8332590342, +18332590342

Their phone number is apparently connected through Verizon with the square because I received a receipt from square with this number attached and when calling it back it did not match the business that receipt was from it states that the number is not in service


3236137117, +13236137117

Scam, called me 2 xs


6474751619, +16474751619

So stupid. Losers. Get real jobs. Jessica lane Pearson has gangbangs and stds. She cheats on her boyfriend.


2025966498, +12025966498

Jessica lane Pearson has molluscum. She has gangbangs and gets wet when her doctor puts his ky lubed fingers in her. Total slut. Don’t date her. STDs


8282143919, +18282143919

Portfolio Collection Agency


5714480347, +15714480347

She robbed me watch out!!


9089228580, +19089228580

Scam. they want your wallet.


6824783787, +16824783787

claimed they were from disability. Said my disability information had been compromised and frozen because of possible fraud. They said I needed to contact them or "my" benefits would be terminated. When i returned the call, I was answered by a heavily accented gentleman who wanted my information. He became irate when i said I had been advised by Federal employees NOT to give my Social Security information over the phone. I spat off some Hindu and Pakistani insults I had learned from a former employer and hung up the phone.


3236157931, +13236157931



4313036633, +14313036633

Meth dealing scam. Take people's money with Bitcoin or gift card then they disappear. No mystery there..


5207771360, +15207771360



8558315141, +18558315141

Got a call with this number 8552049341 They say they are the legal department and i have to settle my case with them or they will go to my work place and arrest me. Called my husband becade they said they see his name under my relatives Sacred the hell out of me! Are this people for real???


8882146509, +18882146509

Call shows unlisted but the number they left to call back was 888.214.6509. Called me left voice message for some other person's name (Lisa Dalton) with a file case number 1915193 and said to call back or they take legal action. I called they answered as 'Vista Towers' and they asked who I eased calling for. I couldn't remember name so I gave them the case file number and they said 'Ok, Case for Jose Golongas?' I said no and told them they got the wrong number. They asked for my number and i refused. Then they asked for the 'last 4 numbers of my phone number' so they could remove it from their list.


8776359192, +18776359192

Had two calls from this number today (3/22/19), both a man and a woman. They were trying to scam me into getting a product, SUPPOSEDLY recommended by my family doctor. They even knew his name. He doesn't pull stuff like this. Beware.


3238002449, +13238002449

They left a massage I returned the call please hold then they hung up on me