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Scam ripped off my uncle for $1,200. With Google Play. Said something was wrong with his computer nothing was. Said it would take $1,200 to fix it. Called me because they were asking for 300 more dollars. I said hang up on them and turn the computer off. They called him back he said you stole $1,200 from me the guy on the phone just left


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This person is a thief trying to scam people online calling himself a sugar daddy please be careful out there okay


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Left a voicemail telling me they had an arrest warrant and myself and everything mine is in jeopardy


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their trying to say they are from global and need two pieces of information to verify that you r you and that you are being served papers. they call from a local number and then when my husband didn't call this number the original person called him back asking him why he didn't call this number yet total scam and rude people


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Today I received a call from this unknown number. I did not answer it and waited for a voice mail. When I listened to voice mail it was a computer voice, slow speech and said it was about tax evasion. I should call as soon as I got the message. I looked up number and of course, there's no name given unless maybe I try through a paid site.


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I wish stop scam me


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This call was from a guy who is small in groin area & wants money for an enlargement process. He wanted my Credit Card info so He can charge it to my Card and I told Him only if He admitted he was a Democrat & then He finally did. Boy theez Dems try anything to spend other peoples muny.


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