as my land line # is 1 digit off of a local bakery.


8434172866, +18434172866

Caller constantly calls with different offers; security systems, T-Mobile, medical systems if you fall. Have asked numerous times to be removed from call list. And every number you block they just call from another extension.


4095714367, +14095714367

Fake housing! Scam


6477388113, +16477388113

Fake notification that you are being sued. Fake notification that a warrant for your arrest will be issued if you don't call back immediately.


5714147027, +15714147027

Guy drives his truck around and asks for gas money, promises returning then disappears.


6479459412, +16479459412

Scam - claiming being CRA; they will never call you like this and will never threat you like this.


6313754173, +16313754173

They keep calling me with this b.s. not leaving a message and if they do they say something about a credit card which I don't have and they don't say what card company they are nither so i just pick up and hang up every time they call me. Its funny too cause im on the do not call list but it drives me crazy though when i get those calls so that's why i hang up.


8559722462, +18559722462

SCAM....asked for credit card info supposedly to give a $100 gift card 855-972-2462


8884060578, +18884060578

repeated calls, no message left.


8667450265, +18667450265

Same experience as above. Repeated daily calls, no message, etc. Probably a scam of some sort.


2144498919, +12144498919

This # keeps calling me, I block it & they call back changing one or two digits!! 214-449-5122 214-449-8919 214-449-9746 214-449-2947


6123828597, +16123828597

Got a call from this number. Did not leave a message. SCAMMER!


9402718250, +19402718250

Spam calls about credit card interest rates. Will not take off of call list.


8885760301, +18885760301

Said I needed to return the call because of some legal matter or I would be arrested. It just rang nonstop when I called them. "Please send $1 to Sorry Dude, at 742 Evergreen Terrace."


4844705975, +14844705975

have only gotten text messages from this number. highly suspicious This is what the text reads: Letter from state of NY: your postion current salary number of hours worked per week year to date earnings for 2017 2016 earnings 2017 earnings start date 866-952-1859


7178628144, +17178628144

Called yesterday with caller ID V1131623... being the date and time of the call. I already had the area code blocked so it didn't ring but showed up on the caller ID. It's a Harrisburg area code in the York County area. I don't see anything on any similar sites about who they are pretending to be. Either way, just block the area code/number.


4045556249, +14045556249

Call from "Dir Assist GA", got a blank call.


5192060157, +15192060157

Got a missed call 6am Pacific standard time. Tried calling it back at 9am PST & texting but got a recording saying I need a calling card & a text saying "message blocking is active". Probably a scam but not sure


6145890321, +16145890321



9173368460, +19173368460

Automated caller states "this is your final warning from the IRS. A warrant has been issued for your arrest". Obviously a scam. When I call back, I get an Indian gentleman answers "IRS may I help you". When I started to ask some questions about what field office he was from, his full name and IRS identification, he became befuddled at which time I started to laugh and called him out for what he is. Don't pick up this number and block it if you can.


2815456474, +12815456474

Sooooo Annoying...They call several times a day to sell insurance, but when you call back no one answers it.


2486436332, +12486436332

It's a Birmingham Michigan number. They call several times a week. No one is ever on the other end


8135396317, +18135396317

This number has called me on a few occasions claiming to be from Wells Fargo but always calls at the oddest hours. He always insist on my giving him my SS number which I decline. He usually hangs up and apologies for bothering me after I deny him that. I have a deep feeling this guy is a scammer so just letting people know. Also I don't have a Wells Fargo account lol


3044603118, +13044603118

called befor 8 am no message is spam


2315536363, +12315536363

Htc d626ph


3473220007, +13473220007

This number is from a korean escort kinda old and uggly and charge $300 per hour.