8666349138, +18666349138

tryed to update mail ware bites scam for $349.99 don't trust..1866-634-9138


5592068652, +15592068652

Keep calling and leaving no message. Added to blocked list


8888107581, +18888107581

getting money from innocents peoples account


7862840180, +17862840180



2064011129, +12064011129

Filthy mouthed prankster


9014727298, +19014727298

this is one of those scammers that try to get you to say "yes" by asking you if you can hear them ok. DO NOT ANSWER YES!!!! I tell them that is a scammer question and I don't answer it and they always immediately hang up.


2898644010, +12898644010

Just received a call from them - SCAMMERS!!!!


6202409194, +16202409194

Told me something about healthcare. This is the third time they've called today. Told them not to call me again or I will pursue legal action for harassment.


7405904788, +17405904788

This person called me and didn't have anything to say. They called me at 1415 in the afternoon and bothered me at work. I called back on a different line and the picked up and I asked them who they were after they asked me who I was and then proceeded to claim that it was a wrong number call. The caller was a female seemingly elderly by the sound of her voice. I'm not sure if this is a scam or not but I'd encourage care when taking unknown phone caller calls for everyone in the future.


2028317102, +12028317102

Non-stop calls all day, won't leave voicemail. I'm blocking them.


7058965350, +17058965350

Very Annoying. Keeps calling.... confused....


4085109279, +14085109279

Phone rang until it went to voicemail, but no message was left.


8557465650, +18557465650

Threatening to court hearing. I requested validation of debt and the address of his company. I wanted the surety bond number from him to look up and he refused. He told ME to cease and desist and hung up. That proved fraud.


6199573001, +16199573001

Called, left no message. One of several local phone calls received on a regular basis. I believe odds are high this is a scammer.


2676832273, +12676832273

You people never have any information to help anyone. I do have the information on this number but I won't give it to you so you can make money later. Losers.


5852267693, +15852267693

Thought it was a number from a doctor. The lady said " Sue? " and like an ass, I said yes...then there was a pause, and then she said " oh it's so nice to hear a pleasent voice, my last caller was as bad as my cooking"..then I hung up, figured it was a scam!


8325362155, +18325362155

Credit card services scammer


8667433124, +18667433124

This number has called claiming to be collections. When referencing our current credit report we have no accounts in collections for this or any other service. SCAM.


2892040757, +12892040757

It's just Cash Money. Anyone who reports it as a scam is probably just avoiding paying them.


7579496189, +17579496189

To all about working girls is this number call your phone not sure who it is but it was a white man with a lot of static in the background so be careful


5592063657, +15592063657

Its a collection agency


2402371037, +12402371037

They’re calling saying it’s Govenment Agency and will file a case in court. Some type of Tax ID Fraud. ??? I kept calling but it just rings and rings! Scam?


6573429695, +16573429695

Scam call


4794378209, +14794378209

Very rude guy with foreign accent ask for my wife. Would not tell me who he was or what it was in reference too. He told me I had no right to know stating the privacy act. After arguing with me for a bit he said he may have called the wrong number and asked for my wife's date of birth. When I refused he hung up.


8664006151, +18664006151

These people tried to sell very expensive network security ... they say that it is Microsoft and the have to shut down your system because it is infected with a Troyan and this might spread in the rest of the network. DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR SYSTEM


9782133880, +19782133880



6156100635, +16156100635

Who knows some stupid robo call about free ways to make millions of dollars by doing nothing. I hung up.


7073357187, +17073357187

No name - said we were frauds, have tried to contact us past six months (not), and will turn us over to US Courthouse. Sounded like a computer generated message but I think it may have been a person hiding voice. Scam?


2192098209, +12192098209

Caller ID stated CCI. They have called numerous times and I didn't and won't answer. If it continues will file complaint with Attorney General as I'm on the Do Not Call list.


5038639734, +15038639734

503.863.9734 Called with a recording of a female named Elizabeth stating that they had a special offer for me because I stayed at one of their resorts. I haven't traveled so I called them number back to try and get placed on the do not call list. When I called back a man picked up. refused to give me a name and said I had the wrong number.


8057287670, +18057287670

Health Coverage spam


2064011150, +12064011150

called left message to call their treasury dept.


9724180316, +19724180316

Has called 3 times and not left a message


8474481491, +18474481491

This number keeps calling me. Never leaves a message Has anyone else received calls from this number?


9513379540, +19513379540

These people are worse than people in the ghetto stealing from people at point blank. In the ghetto they'll steal and be done with it. These fuckers do shit on a massive scale and piss people off with their bots/scammers and empty banks out. These types need to be stopped. How are they still able to get away with these things?


2024759654, +12024759654

Calls my phone multiple times a week. When I answer they don't say anything, they just hang up. I'm sick of it!


5165685817, +15165685817

Siad she was going to kill my family?


2299047954, +12299047954

Be aware of this phone number which calls and hang up phone calls repeatedly.


2028103694, +12028103694

When do you have to pay for a grant


2014639487, +12014639487

Missed call from +12014639487 and no voice message, but when I call back the auto message said "the person in this number is not receiving any call at this moment, maybe try to send a text?" I did not text for fear of text marketing