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+1 877-859-1070
International format, sometimes is written as +1-877-859-1070 or just +18778591070
(877) 859-1070
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 877-859-1070 or just 8778591070

You received a call from 18778591070 or 8778591070? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

Comments (11)

  • Mississippi 1 year ago

    Called me today left a bogus voicemail i knew it was a scam definitely putting them on block

  • Latino Resident 1 year ago

    Just got a voicemail message about A FORMAL complaint fieled against me. This is definitely a scam. Called me saying a owe a loan from 2013 but they don't even know where the loan is from? They around all pushy rude and threatening. Don't give them any information about yourself or your banks. Let your family and friends know about this scam. They're out to get everyone they can call. Don't fall for it .

  • Nick 1 year ago

    Same thing here. I said "can you give me the loan details?". "when did i sign for it, what actually company was it, any documents with my name and signature you have on file". They must have told me 25 times they cant send that info because its already at collections... I'm like, "then I cant pay you... I dont even know what I am paying". "I wont be able to pay until i have a little more info" I asked her if someone said you owe me $50 form 5 years ago, would you immediately pay them or ask for proof if you dont remember?After beating around the bush for 5 minutes, she said please hold and hung up on me... Totally lame scam artists. I thoroughly enjoy talking with them because they are such dirt-bag cockroaches and they know it.

  • tanny 1 year ago

    I just got this phone call today said I owe them for a cash advance that I never received in 2010 its now 2017 almost 2018 when I asked for info regarding this 'loan" they had no number or information for who I "owe" so I asked foe corporate office they gave me this number 1877-230-5656 which is a number to a webinar no one to talk to or prompts to speak to anyone I don't do loans period so this has to be a scam

  • Shewanda Williams 1 year ago

    Just got this call today

  • Joannie Jones 1 year ago

    Call from a different number yesterday send my husband took out a payday loan that he didn't pay when I ask questions they hung up didn't answer this time I blocked them

  • San diego 1 year ago

    They are the same people that called me last year exact same time. They are very threatening. It’s a SCAM! Also they use my maiden name and say it was from 2013. 2010 I was married. Do not answer. Block their number! They called family members to and threatened them as well. Be careful!

  • Redding ca 1 year ago

    Called my cell phone said i had a cash advance loan that i took out and dis not intend in paying back said i dis it when i worked at blue sheild.. Ive never taken a cash advance out and i have never worked for the company blue sheild this is a SCAM. When i told her they were a scam she started yelling at me.. Do not give these people any money.

  • Vallejo guy 1 year ago

    They call about a formal complaint n trying to track me down or some shit. Very threatening sounding.

  • Houston citizen 1 year ago

    Received a call from This number. Called my parents on the house and cell phone. Please stop your harassing calls.

  • Indiana Citizen 1 year ago

    who is 877-859-1070 .... they sound like a scam .......

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