8764228386, +18764228386

1-876-422-8386. Claims he is "Mr. Washington" from "Readers Digest", but when I started asking him questions, he hung up.


9499547958, +19499547958

mentally limited edition dude!


7654814449, +17654814449

This person said his name is Clinton McGuire, or possibly Maguire. He called our small, family owned business, that does NOT believe in telemarketing or cold-calling, and left a message screaming profanities so long and so loud that he was almost out of breath, and he was also threatening to call the cops on us. He claimed we were bothering him, even though I checked and we have never had his phone number associated with any of our customers, which means we would have never once called him ourselves. To make matters even more strange, he did not call our business number, he called a very specific line that rings ONE phone. This direct number is never used or given out to customers. He needs to understand that either someone randomly spoofed our number, or he called the wrong number back. Either way, his aggressive tirade was uncalled for.


9705179156, +19705179156



3182845950, +13182845950

They said they are with Medicare calling about A1 diabetes and then immediately hung up. They called back in a couple of minutes and I did not answer. I don’t believe Medicare calls about anything.


4072221425, +14072221425

Left no message I called no one pick up


8664341245, +18664341245

this number is related to the scammers with # 8777894031


8777894031, +18777894031

calling to say the have legal papers agains you with a case # and you are being sued


8668336633, +18668336633

Left a voicemail in super robotic voice saying “warrant out for your arrest. To talk to an officer, press 1....” blah blah blah. It’s BS obviously.


3472021127, +13472021127

Call come in from "Grace a hearing administrator" and then disconnects.


8005052918, +18005052918

Called about Social Security Number being Suspended. Indian Accent. SCAM


8763283185, +18763283185

I received a call from (876)328-3185 which I looked up and it is coming from Jamaica. A man named "Jeffrey Flakes" explained that I have won $8,700,000 and a 2019 Mercedes Benz! He wa1nts me to go to my bank and withdraw $3,500 to pay some taxes and go to my post office and get a verification receipt. Once I have these I am to wrap up the cash and send it well packaged to: William Mullings 1094 East 231st Street Bronx, New York 10466 He will be calling me back at 3pm to make sure I have everything done and sent overnight mail. I really hope nobody falls for this BS. It is illegal to send cash through the mail even though he said it was done that way to speed up the process! Good grief.


9497508493, +19497508493

a mentally retarded spammer!


8774446209, +18774446209

This number left automated voicemail stating that my Social Security number had been suspended due to suspicious activity


8665682571, +18665682571

This is a rerun number that was left for me to call A1 Carriers. They left a somewhat threatening message about serving papers to me at my job(difficult since I’m disabled) The part that really p*ssed me off was that they called my daughter, my brother, his ex-wife and their children. When I call back they want the last 4 of my social to look up this mysterious case, won’t tell me what type cases they handle or give me any information. I told them I want the calls to my family to stop and he just said they don’t make outgoing calls and he doesn’t know who does. He says he’s getting me a supervisor and 10 minutes on hold with no response. Ugh! I hate scammers and this certainly appears to be one!