8888529475, +18888529475



8599073933, +18599073933

Kumar 8949484387call


8003142499, +18003142499

Called. Hung up before it went to answering machine.


8765208344, +18765208344

Received a call from this number. 1867-520-8344 they we're trying to scam me. This is a number for Jamacia. Don't fall for it.


9024171296, +19024171296

Robocall saying they had an arrest warrant. I phoned back, got a Hindi accented man in a very noisy callcentre. I asked if they were the "Internal Revenue Service" (America) even though the robovoice said they were Canada Revenue Service (Canada). Dude said he was IRS. Caught in the lie.


5126410505, +15126410505

Austin American Statesman subscription solicitation


8582245569, +18582245569

Scam! Left message to call back about charges pending against me.


2143060184, +12143060184

Multiple calls a day never leaving a voicemail. I believe it is SPAM...


8668169617, +18668169617

Froze my computer and wanted me to call this number to a fix


8557221666, +18557221666

You fucking scam Mother fucker you are a hacker and if my money leaves the account and I know where they are located it is better that they do not dare because I will not have consideration with all of you


8888667221, +18888667221

Called up my place of business telling me they can no longer service my computer, asked me if i remember paying 349.oo USD to them in which i responded 'no'. He said he could refund the amount. He asked me to type in a web address that under quick investigation i realized would grant him access to my computer (logmein.com). I told him i wouldnt go any further and that this was a scam. He quickly started cussing me out to which i graciously obliged to do back. After about a min of me telling him what a stupid piece of shit he was i told him i was going to report him to the FBI, he quickly hung up. Long story short, its a scam. Please dont fall for it. I couldnt imagine the damage if one of these assholes got access to some poor souls personal or business computer.


2543507559, +12543507559

tax department ? or a scam ?


8555397129, +18555397129

Damn supposedly VISA SCAM. Indian idiots who can't speak English well telling you you owe money and must pay right then or go to jail babahahahaha the laugh...


8559810723, +18559810723



8008591270, +18008591270

I received the same card about my factory warranty expiring. I bought the car used and it is now 13 years old with over 220,000 miles. It will be going to the junk yard when I'm done with it. Why would I want a warrenty? I called just to give them crap, got music and hung up.