8006006050, +18006006050

Claimed to be from PG&E and threatened to cut off power. We are not even PG&E customers!


4055447092, +14055447092

reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cheese yeh


4432104512, +14432104512

I just received a voicemail from a lady stating this is a final attempt to contact you and marking this as a flatout refusal and to call the filing party back at this number with some case number that was cut off in the voicemail. The number that called me was a 615-280-8486 but was told to call 443-210-4512 back. I have no idea who these people are!


8887522204, +18887522204

Robo call at 7:11 AM. Went to voice mail. First part of message cut off. Ended with something about my subscription being debited by the end of the day. I have no idea what this was about.


5614650068, +15614650068

Constant calls early morning and throughout the day! Very annoying


8885470320, +18885470320

Same roboncaller voice with diff. Phone numbers about sss.


9023397121, +19023397121

Called three times in one day first no one said anything other two recording claiming to be police officer investigating illegal use of my social insurance number press one to talk to next officer. I hung up.


3524649392, +13524649392

Constant harassing call 6x today alone recording. Will not stop. Push buttons for refund don't know the company.


6138017717, +16138017717

Scam calls do not pick up


4076026795, +14076026795

They said they were a Medicare and Medicaid hotline. I said I never heard of any such thing and they hung up on me


8003819718, +18003819718

Called trying to talk to me in Spanish.


8883514024, +18883514024

I've just received a phone call from a lady claiming that she is from the USCIS office saying that there are some suspicious records on my i94 and I am under investigation of fraud, she kept asking if I'm home and when she attempted to ask me for more question, I questioned her back by saying I should be receiving official letters if this really happened and she starts yelling at me and saying she called because this is an EMERGENCY situation. I insist that I should be receiving official letters from the mail not the phone call then I hung up. But the lady called me again and saying I'm not corroborating with her and am wasting her time. I hung up again and she kept calling and calling. So I blocked the number. I checked online at the government website, they will never collect paying via phone or e-mail, so I hope anyone reading this will be more aware and don't get scam!!


8004863779, +18004863779

Stating they are located in California which the scammer didn't even know what city , and when I called back it was something completely different , they were offering road assistance


8884424178, +18884424178

It is robo sales call this Tim they was selling car insurance.


8763794310, +18763794310

They called this morning informing me, they are from UPS and were trying to contact me about a certified check being delivered to my residence. Unless UPS is in a habit of opening parcels, this a scam. The number does not relate to anything UPS