2542331063, +12542331063

Keep getting Uber codes daily from this number . I didn’t call Uber !! This is a scam!!


8052817354, +18052817354



8776611490, +18776611490

A so called private eye called from 586-473-1220 threatening to 'serve me' at my home and job (an old employer). I told him I had no idea what he was talking about and send me the info. He said he represented 'continental firm' from 877-661-1490. said I had 20 minutes, then hung up. Called my son threatened him. Had his address and license plate #. Very rude.. but nothing has happened.


8599073933, +18599073933

Muje join krna h argent


9093658129, +19093658129

says Matina Zuniga lives in ontario


8683810708, +18683810708

They are posting nudes of girls and photoshoping it


8776634801, +18776634801

J'ai reçu un texto de les rappeler au sujet de mon compte, je n'ai pas de compte chez bell mobilité non plus. Quelle compagnie sérieuse envoie des textos de toute façon


8668490918, +18668490918

Get calls from this company few times a week. Most of time don’t say anything. Today I asked what company and she said EOS-CCA. Looked it up and collection company that buys debt from companies that have been written off and tries to collect.


3852500627, +13852500627

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2094210102, +12094210102

Got the exact same call for pris on threat unless we pay a past bill. Lol. Scammers


6474843042, +16474843042

Received a call from 6474843042 ( law suit under your name you will be arrested if you don't call) a number was giving so fast could not record. A machine delivered the message


8599073888, +18599073888

Mujee join honeha


7578874160, +17578874160



7869200992, +17869200992

calls & states you visited their site & was looking for work. NOT TRUE. Offers you a job driving however wants to interrogate you with questions. I advised not interested. Hangs up without the courtesy of good by. This is a Zero credibility caller. Just hang up & block.


6143680364, +16143680364

6143680364 6143680365 6143680367 6143680370 6143680374 6143680379 6143680385 6143680392 6143680400 6143680409 6143680419 6143680419 6143680420 6143680422 6143680425 6143680429 6143680434 6143680440 6143680447 6143680455 6143680464 6143680474 6143680474 6143680475 6143680477 6143680480 6143680484 6143680489 6143680495 6143680502 6143680510 They keep Calling around 5:30 PM every day