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+1 866-512-8756
International format, sometimes is written as +1-866-512-8756 or just +18665128756
(866) 512-8756
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 866-512-8756 or just 8665128756

You received a call from 18665128756 or 8665128756? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

Comments (15)

  • Johnny 1 year ago

    Way to go Presley . Everyone needs to just mess with them for once ....

  • Dr Presley 1 year ago

    They won't take my calls anymore lmfao , I've toyed too much I'm blocked from them hahahah yes they actually blocked me it's pricelss

  • Dr Presley 1 year ago

    Yes it's a total scam but people have fun with it make these bastards waste their time with you. Talk to them toy with them for as long as you can. Make notes so you don't mess up but get into a character and go record it post it online. Then sit back and have laughs listening to how dumb they are ....

  • Don 1 year ago

    18665128756 8665128756 866-512-8756 THIS IS A CRA SCAM. They will claim to be from CRA, but will not have your name or any personal information about you. DO NOT give them any information. They'll try to get your full name and SIN number from you. They'll tell you that they're about to send the police to your place of business or home to arrest you unless you pay them some exorbitant amount of money within 30 minutes. It's a good scam, and scary (I was terrified, at first...) but do NOT believe them, and do NOT give them any personal information. Names used: James Morrison Paul Richards Alex Hall

  • Rlyn 1 year ago

    Here are the numbers that these scammers are using 1-866-512-8757; when I blocked the call, they used 1-866-512-8756. I’m trying to find out if I can report this to the authority but since I was not a victim, I can’t find the right reporting tool. CRA my a......scam....keep blocking the calls

  • Snow 1 year ago

    Make it stop! I blocked the caller but it’s still getting through..

  • Not the one 1 year ago

    Keep calling for a month now and I finally cussed them out I'm ready to find out where they are located and watch them and see where they each love so I can knock their wives out for allowing suck fuckry. Let me know when you find out where they are cause reporting them is not enough

  • Yak 1 year ago

    Yesterday was Microsoft today was CRA. I said, Yes I want to Help You!!! Here is my credit card number!! He said Really! thats great! What a moron.

  • Lal 1 year ago

    Got same msg too. Indian accent. Complete bullshit. If i have any issue with CRA they would mention my name and would not call but send me a message via revenue Canada site or email me. This caller is a complete loser. Go get yourself a legit job lol

  • Johnny 1 year ago

    This guy had me in the ropes for 30 min saying he was CRA . And I had 2 hours to pay or my house was getting seized . I feel like a sucker as I lost 30 min of my life but eventually told him off ....alex hall was first name and he passed me to James Morrison . It was bullshit all day long .

  • Olila 1 year ago

    this is scam home Morrison with Indian accent says he is from cra bullshit

  • Rick 1 year ago

    This motherfucker kept calling me for 2 consecutive days telling me that he is from CRA. James Morrison my ass!

  • Joe 1 year ago

    Called claiming to be "Officer James Morrison", with a shitty accent to boot.

  • Chris 1 year ago

    same thing! complete bullshit

  • sharina 1 year ago

    called me and pretended to be the CRA ?

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