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  • #76630 | 2021-09-13 16:43:50

    Got a call at 7pm, I answered because it said UNC Carolina. Thought it was the usual student calling to ask me to update my pledge this year to the alumn assn. I get calls every year from UNC usually around Nov. from a student. You can tell who they are because they can tell you their major and any thing about the Carolina campus or places in Chapel Hill. They can talk all about Carolina. This was no student. All they said is this________? I dumbly said yes, and they hung up. I think it was a phishing call to verify my cell phone. Drat. Never fall for that one again. I did not sound anything like a real UNC student to me. I think it is a phishing call for info, or a scam for money. Just because it has your University's Name on the call don't always believe it. They can spoof. I blocked them. And if they ask the question: Is this _______? don't answer it.