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Us Lec Of Maryland, Inc.
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2019-12-08 21:49:14
+1 443-579-5816
International format, sometimes is written as +1-443-579-5816 or just +14435795816
(443) 579-5816
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 443-579-5816 or just 4435795816

You received a call from 14435795816 or 4435795816? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

Comments (18)

  • Yasin anwar 2 weeks ago

    جدید اکامہ

  • Moromi bagom 6 months ago

    Lost my phone

  • Lavada 1 year ago

    This is a SCAM. I called social security and waited for an hour but it wad worth it. Thet said they would never contact me in this way. They also suggested to report this to the Trade Commision.

  • Laviajera 2 years ago

    Same, number called telling my dad his social security has been suspended.

  • Trixie 2 years ago

    I received a call from this number telling me my SS was suspended. I blocked the #. This is a scam just hang up phone an don’t engage conversation.

  • destiny 2 years ago


  • Robert 2 years ago

    Thanks for the posts everyone! Just got a voicemail stating the same. Unfortunate are those that actually get tricked by the scam. From my understanding, the social security office doesn't make phone calls. Oregon

  • Ritheary 2 years ago

    This damn number said I commited a unlawful activity, and my social is suspended. I'm contacting state general office. Scam Call for real.

  • Rhonda 2 years ago

    Scam. Same caller as the ones above.

  • Hammer 2 years ago

    Why can't the powers that be come down on scumballs like these? *&&^%$#@$

  • Luna 2 years ago

    They called me twice today saying the same thing about my ss. Truly is a SCAM

  • Sascha Roberson 2 years ago

    Just received a call from 14435795816. They actually had the audacity to leave a message. How can I report this?

  • Kate 2 years ago

    Someone get these people! Trying to steal identities!!

  • scam 2 years ago

    If you receive phone calls from them.....report it to the Attorney Generals Office and the Office of Social Security. They can locate these scam artitist and put a stop to them. Also will be able to trace any social security number they use.

  • Tracey 2 years ago

    Called me multiple times today. Scam .. i have no issue with my social security number

  • cindy 2 years ago

    Calling constantly....It's a bother because I am disabled....Telling me my social security is suspended.....I would like them to stop calling me. I am calling my state's attorney office.

  • Tyler 2 years ago

    SCAM. If your SS is suspended they would send you something in the mail. Dont trust this

  • Susan 2 years ago

    SCAM! Left message that she was with Social Security Administration and my SS# had been suspended. I called my state's attorney general's office; this is a scam.

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