210 Area Code

United States
Wireless prefixes:
Major cities:
San Antonio, Schertz, Universal City, Helotes, , Atascosa

Recent comments for 210 phone numbers

  • 2105707866 | 2021-06-25 13:41:40

    I have to wonder if these phone calls are used to generate income for sites like this one.

  • 2104175219 | 2021-05-18 23:22:29

    Find this number on my girls phone calls and texts 4 work and blow job's. No one ever answers when I call back.i want to know who this loser is. Can't get his own woman.

  • 2105372050 | 2021-03-29 16:04:07

    says i need to press 1 to speak to a federal officer regarding my legal case or they will be forced to pursue legal action. scam

  • 2109618026 | 2020-09-29 06:31:44

    This number called my husband and left a voicemail and the lady on the other end was demanding and didn’t even say my name correctly. When she called it said unknown caller and she gave this number as a call back number. SCAM

  • 2106402306 | 2020-09-09 13:57:30

    This number called me, I answered and no reply after saying hello like 3x.

  • 2108073420 | 2020-08-17 07:31:35

    SCAM alert! You get a cal from 2108073420 with a recording saying its from the Social Security administration telling your social security will be taken down, when you call back they say that the COPS are looking for you. Cant believe there is people who fall for this. Heavy Indian accent makes it even more fake. BE AWARE PEOPLE!

  • 2106589659 | 2020-04-13 16:23:51

    They knew my name and address. They wanted my last 4 numbers of my ss #. My Medicaid #. My birthdate. They varafied my address. Wanted my doctors name. Knew I had diabetes. Asked about chronic pain. C-pap machine. Then they didn’t say anything else. I called back. Cannot get thru.

  • 2107567946 | 2020-04-07 12:23:16

    Scam stop calling

  • 2106217025 | 2020-03-14 18:11:51

    Received a message from this number stating legal enforcement actions filed on your social security number for fraudulent activities

  • 2107085781 | 2020-03-10 14:19:47

    Called left no message

  • 2102458775 | 2020-02-19 09:38:20

    Called stating it was a personal matter and provided me with an old address and DOB when I asked to confirm the company they worked for they stated I would be arrested if I refused a package from fed ex

  • 2109962608 | 2019-11-08 13:54:39

    two calls in one day.

  • 2108483913 | 2019-10-08 16:26:25

    Dont know this number or who keeps leaving messages. Asked him to stop and it hasn't

  • 2105200004 | 2019-07-23 06:13:36

    dozens of calls every couple days since march. picked up just once and it was the ol' "leave em hanging with silence" bit. and what's with that number?? were they trying to do the thing from Die Hard: With A Vengeance?!

  • 2104056709 | 2019-05-08 12:55:54

    Call from this number was a hard Spanish accent was an older angry sounding man trying to scare me saying he was calling from the social security Administration and my social security number was being used illegally and wanted to know if the police have come to get me yet. I asked him if he was a scam and told him to maybe just put it in the mail to me or may local law enforcement can handle it he asked me what I just said and I asked if he understood English or not. Then he got very angry saying he was trying to help me. I said to put it in the mail. He hung up.

  • 2105937190 | 2019-05-02 08:14:08

    Is a stupid ass hoe. blow this number up.

  • 2106000527 | 2019-04-11 05:05:11

    Got a call from 210-600-0527 informing me there was a “legal enforcement action” against my social security number for “fraudulent activities.” The caller was either Indian or Pakistani based on the accent and didn’t identify himself or his organization. Wanted my SSN which tipped this as a scam since that’s something they should already have.

  • 2103389450 | 2019-04-04 08:20:10

    hey said they needed my ss# and name...I told him that i dont give out my information to scammers. he told me that I could call my fbi and report the number.

  • 2106348678 | 2019-02-28 15:36:07

    Spam Caller for medical braces. Dial 1 if you want more info, Dial 2 if you wish to be placed on do not call list. HOWEVER, if you dial 2 you get a message that you have pressed an invalid number!!??

  • 2107871849 | 2019-02-25 09:59:15

    This number keeps calling me and leaving messages saying that their department is investigating me and my family they have been trying to call me regarding this issue (but not stated what issue) in previous 6 month that we never got response so it's been considered as an intentional fraud and lawsuit has been filed under your name by the United State government you may call our department number 210-787-1849. I don't know this people and why are they bothering me.