6479456858, +16479456858

MJR Collections. These ppl are know for harassing people with old debts that other collection agencies cannot follow through with. Numbers they use are 905-671-4151 & 877-669-4935.


3869685998, +13869685998



2198989672, +12198989672

Recorded message saying I'd been approved for a $15,000 loan, all I have to do is call the number back. Ha!!


9122228666, +19122228666

Cheating ASSHOLE


4079333845, +14079333845

I received a call at 1:20 am it was a recording the phone number is 407-933-3845. If anyone knows who these people are let me know I'm ready to stop these annoying telemarketers and/or scammers.


9081263602, +19081263602



8662458215, +18662458215

They won’t stop calling me saying they are from first financial bank .. I don’t even have a card there saying i need to pay 500$


3103414992, +13103414992

Bored incel spamming people his fetishes and fantasies of being raped by pets, molested by family members, secretly wanting to come out of the closet, etc. The reason you can't find their address is because they're using a fake number. This person might not even be in America but they most likely are. Probably some 4chan Autism Olympics or something and he's reading these reviews and laughing his ass off because this and jacking off are all he has to do. Just block and report.


8558748333, +18558748333

Scam. Told me that my Windows license had expired and that I must call them to renew or it would be removed from my computer. Recorded message; female voice.


2402371034, +12402371034

They're claiming to be the IRS. Watch out could be a scam. All agents are foreigners not one speaks without an accent.


3134019900, +13134019900

Called me today. Call went to voice mail. No response


2142076207, +12142076207

has anyone received a call from this number. They called and didn't leave a message.


8153120173, +18153120173

This number tried to call umy husband and I saying our AT&T service was going to be shut off. I proceeded to ask what the guy was saying because her had a heavy accent and they background noise was so loud. When I told them I was busy and would have to call back later they just hung up. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION. Hang up and call your provider if you are worried.


6185487591, +16185487591

Another BS call. I did not answer. They did not leave a message.


7023049354, +17023049354

Caller claimed to work for Microsoft Windows, but wasn't calling from Microsoft phone number. Was warning me that hackers were trying to get into my computer, but he had names mix up and the “secret” data could be gleaned from the internet itself...they claimed to want to fix it , but surprise surprise they would help me - by accessing my computer REMOTELY- AH NO! You called me , I don’t know you, I’ll turn it off and take it to Best Buy geeks. BUT they will charge you what...(click)


5066537556, +15066537556

Fraud that said that your BMO account have temporarily been disable and you have to click to a link that will probably ask for your personal information about your bank account. Do not click on the link.


9546486190, +19546486190

i got call for a job but i to see this person an a parking lot


2532430042, +12532430042

not sure because i didnt answer, but i saved them as a scammer because they have called several times.


5738549785, +15738549785

Caller called and gave missed call, I called back and recognized not working number


3036987394, +13036987394

They keep calling all day. Do not answer!


2024593445, +12024593445

Keeps calling my wife and when I asked who they were they cursed me out and hung up on me.


2024509410, +12024509410

Keeps calling my wife and when I asked who they were they cursed me out and hung up on me.


2024509111, +12024509111

I said, "why are you calling my wife." and they cursed at me and hung up on me.


4848699020, +14848699020

Calling over and over, with no message...


8778269760, +18778269760

Scammer named John Lewis calls and robo name injected into robo message. Calls from 8778269760 threatens that you have a judgement against you and to call 855 303 5660. This is a total scam and beware they will call relatives or anyone else to try to get info about you. They started last year and this time and continued thru the holidays and into Feb. Do not give them any info!!!!!!!!!!


6107458610, +16107458610

Been getting constant calls from phones with 610-745 as first digits and I know NO BODY or NO ONE with these mobile numbers. They must be prank or spam calls. I am on the Federal NO CALL LIST for my mobile and these calls are illegal.


8572450611, +18572450611

call was automated response who left a message "you have several claims against your name. Contact us immediately to discuss before legal actions are taken" called number and they claimed to be IRS Crime Theft Investigation Unit. Said they stated I had committed tax fraud and owed the IRS. They had my name and address. I would not offer any information and requested they send the information to me in a certified letter. They said they have tried this twice already. I told them they had not and I was going to report them to the IRS. Never give this caller any information, I would not even call them back. This is deffinantly a scam. This number has called poeple all over the world.


5416610961, +15416610961

Lisa called - a recorded call - wanting to help me with my credit card.


4417935969, +14417935969

4417935969 /0874544644 was a number given to me by Indian named Austin who was threatening to cut off my broadband for 10 to 15 weeks reporting to be B T.give the IP number for my area who when ask questions got very threating to cut off my broadband which he couldn't do told me no one even police could help me then lost it because I refused to comply with him swear at me and hung up


8888106438, +18888106438

Calls began again today 8:30 am. Message has an opt-out #2...I will try this. Still no information about who or what. I erased 4 messages yesterday. Why is there no info.???


8132917121, +18132917121

Keeps calling, no response, no ID, just phone number. Really a nuisance!


8132913626, +18132913626

2 calls in 2 hours, no response, no caller ID other than phone number.


3462229459, +13462229459

Asked for donations for police that have been killed in the line of duty


4502094249, +14502094249

cheater's message


6822247362, +16822247362

They left a pre-recorded voice mail saying I had to call this same number back because the IRS is suing me. IRS has toll free numbers only and doesn't call. They send certified mail. They also don't sue; they audit. Hope this helps.


3062710714, +13062710714

CRA Collection agency


7622212255, +17622212255

claims to be with breast cancer....nice voice, but did not get a contribution from me


2262197917, +12262197917

Sent me a text with a suspicious shortened url to deposit money they sent me? Never seen this number before. Didnt click the link. Also **** out the last four numbers of my number. That theyd just texted. MOBILE (took out my number here) ALERT ! $53.45CAD has been sent to (I took my number out) -**** ! We apologize for this matter . Deposit your funds : took out the rest of this link)


7020886240, +17020886240



5733211636, +15733211636

scam call