4012135651, +14012135651

Creeper named Brian Report to cops


6137078712, +16137078712

Scammer - CRA Arrest Warrant


8778497304, +18778497304



6016514428, +16016514428

Sweepstakes garbage.


8182966283, +18182966283

Spam call do not answer.


8777776199, +18777776199

This is a legitimate call from the Goodstart program. They are complimentary calls for patients newly placed on important medications.


8016667414, +18016667414

Fuck you


8882949238, +18882949238

They say I owe over 4,000 A defendant n a lawsuit there gonna summon me again... they have my info .... wen I ask how they got it they refuse 2 answer...i ask ther name she ask me y do I want her name then hang up on me... this is a bunch of BULL.. PEOLE PLEASE B CAREFUL... SO now I have 2 report that n I'm doing this 2 expose these people n I PRAY they get CAUGHT.... 4 trying 2 extort people... IT'S CALLED STEALING...U FREAKING THIEVES.. GET A LIFE


2065735245, +12065735245

Calls me daily at least twice a day, leaves no message and when I answer they hang up and you can hear that it's a landline hangup


6783298294, +16783298294

Unsolicited text message about a local gathering with Mike Pence and a link for a free ticket


8777720036, +18777720036

NP Group aka National Principal Group, LLC BBB F rating (877) 311-7429 National Principal Group, LLC 3014 Delaware Ave PO Box #4147 Buffalo, NY 14217-7099 Apparently they buy up zombie pay day loans.


7622243159, +17622243159

Incessant bill collector who calls from 762-858 or 762-224 numbers multiple times per week, even if you tell them you have no idea who the person is that they're looking for or not to call you again. Todays was 762-224-3159. They have dozens of lines.


4033513157, +14033513157

403-351-3157 - Numeris. Survey about TV and radio usage. I was ok going through the questionnaire but at the end they asked for my name and mailing address and when I said no way the guy wasn't very happy with me. If they said they'd be asking for personal details right away he could have saved himself some work....


4088442400, +14088442400

I got a call from this number, I think I cancel a order before they trick me. I did not answer the call, I think they are scam.


2093869554, +12093869554

Scam - Robo call


6828125112, +16828125112

Apparently I sat next to a girl at Starbucks today who thought I was cute! Or it's another spam text -- and it looks like they've moved on from Chili's to Starbucks.


2068769726, +12068769726

I answered the phone call and asked if I could take a message. The man on the line told me the name of the company is Credit Management and the message I could take was to call back at that number and speak with anyone in the office.


5879635760, +15879635760

Automated call from 15879635760


6479459050, +16479459050

I'm receiving a call from this number however something puzzled me about this call as when the number appears on my screen it is also showing V31317310601808 for the name.


7867355594, +17867355594

They just called me and said I owe over four thousand due to taxes. Then when I asked for a supervisor because they didn’t have my name and information correct they threatened to have me arrested and passed me around to different officers who all sounded exactly the same and kept saying the same things. Not once did I speak to an actual supervisor or boss. They were disrespectful and rude. They also said I was running from tax evasion. All of which is weird because I’ve NEVER filed taxes. I believe this is a scam and whoever is in charge needs to be caught and shut down.


9204488025, +19204488025

This number is a scammer


5713699018, +15713699018

Called my DO-NOT-CALL number, got the answering machine, left no message. I do not call back.


8557551994, +18557551994

@STEPHEN COLE Your lying is transparent. Your work for the scammers.


8094316017, +18094316017



4694666447, +14694666447

This number is constantly calling & when you say hello they will not answer. I told them if they weren't going to talk, not to call again. Finally a voice came back " oh I will call you again". He kept repeating it. I blocked their number & they call back from different number. They need to stop with the crap.


8006390225, +18006390225

This number, (+18006390225), called me, and it was a recording telling me that I may be qualified to get some money refunded to me from over paying something in Alberta. I don't believe this to be real as I don't live there, and haven't for over 12 years.


5856330120, +15856330120

5856330120 belongs to advance america , its a legit cal from the company.


8666871712, +18666871712

This number keeps calling all our family members, making threat to go to place of employment and to our home. they wanted credit card info saying it was student loans. , They would send a paper for her to sign. My daughter ask for a web sight and they said they did not have a web sight. First several times it shows restricted # . Now its showing Global Resolutions Center palm beach,Fl.. .Voice mail says it's Stacey with FSC, it shows up as Global resolutions and i do research on # it shows # belongs to XO communications West Palm Beach. We have reported number.


9162491557, +19162491557

Called and in the voicemail said nothing. Though I have a 916 number and no longer live in NorCal I get a lot of calls(automated, fake IRS etc) from 916 numbers that also share the same prefix. All weird and nerve wreaking.


8665994217, +18665994217

Telemarketing scam


2532014102, +12532014102

253-201-4102, it sounds like it scam, continue to bothered our business line calling block the caller, rejected, lately we get all kinds ...scam or unnecessary callers..


3255102811, +13255102811

When they called no one spoke, I called them back and got a recording that it was a non-working number


6025739181, +16025739181

this s a scammer


8017870126, +18017870126

Club+factory+8017870154...8016146547-+Club+factory+customer+care+number+.8056648769&oq=Club+factory+8017870154......anye taime 91 8016146547-+Club+factory+customer+care+number+.8056648769&aqs=chrome..69i57.32578j0j4&client=ms-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8


9554577803, +19554577803

6393391594 9554577803


7164841886, +17164841886

They call every week , any time of day or night. automated, about some problem and we should call the number back. A scam and they don't quit, sickness in the house and they don't care.


6393950657, +16393950657

Fake CRA scammer. Left threatening voice message telling me to not disregard the message and call back immediately. Called the real CRA and they confirmed it is a scam.


7028579416, +17028579416

Just received the same link message. Thanks for the heads up!


7347880366, +17347880366

The stupid "This is Julia" robocall. Blocked.


2028046913, +12028046913

Guys, be careful, if you see this phone number in any classified ads site, it belongs to a SCAMMER from Cameroon, Afrika who works posting fake ads. Report to the admin.