4158698485 | 415-869-8485

Sounds like scam, threaten legal action if call was not returned


2045105727 | 204-510-5727

2045105727 another SIN number scam number


9198617825 | 919-861-7825

Robot call scammer social security


3216777075 | 321-677-7075

This number called me and when I said hello they asked "who am I talking to?" I told them they called me and should know who they are talking to. They sounded middle eastern india descent


7408901665 | 740-890-1665

Scammer at 740-890-1665


8668087474 | 866-808-7474

This number is giving you a free life alert, at a cost of fifty dollars a month. They don't listen and keep on trying to sell. They don't want to answer your questions, they just try to scam you. Elderly beware, just hang up.


2495354098 | 249-535-4098

This number called but says disconnected when I try to call back


8299804749 | 829-980-4749

Hola quiero savel quien es este meestafo 829 212 1995 lestire mi nĂºmero es 829 673 2640


8669900264 | 866-990-0264

Fsys s oh shit that was the best time


5626317233 | 562-631-7233

This is a scam...


7172769145 | 717-276-9145



7205530148 | 720-553-0148

Robo call regarding Credit cards.


8763666050 | 876-366-6050

Got a call from 876-366-6050 said he was from publisher house and I won 2.5 million dollars. He ask if it was ok to deliver the money. I said that the Bible said at 1 Timothy 6:10 says the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and if you are a christian you should not scam people out of their money. He said he was a Christian I said well if you are and if you are telling the truth I will know it if you knock on my door. But he said needed to know my credit card number. I said I will give it to him when he comes with the check. He said do I know where he is from . I said probably India (He had a thick accent} Silence I said its sad to scam people' why don't you get a nice honest job and be a good person. He hung up.


4158698472 | 415-869-8472

Caller who didn't identify himself said that a warrant for my arrest would be delivered between 3-5 pm today unless I called this number. Obviously a scam.


6009856133 | 600-985-6133

Please current located show me