8453023344, +18453023344

They left a message claiming they are from Publisher's Clearing House and I am a 2nd place winner. To collect this prize I must call this number.


8009222204, +18009222204

direct tv robocall, press 1 for service, also has another number 800 712 6600 which is some addiction center place


8887192030, +18887192030

Scam claiming they are Southern California Edison.


8886429034, +18886429034

I got two posts in the mail with this phone number. They talked about my car's protection being activated. The fact that there is no return address, no indication where the posts came from, and that a reverse lookup shows nothing, this has to be a scam. IGNORE THEM.


3212918129, +13212918129

If you call this number back, it will give you a fast busy signal.


8768668891, +18768668891

He says he is giving me 2.5 million dollars and a 2019 vehicle


6415123590, +16415123590

Carrie is being bullied by an angry troll. She is not a “catfish”. Please ignore “Chad”.


8773182568, +18773182568

This is a fake unlicensed debt collector phishing & violating the FDCPA by contacting friends & family via social media.


2486723185, +12486723185

Awesome big boobs MILF!


7404146479, +17404146479

Left automated VM with generic info claiming there's an enforcement action executed by the US Treasurey dpartment for tax evasion/fraud and that I need to appear in front of a judge for a federal criminal offense against me (though never once mentioned my name). They said to call back to speak to a case officer who will share my case info and help me with the situation. Pretty classic textbook scam.


8046548694, +18046548694

Called about 8 times in the past week. Left no message. Asked Did I own a Time share. Repeatedly told them to remove my number. Persistent people never stop. I finally had to block the number entirely.


2812860478, +12812860478

Why is a sex toy store calling me


8775880818, +18775880818

they said to call this number, that they have control of my computer


8663823183, +18663823183

Automated call claiming power was about to cut off for non-payment by FPL. Confirmed with FPL, not their phone number. Scam to get access to financial info.


8885029060, +18885029060

New SCAM using the phone of CBSA to defraud of personal info, like SIN number, etc. Beware!