2489817778, +12489817778

Likes other people’s husbands


8669964630, +18669964630

Called from unkowen number, left this number and file number Said she would come by between 3:00 and 5:00pm. no show.


2533295764, +12533295764

unknown. no message left


6102851177, +16102851177

Collection company


2025966498, +12025966498

I had to buy $5700 of cards to start all the processes they are still calling me to send them more money to cancel... Well I bet she wont call me back after today. Everyone that calls is foreign and can not understand half of what they say.


8776883682, +18776883682

This number called me. The first person I spoke to murmured inaudible things and transferred me to another who wanted to confirm my identity before telling me why he is calling me. He pretended my file was transferred to him. When I ask him what is it about? He said he cannot tell me until I confirm my identity to him, These people are scammers. Be careful they want to get your particulars. Obviously not for good reasons


4415161163, +14415161163

Trishia Knowles7009 Be very careful, this person is a scammer


8098515675, +18098515675



6047040827, +16047040827

This person texted me in the evening a number I do not recognize with a link in the text that I did not click on. It was telling me I should accept an overcharge with an amount. Total BS


6135125150, +16135125150

Harassment through telemetry remote neural monitoring. 6135125150


4129037923, +14129037923

I just received a call on my cell phone from this phone number. I don't recognize the phone number so I assume it is a scam caller. No message left.


6133966065, +16133966065

Getting constant calls almost on a daily basis but I never answer. Do you know where these calls originate from? L1-613-396-6065 +613-396-6065


3029274692, +13029274692

This company claims to have information about federal student loans. When I called back to ask to be removed from the call list, they asked how much I have in student loans. I replied that it doesn't matter because I only wanted to be removed from the call list. They hung up on me. Not one to give up, I called back and again asked to be removed. It was the same woman who answered last time and she hung up on me again. My next attempts were met with a voice mail but, funny enough, the mail box was full so I couldn't leave a message. Complete scam.


4155582798, +14155582798

calls repeatedly, rings repeatedly to v-mail, but never leaves any message


8554904810, +18554904810

Just got a postcard and glad I didn’t call