Privacy policy

What is privacy policy?

Privacy policy – this document provides the main and essential rules on collecting, storing, managing and keeping personal data and other important, personal information while using the website.

What are cookies?

Cookie – a small text data file which has a unique identification number which is transfered from the internet website to the users hard drive so the webpage‘s administrator can separate the visitors computer and monitor his activity on the web.

The unique number identifies the browser which was used when accessing the webpage. Cookies prevent webpages from accessing any personal information of the visitor (such as username and address), which the user can forget to make a secret. You can reject using cookies and disable them, but in this case some of the functions of the webpage can stop working too.

When using it, the information about the visit of the site is collected, for example: the selected language and other settings. That is done in order to make the next visit easier and simpler and to make the webpage – more useful. Cookies perform important duties. With their help the web is being used a lot more efficiently.

Cookies are used for various purposes, for example: to remmember the settings when the user searched for something, show more relevan ads, calculate the number of unique users that visited the website, help register and use the services and also to protect the users data and information.

Source: Cookie – Wiki

How can you manage cookies?

If needed to, you can manage and (or) delete all cookies – more detailed information AboutCookies.org.

You can delete all cookies that are already saved in your computer and you can also block the auto-save of cookies and most web browsers. But remmember, if you do block cookies you might have to choose a lot of options manually the next time you visit a certain website.

What cookies do we use?

Here we will list the main cookies used in our website. Some cookies are generated by third-parties and a corecct list of them simply cannot be done because of the inconsistency, but we keep updating the lists and we are trying to provide the most accurate information about the cookies that you have in your browser and the ones that our website generates.

Cookie name Description Created date Expiry date The data used
_utma Cookie stores information about how many times the user visited the website, when was the first visit and when was the most recent visit. at the time of visit 2 years Accounting uses these data types: IP address and the unique ID numbers. The accounting result is statistic. Readout accounting is conducted via „Google analytics“
_utmb The cookie stores information about the accurate time when the user first visits the website at the time of visit 30 min
_utmc The cookie stores information about the accurate time when the user leaves the website at the time of visit -------
__utmz The cookie allows to see where did the user come from, what search engine was used, what keyword was used, what link was clicked, the accurate location of the user and the time at which the user visited. at the time of visit 6 months
_utmv The cookie stores information used inside Analytic, identifying the user by specific segments. at the time of visit 2 years