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2019-08-13 14:43:26
+1 217-462-9960
International format, sometimes is written as +1-217-462-9960 or just +12174629960
(217) 462-9960
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 217-462-9960 or just 2174629960

You received a call from 12174629960 or 2174629960? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

Comments (2)

  • lef 1 year ago

    The Scammer claimed to be Medicare Health Center in Decatur IL. "This is Christy, calling on a recorded line". No public listing. more above/below.

  • lef 1 year ago

    The caller spoke, "This is Christy, calling on a recorded line". She was wanting information regarding our status with medicare. This "Christy" hung-up when it became apparent to her that I realized she was running a scam. Many times calls of this nature post a false/out of service caller ID. To check, I tried calling back. The number rang repeatedly, but no answer. I attempted again moments later. The phone went off-hook. There was a pause, then a woman's voice again said, "This is Christy, calling on a recorded line". However, the voice was not that of the former "Christy". When asked why she ANSWERED with a different voice than before, she said that when people call, it is usually someone returning their earlier call. She requested my medicare status. I informed her that to her, as a SCAMMER, my status was "None of her business". This second Christy also, hung-up.

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