8772607410, +18772607410

They keep sending me mail about extending my car's warranty but there's no name on the letter, no forwarding address nor company logo


8176279797, +18176279797

817-627-9797 Scammer disguising as Amazon-Beware!!!


8777259051, +18777259051

Message enregistré concernant un jugement, c'est une arnaque!


2896856789, +12896856789

Claiming to be CRA! "Your SI number is under information fraud" Ya ok! Then they ask ME to tell them who I am ... I said ... "You called me .. who am I" ... then I get a prompt hang up! Its a Scam!


4055918417, +14055918417

I filter my calls. Caller didn't leave voicemail. Either a wrong number of spam.


8174829513, +18174829513

Mary Kay - Scam


6002367564, +16002367564



9514298429, +19514298429

Julienne celestino is dangerous keep your children away from her she will molest them


6398863080, +16398863080



7806287306, +17806287306

Called two times already, didn’t leave a message


4415187769, +14415187769



4125280229, +14125280229

Robocall about “starting legal actions” with the phone number listed. Sure..... *rolls eyes*


8552768381, +18552768381

This automated call was received on August 12th at approximately 1:25 pm EST. I just recently purchased a new laptop and the call pertains to that, saying they have found an issue with my computer and not to hang up. I didn't waste time listening to any more and promptly hung the phone up. I have received these same exact calls before rather recently so I'm sure it's the same people. I block the numbers everytime I receive one but this is the first time I have bothered to report it. I tried viewing the blocked numbers on my phone so I could include those numbers as well but I hit a dead end with that on my phone. As far as I can get is "blocked number storage" but there's no list to view. I have Zone Alarm (free version) and Malwarebytes (premium version), both of which are set up for scans twice a day. If there were an issue with my computer, I would know and besides, my fiance is a computer whiz and checks my computer periodically himself to make sure everything is how it's supposed to be.


8887120351, +18887120351

A notice popped up on my phone to call this number. I cannot get the notice to go away by tapping cancel, or even shutting the phone off!


8773609795, +18773609795

Document delivery service and stated if I didn’t call back would proceed without me