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+1 888-254-5798
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(888) 254-5798
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You received a call from 18882545798 or 8882545798? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

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  • Almost scammed 1 year ago

    The number acted like apple he said he was named Allen and asked for my last name I said it then he said my first name. He then put me on hold, came back and said that a third party was trying to steal my information at this point I found this website and hung up.

  • Scammed 1 year ago

    They will scam you, and ask you to buy ITunes gift cards. They will lock your safari, and make you pay $50.00 and hundred of dollars in apple cards. Do not give them any information, call the real apple number at 800-692 -7753. I repeat do not give them any information.

  • shawntel carnell 1 year ago

    so sick of this crap they are now using a number that is 18443275527 please don't fall for the crap

  • Scam 1 year ago

    They act like Apple customer care. The same thing happened to me they told me to go buy a $100 I tune card. I told them that had nothing to do with the safari issues. I told them I would rather go to a local apple store. Rep said they would not be able to help me. I hung up. I cleared my data turned my phone off for a few minutes turned it back on and started to work again.

  • nicole 1 year ago

    THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH. i called this number thinking it was legit since my safari closed and i got the same message saying a virus was detected. He wanted me to go out and buy a $50 itunes gift card and the money would be reimbursed. Something felt fishy so i googled this number and found you guys and im so glad i didnt go out and buy that giftcard. Hoping my safari goes back to normal.

  • Mommy Partol 1 year ago

    Like “Almost Scammed” I had the same pop up except they expected me to buy a $100 iTunes card & then I would later be reimbursed. I said not likely on a gift card. & asked him if he was aware of federal law statue 22c section 47b - he asked what that was & I stated it was the disclaimer printed on every single gift cards sold in the United States that explicitly says no refund once purchased. (Which of course i made up) he told me I was wrong, so I spent 20 minutes on the phone asking why? And requested multiple times where on the apple website I could find this disclaimer telling me this was the process and procedure. Mr “Allen Rogers” kept telling me to get my terms and conditions “book” - so I did (or at least I picked up my child’s coloring box) he then proceeded to tell me to turn to page 15 & read section 5 sentence 2. I made up topic “iPhoto’s for IOS” I asked is this the section you are telling me I can “see” where the P&P disclaimer is? Cuz it’s not, he then asked what book I had & I said the one from Apple inc. i asked him why he didn’t know how to point me to the information, that was clearly his “job” and he began to yell at me. I then stated my phone is meraculously working now with out me having to pay $100 - he begun to praise himself for helping me.... ummmm????? I said how was it that he helped me without having paid him first? He said payment would be charge to my carrier bill, So i said “which carrier? I use 2 SIM cards for this phone? He said the one I was calling from now? I told him that my phone didn’t work to call him when The pop up came on & I had to use a land line @ the court house. He said they would get charged ..... so fucking with them I said “well Thank goodness They record all the phone call here, So they have record of this charge on the bill” - At this point someone else in the background told him to hang up. My cop pal decided to call the # on his phone & hung up. They called him back & I answered like a business, they stated they just received a call from this # & I explained they needed to now who called them because I was the operator and needed a name or department where I could transfer them too. In which they hung up. Called back & the number no longer works, like they blocked his #

  • Scammers 1 year ago

    Their fuckin scammers DO NOT I repeat DO BELIEVE them

  • T SMITH 1 year ago


  • Almost Scammed 1 year ago

    Their was a pop up on my IPhone and said that I was in danger of a virus. The pop up wouldn’t allow me to do anything on Safari. Their number also popped up and said to call them. I called and they acted as if they were “Apple Customer Care”. They asked me to buy a $50 ITunes card and they would send me a link for a virus removal software, type the pin in and the virus would be removed in about 5 mins. They ended the call by giving me a case reference number to call back when I had purchased a card. I quickly did an Apple search to see if IPhones could get viruses and found that they couldn’t. This number was a scam. I closed Safari, refreshed the app, went back to safari and quickly closed the open webpages (takes several tries; repeat as necessary). My phone now works completely fine.

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