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+1 202-250-2991
International format, sometimes is written as +1-202-250-2991 or just +12022502991
(202) 250-2991
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 202-250-2991 or just 2022502991

You received a call from 202-250-2991 or 2022502991? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!


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  • 2025966498 | 2017-10-23 05:59:04

    Got a call and said government was giving me money, not sure if it is a scam. Number is a Washington DC number.?

  • 2028476376 | 2017-10-30 09:10:31

    Said I was to receive 9000 grant money but I would have to purchase a steam card for 200. To have money put on it

  • 2029302367 | 2018-04-06 08:29:29

    This is a SCAM claiming to be from the US Government Grants department. Initially called from (315) 510-5724 & told to call (202) 930-2367 with a confirmation number of MD1009. When I called the (202) number, GOOGLE VOICE asked for my name to "find" the individual. There is NO government agency that uses GOIGLE VOUCE! This was a clear RED FLAG! Another RED FLAG, they asked for a $200.00 registration fee in order to receive the $9,000.00 grant. Another RED FLAG, I could have the money in a direct deposit to my bank account or in a gift card. The government does NOT send out gift cards, but it does mail out checks or a direct deposit. This has SCAM written all over it!!!!

  • 2026910828 | 2018-11-09 04:28:57

    says he is from government refuses to id himself argumentative

  • 2027479969 | 2017-12-08 05:05:22

    I just got a call from 12027479969. The person who called me said he is a federal agent with agent number ...... . He said Lawrence University is being investigated, and my name is in the investigation list. I think he was going to try to sell me another university some California university to get my transcripts valuated. So I was going to be asked to pay more money for this fake deal after losing about $2,000 with Lawrence. I didn`t want to keep the conversation with the gentleman so I hanged up. The question I had in my mind was that this person had a very strict accent, probable not an american so when did American government start hiring federal agents with strict accent doing investigation over people in the States.This is not likely.

  • 2023610471 | 2019-05-06 10:24:42

    Said my social security number has been compromised, and to press 1 for more information.

  • 2028500121 | 2017-11-25 06:29:39

    Received a voicemail that had been cut off at the beginning. The rest of their recorded message said it was urgent to call their (unspecified) department at the number the call originated from. No identifying information was provided the the portion of the recording that remained.

  • 2022029110 | 2017-10-14 10:04:42

    Scam artist

  • 2025034835 | 2018-03-22 11:24:11

    received a call about an arrest warrant issued against me. when I tried to call the number the message says the subscriber is not accepting calls at this time. sounds like a SCAM!!!

  • 2028103694 | 2017-11-27 10:09:01

    They just tried to contact me and told me I got $9,000 Grant because I never been arrested or I've never filed bankruptcy in the last 6 months it's how I qualified but they changed her story about 3 different times 1 ladies that called me said I can put it in my bank account or I can get it if you Western Union I called back the other lady said I can put it in my checking account or go to Walmart or Walgreens and get a gift card that I had to purchase to get my money sounds like a scam to me 1700 people get this grant and the other lady said it was 1500 people can't keep your story straight

  • 2028874428 | 2017-11-22 08:53:41

    They call no messages at all no clue who they are...they call three times a day...

  • 2025147100 | 2019-09-03 11:35:31

    From Washinton DC identification on my phone. Recording of someone using my number or illegal activity on my ss # Enter last 4 digits of my ss# or a warrant will be issued for my arrest. I hung up, looked up the phone number that called, 1-202-514-7176 The Google informatuin is this and other similar numbers are infact scams.

  • 2021385866 | 2017-07-18 10:38:26

    I just received a call from 202-138-5866. He knew my name and I asked " who are you?". You said "F$$%$ YOU! AND HUNG UP! HOW RUDE!

  • 2021284618 | 2017-08-14 10:25:50

    Tired of the calls and no one answers. Had three so far today

  • 2022417904 | 2017-11-22 04:49:51

    As of November 21, 2017 this number is in the hands of scammers. A robocall that mentions IRS and arrest or something. If the IRS has an issue to notify you about, they will send a letter via U.S. mail.

  • 4055946511 | 11 hours ago

    Hiya app says suspected scam

  • 4258815505 | 12 hours ago

    Scam. Robo call from an "officer" telling me the moment I received the call I should put all work aside and speak with them about a case. Hung up on the call and blocked. SCAM

  • 4033405247 | 13 hours ago

    I got a call from this number but it also said it was the government of alberta on the caller ID. They said they wanted to clean the furnace. Probably a scam

  • 5063498788 | 13 hours ago

    They messaged me early in 2020 saying some very odd things and wouldn’t tell me how they got my number or even what they wanted from me. I doubt they knew me personally considering the didn’t know my name, age, etc. Potentially was just someone typing in random numbers trying to screw around with people. Be wary though

  • 6023881924 | 13 hours ago

    I got a message from this phone number and the voice mail was just classical music for a full minute.

  • 6318010178 | 15 hours ago

    Called my husband's cell and asked him if he knows me. Then hung up.

  • 4187376012 | 17 hours ago


  • 8405921160 | 18 hours ago

    Caller identified as American Express calling from a toll free number. The voice message left the 840-592-1160 number to call back. The original message said the call was for someone who has not lived here in over 8 years. If you answer the original toll free call, you are asked a series of identifying questions which can be answered yes or no only. I'm sure they are hoping for someone to answer yes and then that answer is used to further the scam. I turned off my caller ID and called the 840 number and a recording says it is no longer in service. This appears to be a definite scam.

  • 9702181896 | 1 day ago

    Scam-saying they have a package under your name at the Border-press 1 to speak to someone

  • 8667449796 | 1 day ago

    Its a FAX machine

  • 4122301769 | 1 day ago

    4122301769 Sends PayPal fishing mails.

  • 8093325968 | 1 day ago

    Dicen que es del scotiabank , hicieron preguntas sospechosas

  • 3138764537 | 1 day ago

    3138764537 saying its amazon and my bill got charged 700.00 something and machine said to press 1 to dispute charges

  • 8553397689 | 1 day ago

    Someone called from a 910 number and left 8553397689 to call back threatening legal action.

  • 8563179523 | 1 day ago

    Auto robo call

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