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+1 888-202-4159
International format, sometimes is written as +1-888-202-4159 or just +18882024159
(888) 202-4159
Domestic format, sometimes is written as 888-202-4159 or just 8882024159

You received a call from 18882024159 or 8882024159? Maybe they tried to scam, cheat or bothered you with unnecessary services or even attacked you with constant calls? Share it with everyone!

Comments (2)

  • angelisa 7 months ago

    received a voicemail saying I'll be served to call the above mentioned number answered on first ring. asked me to verify somethings I did silly me right. But once I gave him my address he said it seems we have a different address, I then asked well what address you have he then named three different WRONG address. After that I said this don't sound right and said I'll call my legal assistance first and will call back and then he said once I'm served they won't be able to help. Fourteen minutes later I had a missed call saying you was right I did have the wrong information and then named my three most recent addresses, mind you addresses are public records still a TOTAL SCAM!!!!! DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION OVER THE PHONE LIKE I DID. THEY ALMOST GOT ME.... *wipes forehead*

  • Jason 7 months ago

    Received a private call with a voicemail saying that this was a Jonathan Smith a legal carrier and that he had legal documents that he wanted to deliver. Said to call this 888-202-4159 number to this legal firm if I wanted to get it straightened out. Called several times leaving the same voicemail with a urgency saying that it wouldn't look good on me if they deliver the documents and I didn't try to do something. I called the number and a guy answered first ring like I was calling a cell phone. The guy said he had a few things in his office with my name on it some people that were suing me. Just like old payday loans or something. And that we can just go ahead and take care of this through a third party so wouldn't have to go to court. But I wouldn't verify my personal information with him. So he said good luck in court. I've been received multiple calls from this Jonathan Smith from a private number trying to say that he was going to be here Tuesday at 3 to deliver the legal documents and that it wouldn't look good for me if I was served. Tuesday at 3 came and nobody ever showed up. Total scam

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